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Michele Easter published RefundCents for 35 years. 
has been featured in Woman's Day, Good Housekeeping,
on CNN, Dateline,
and numerous talk shows.
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Box 997
Bountiful, UT 84011

$12.00 - 1 year online access only
$7.00   - 6 month online access only
$4.00   - 3 month online access only

You will have access to all parts of, You'll register for your own unique user name and password.

Deluxe Coupon File:
Price Includes Shipping & Handling.

"Deluxe Coupon File" - $16.95, shipping included.  Holds 2,500 coupons. 30 pastel divider cards with category stickers. 4 sections. Fits in baby seat in the shopping cart. Secure lock with handle. Measures 15.5"x 6.5"x 3.5". Shipping is included in the price.   See more pictures and description here.

BONUS!! + 3 FREE MONTHS OF ONLINE ACCESS on all orders of the Deluxe Coupon File.

Deluxe Coupon File


Coupon Pouch:
Price Includes Shipping & Handling.

"Coupon Pouch" - $4.95 includes shipping. Just the right size for your purse. Expands to 3" deep. Includes divider cards. Velcro closure  Choose black, blue or red (no stripes). Nylon, washable, durable.

Select the wallet color you desire. You can change quantity on the invoice.
Black Blue Red


RC T-Shirt:
Price Includes Shipping & Handling.

RC T-Shirt --- "Top 10 Reasons NOT To Get Behind Me In Line"

S $14.95 light pink short sleeve
M $14.95 light pink short sleeve

M $16.95 light pink long sleeve

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RC T-Shirt --- Top Ten Reasons NOT To Get Behind Me in Line