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Deal Divas 8

"This is a picture of my 6 month old grandson, Grayson, with quite a stash of diapers. The whole family chipped in and went to all the surrounding CVS's when they clearanced their basic brand of diapers. There were plenty of diapers on the shelf and some were marked 75% off while others were only 50% and 25% off. At one CVS their size 3 and 5 were 75% off but the size 2 and 4 were only 25% off. It was the complete opposite at the next CVS. After one full day of the whole family shopping we met back up for a cookout. We had such a good time running all over town making a game out of who could get the best deal. After our tally, we wound up with a total of 65 packs of diapers. We only paid $1.49 for 59 of the packs and $2.99 for the other 6 packs. We got a total of 1,313 diapers for .08cents a diaper. And we left plenty of diapers on the shelves because if they weren't $1.49, we didn't buy them. Hopefully these will last him until the next good deal and the whole family can get together again."
Shirley Heuser  
"Remember the good old days and all the filing of UPCs? Well I still have boxes and boxes of things I have not filed. I have toyed with the idea of throwing them out, but always think that maybe someday they would come in handy. Well, finally in April they did! I was on vacation when I read on the Refund Cents web page that Kelloggs was giving out $10.00 in gas cards up to $50.00 total per household. All you needed was 10 Kelloggs UPCs for each $10.00 cash card. The best part was no cash receipts needed. Wow, just like the good old days! All of a sudden I thought of all those boxes of UPCs from relatives that I still had to file. You know you are a refund addict when you can’t wait to get home from vacation and go through boxes of trash! Of course, I still didn’t file, I just went through the boxes. Every night I would go through a box or a stack of trash that I knew I hadn’t been through in a long time. Every night I would get at least 10 Kelloggs UPCs that I could use for the refund. Not all of the UPCs were the ones I needed, and those did get filed under cereal for maybe the next time. Anyway, I came up with enough to get $150.00 worth of gas cards. I was able to send for $50.00 for me, $50.00 for my sister (who still saves me her trash), and $50.00 for my son. I am not so sure I am glad that I never filed those boxes of trash, but I am definitely glad I never cleaned out my refunding room and threw them away!" Shirley Reining, CO

"This is a picture of my son, daughter, and  friend. This is what I got on my amazing trip to Super Walmart. My Walmart has been very good to me & my family and lets me order all the time. I ordered 1000 bottles of 32 oz Powerade which came to 66 cases. I priced matched 3/.99 cents and had $3/10 coupons. I paid $30 for all of them. I used my gift card I had got from my overage I had from the J&J first aid kits. So I paid nothing; it was all free. I love Refund Cents... and all the help everyone has given me
Thank You." Grace P.


"Saving Mega Bucks with a Mega Sale"

"Got to love those mega sales where you buy 10 items and it takes $5 off at the checkout. This is my daughter, Anna, with part of our stash from the last mega deal. I bought 108 items and had a coupon on every thing I bought. Items pictured would have cost $220.86 but I paid a total of $27.71. I had 100 things that were part of the mega sale so that took off $50. I had 60 Honest Teas, 20 Kleenex boxes, 17 Colgate Toothpastes, 5 Oral B Toothbrushes, and a few luxuries like a Softsoap refill, Toaster Strudels, Velveeta Cups, and a key lime Pepperidge Farm cake (yes, I was hungry while shopping). Honest Tea is Anna's favorite drink so she checked out too with 30 more bottles. There were plenty of hangtags and 3 tearpads of coupons for $1/2 on them so after the $5 off on every 10 they were .25 each. Great training for our bride to be (next summer)!" Susan Campbell

"I am Kelly Oliver and I am 24 years old. My mom is a Coupon Queen, and I’m proud to say I’m a second generation couponer! I grew up only shopping with coupons, so it is the only way I know to shop. When I save money with coupons, I put that amount in a separate savings account. Then I use the money I save each year from coupons to pay for vacations for my husband and myself. I recently booked a cruise to the Bahamas and needed to replenish my coupon account. Harris Teeter was having Double $1 coupons and I figured this was the perfect opportunity to beef up my coupon savings account. So off I went to Harris Teeter for 5 trips this week! I saved $328.88, and only spent $111.50 - that’s a 75% savings! I was able to get all kinds of stuff from my coupons - everything from meat and cleaners to cereals and snacks. There are a few things not pictured – we had either eaten them or I forgot to grab them out of the freezer. It was a great couponing week and now I already have enough money in my coupon savings account to pay for one person’s cruise! That’s me in the picture with all my loot… you can even see my dog eyeing the sausage!"
Kelly Oliver

"My daughter and I went to CVS today to use my CVS coupons ($5 off any $25 purchase, $2 off any Conair brush, free Minuteclinic body wash, free Carefree panty liners, free Carmello candy bar, free pack of CVS band aids, and .50 off a Big Chill water), and these are the deals we got...Carmello candy bar $1.29, Carefree panty liners $1.67, CVS band aid $4.19, a 2 pack of Conair brushes $2.25(on clearance), 2 Big Chill waters $1.49 they were BOGO free, and a fresh body wash $2.27.  Salema Hayeks new product line Nuance was on sale BOGO free, so we got a shampoo and conditioner for $7.49 . Vitamin Water was 5/$5 -$1 ecb, we bought 6 and used 3 BOGO free coupons.  Papermate pens were 2/$1, we got 4 and used 2 $1/2 coupons. Playtex tampons were $7.99-$2 coupon-$3ecb. An Airwick odor detect system $6.99-$4 coupon.  So we got $56.29 worth of merchandise for $19.39-$4 ecb=$15.39  I used $9 ecb from last week so I had $6.39 oop!! Since subscribing to RefundCents (2 months ago) I have found so many GREAT deals, thanks so much!!!!   Stacy Vandergriff

"Hugs for my Huggies Baby!!  The picture combines two deals that Kaylie and I, my 4 month old Deal Diva-in-training, did. The first was a few weeks ago at Babies R Us. The Huggies jean diapers were $5 and then B1G1 50% off. I coulda been happy with 2 pack for $7.50 but I had an insert coupon for $2.50 off Huggies diapers and a home mailer coupon for $3 off a jumbo pack. So I got both for $2. Yippee! Then, at CVS, we got 3 packs of the new Slip On diapers, added in a couple air fresheners and a Cottonelle Fresh wipes and 30 ct CVS bandages (those aren't shown). Then used 2 $3 Huggies Qs, a free Cottonelle wipes Q, free CVS bandage coupon and $6 ECB from a previous visit. Total cost was $19.96 and then we got a $10 gas card back!  I love shopping with my baby girl!"  Karentina  F Brentwood, Ca

"As a teacher, I'm always watching for cheap or free school supplies to add to my classroom for those who need supplies.  This year we hit the jackpot!  I purchased all of these supplies for 16 cents!  Menards had their scissors and pencil eraser toppers on sale with a free rebate and I had coupons for the scissors giving me overage on the other supplies.  The scotch tape all came from Target which had it on sale for $1 a roll and I had $1 coupons.  The glue sticks were 40 cents a package and I used a $1 off coupon giving me overage for the tissues.  The rulers and crayons were the only things we "bought" and they were on sale for 1 cent a piece at Office Max! The total haul was 8 rulers, 11 pairs of scissors, 10 packages of 50 pencil topper erasers, 26 Scotch tapes, 30 glue sticks, 10 pencil boxes, 2 boxes of Nexcare bandages, 8 boxes crayons, 1 box of paper clips, 2 sharpies, 1 sticky backed wall hook, 4 boxes of tissues!" Karen Carlton 

"I got 40 bags of Beggin Strips for free. My local store was selling them buy one get one free and I had a coupon for buy one get on free.  To top off my free doggie treat shopping trip for every 8 bags of Beggin Strips I bought I got a $5.00 Catalina.  So needless to say they paid me to take the Beggin Strips out of the store and as you can see from the picture my dogs were very happy that I thought of them at the store when I was shopping."
Lisa S.

"Kroger had Crest, Ivory, Oral b toothbrushes 10/$10. I had .50 coupons on the Crest and Ivory and $2.00 off 2 on toothbrushes. Skinny Cow was 2/1.00 and I had .75 and 3 B1G1F coupons. After all, those total was $2.20. I used a 2.00 catalina from previous Crest purchase paid with a quarter and actually got change back. Lol This is Kylie, my adopted daughter, showing off our proud deal." Sherri Johnson

"A couple of weeks ago I found coupons for .50 off a small container of Oreo cookies at a gas station.  I wanted to use them to get Go Paks for free.  Last week I became motivated because my daughter was going to work at a college conference for underprivileged kids and she needed 'stuff' to give away.  I found the cookies but was told I could only use 4 coupons.  In the spirit of doing something good for someone else, I bought 8 packs and paid for 4 - a total of $3.96.  The next day I found a big display of the cookies in the back of the store and was able to self-scan and the computer accepted 5 coupons, I got them for free.  My bill was zero, I put in a penny and it was returned.  Then I bought 4 more on another order with some other groceries.  The next morning I went to buy more of them and the cashier told me to separate the order.  I bought 4 with some fruit and then bought 5 in another order so my order would not be free after the 4 coupons.  Today I found another coupon and redeemed and got another free one.  Here I am pictured with the canisters, less the 8 my daughter already donated.  I am going to drop them off at my friend's house - she packs care packages for soldiers. In addition to the cookies I am dropping off the free barrettes from Walgreens.  I also gave my daughter other things from my stash - .08 notebooks from Staples, free after rebate highlighters from Staples, and all of my Valentine's Day pencils bought from Walgreens when they were 8 for a dollar - let me know if you see that sale again - I need them for my students." Robin Cohen
"My favorite kind of Shopping Trip-A great little deal on groceries and not loads of heavy bags to shuffle from store to car and car to house. During Acme's Promo of buy 10 Betty Crocker items & get $5 coupon back and get a code for 25 bonus BTFE's;  I purchased: 3 boxes Cocoa puffs on sale 1.99each, 3 Hamburger helper on sale $1ea, 3 bags Bugles snacks sale 2/$4, 1 Bag Chex mix sale 2/$4  Total=$16.97

I used coupons on all items that doubled and paid $6.97 OOP, I got back the $5 catalina, the 25 BTFE code And a surprise 10 BTFE code. There were also small coupon booklets attached to 2 of the cereal boxes that included codes for 3 Boxtops each.  48oz V8 Fusion was also on sale for 2/$4 We LOVE this stuff...I used some .75/1 coupons and grabbed 4 bottles. With the coupons doubled they cost me .50 a bottle. Factoring in the $5 catalina--$3.97 for 14 items and 49 Box Tops (41 Bonus & the 8 on packages)." Laurie D




"One of my five sales each year at the market place.  I rent two tables and always corner spots.  I get traffic from each direction.  My customer's know I offer low prices.  The game is to sell and I feel I am helping people with their budgets.   My mother is left of pictures and customer on right.  I'm in the center.  If you are ever in the Bally area of PA stop in on Saturday or Sunday.  Sunday has the most traffic.  Many vendors and about ten of us sell products.............  think lots more people are doing our hobby -  is it because of extreme coupon show...............

ENJOY YOUR DAY and good luck with getting bargains............" Marie Kunz
"Greetings, Pinky from Illinois here! Just want to share details of my (and my person, she does the driving...and the shopping....and the paying!) recent bounty of Pupperoni treats!! A while back, Pupperoni was on sale at CVS for 2 packages for $4!  Well that is a deal, normally they are $4.59 for each 5.6-ounce bag. We tried and tried that week to cash in on this sale, because to make it sweeter, we had several $2 off 2 packages coupons.  Well, each time or store we checked, the Pupperoni shelf was empty! So each time, we found empty shelves, we requested a rain check (limit of 4). Now we are redeeming the rain checks, and with using the $2 off 2 pkgs coupons, we are thrilled to get Pupperoni for only $1 per bag (plus tax).   I have been busy doing tricks for treats, so a couple/three of the bags have been consumed!  We purchased 20 bags on rain check and with coupon. So OOP was $20, versus $91.20 the cost if bought at regular price! And even though Pupperoni is my fav snack, I am sharing with my cousins, friends and buddies at my former residence, Tender Loving Care Animal Shelter! Yahoo! I love it when a plan comes together! Woof!" Joan Dunn
"When I decided to take the summer off to stay home with my newborn son, I knew that finances would be tight.  Since I was not working, I made it my part time "job" to find ways to save money on every day items.  I found Refund Cents, read through different articles, and instantly became hooked!  Within weeks I was bringing home NAME BRAND necessities and paying little to no cost out of pocket.  After mastering the Extra Care Bucks at CVS, +UP Rewards at Rite Aid, and the art of coupon stacking, I was able to buy the things our family needed without draining our savings account.  The picture shows one of my most recent and successful hauls to date.  The original cost for all of the items totaled $196.76 and I paid just $39.12; a savings of 80%!!!  Included in this haul were much needed diapers, wipes, and formula...all name brand!!  Thank you, Refund Cents, for giving my new family financial stability while supporting my dream and desire to stay home with my baby boy!" Brittany Massey
"I so enjoy checking in with others of like-mind for great ideas and ways to stretch our hard-earned dollars.  I am the designated coupon queen in our
clan & purchase for our 4 extended families: literally 15 people (saves gas/time). Once
the Fam is stocked, there is always plenty to donate AND my other favorite coupon high...PLAYING COUPON FAIRY!  It's such a fun anonymous way to make someone's day brighter.  Extra coupons?  Leave1 or 2 by the product as a complete surprise for that unsuspecting shopper.  This coupon fairy left double DOVE coupons in Kmart yesterday = free soap!   Let's give the public something positive to talk about Divas!"  Angie in MI
P.S. Wand Optional
"Here is a pix of my granddaughter, Colbie, after I got tea at Krogers. She saw me bringing it all into the kitchen, and she started putting some of it in her little shopping cart. I had a raincheck for tea for 1.99, and then I had 25 coupons for .50 each, that doubled, so I got 25 pkgs of Lipton tea for only .99 each. I was pleased with that, as we use alot of tea. I gave some to my mom and sisters also." Larie Chandler
"I spent a total of $28.33 and saved $26.88 at Walgreens.
I bought 1 Swiffer Starter Kit - $9.99, which Walgreens had a sign under that if you bought that, you got a free Mr Clean 2 pack Erase. Then I had a coupon for free refill Swiffer dry pads when you bought the Starter Kit.
Mr Clean Eraser $2.49 taken back off (free)
Swiffer Refill $4.49 taken back off (free)

Scotch Bubble Mailer 6x9 $1.19 discount with in-ad coupon ($1.40) so overage of .21 cents.
3M Transparent Tape 4x450 $.99
Bought 3 of the Papermate Write Bros Assorted Ink 10 pack $1.49 on sale with in-ad cpn (minus $3.60) cost .90 cents
Dawn Dish .99 then I had a coupon for .50 off, cost me .49 cents
Glade Fabric 22 oz $3.99 had coupon on it for a $1, so it cost me $2.99 which I thought it should have been on sale for $1.50 which I will go back to store and see." Karla Smith

"Talk about a shopping high I was overdosing on this. My WAGS was rearranging the store & changing aisles. They decided to mark down a lot of thing by 75% A lot of the items were only 50% off & some were more than 75%. This is my haul after 3 shopping trips. I will use some as Christmas gifts, Sell some on eBay & donate some. I figured it out as close as I could get 2 item I did not know the retail. So I guessed. Here goes.
Total retail of all items excluding tax was $594.91
Total OOP $131.87 not including tax.
I only used a few coupons. & still made out like a bandit." Estelle

"I am having my garage sale today!! This what is left after 6 hours so far!! I have made lots of $$ already. When putting this sale together, I kept finding boxes of 'good deal items'. I didn't realize I had this much!!! My husband sacrificed his day to sit with me and help. I love the thrill of the 'free' item and will enjoy donating what is left to those in need. Thanks for all the tips and help!!" Carla Buckley

"I love it when I get a deal on something that I really need at the moment, not just to increase my growing stockpile of toothpaste and toothbrushes.  I desperately needed socks and diapers. So this week at Rite Aid, they had Huggies diapers on sale for $9.99 each, but when you buy $30.00 worth of listed products, you get a $10 +UP reward. I bought 3 packs of diapers and 2 single rolls of Scott Toilet Paper, which was B1G1F, to put me just over the $30.00 mark, $31.46 to be exact.  I used a $2.50 c/o for each pack of diapers.  So $31.46 minus $7.50 c/o minus $10.00 +UP reward = $13.96. I also saw that they had No Nonsense socks B1G150% off and a $2.00 +UP reward when you buy 2.  The cheapest socks they had were $1.99, I ended up buying 6 pair of socks which totaled $8.94, matching them with the $1.50 off one pair Value Video c/o. So $8.94 minus $9.00 VV c/o minus $6.00 +UP reward = FREE + $6.06 profit!  I also bought a Samy Foam Hair Color for $7.99 (with my 20% discount), using a $3.00 c/o and getting the $5.00 +UP reward = FREE.  So the total was $48.39, minus $19.50 c/o's and $21.00 in +UP rewards, making my final price just $7.89, less than the cost of one package of much needed diapers!!  I have learned so much from Refundcents and from all the people who post on chat, that I want to say Thank you for taking the time to break down your deals and transactions, so us beginners can be well equipped when we enter the store for a good deal."
Aimee Stevens, MI

"Went to Kroger and matched up last minute P&G co with the buy 4 get $4 off. And hit clearance buggy with Bic items used my $1 off co. Total was $445 we spent $152.03 got 152 items so $1.00 each! Awesome being that the Olay items were $6.00-14.00 reg price and there was over 20 of them the dbl packs if Secret Flawless are reg $6.99 and there's 6 of them:) Thanks aunt Sherri for teaching us to coupon! And thanks Refund Cents for teaching her!" Sherri Johnson

"My Olay Deal that I did at CVS!  I'm so excited that I did so well with this transaction, that I wanted to share it with everyone!  Here is what I did for the spend $50 in OLAY Products, get $20 rebate deal.
1 OLAY Total Effects 7-in-1 anti-aging UV moisturizer @ $18.99
1 OLAY Regenerist Advanced anti-Aging UV defense regenerating lotion Moisturizer @ $24.99
1 OLAY Age-defying Daily Renewal cleanser @ $6.29
1 OLAY  Total Effects 7-in-1 deep penetrating moisture body wash 15.2 fl oz. @ $6.99
1 OLAY Age-defying Body wash 23.6 fl oz. @ $6.99
4 Bumble Bee tunas @ $0.75 each (raincheck)
2 Visine eye drops $3.99 + 1.99 B1G1 50% = $5.98 (Gas card deal)
Total = $73.23 
CVS CRT coupon for Olay = $5 when you spend $50 (always scan your card)
2 Olay Moisturizer MQ = $3.00 ea
1 Olay Cleanser MQ = $1.00
2  Buy one Olay moisturizer, get one Olay Body Wash FREE MQ= $6.99 ea
2 Visine printable MQ = $3.00 ea
2 Bumble bee tune $1/2 printable MQ = $1 ea
1 ECB = $5.00 
Total OOP = $34.25 plus tax
$1.00 ECB green tag
$2.00 Olay body wash
$$.00 Olay Regenerist facial care
$3.00 Olay Total Effects facial
$5.00 in Beauty Bucks
Olay Rebate spend $50, get $20 
My total OOP = PROFIT $1.79  not including TAX! 
Tax = $3.89
Total = $2.10 OOP including TAX!" Latrell S.

"I just love it when a deal goes well.  When the $1 coupons for Ronzini paste was posted online I utilized every computer I could get my hands on to print out coupons.  I was happy to also find that Kroger had the Ronzini on sale that week for $1 a box.  I only wish that they were able to keep it better stocked so that I could have ended up with more boxes.  My son, Jaden, and I ended up with 43 boxes of pasta and only paid sales tax.  We were then able to turn around and donate most of the pasta to our church for a new member lunch which turned out wonderfully." Tracy L

"Here is a pic of my 9 yr old with our 2 recent Ebay purchases. She had been saving for a new ipod touch ($239.00 plus tax retail) and we found her a used iphone on Ebay for only $91.00. She is using it with no phone service, so, it acts just like an iPod touch and includes a camera, for less than half the price of the new iPod touch. We also replaced her favorite croc sandals with some that were new with tags off of Ebay for 1/2 the price in store. For a total savings of over $175!" Melanie

"Went to Walgreens last Saturday for a few last minute school supplies for my 6 year old grandson. I was ecstatic when I got home and I know a lot of ya'll do far better than I did but I am really pleased at what I got. I haven’t been shopping like this in several years. The picture just shows some of the things as I bought; didn’t decide to send this in until today and some of the stuff I bought is already gone. I printed off 4 of the $3.00 off 2 expo dry erase markers; they were on sale for $3.00 per 6 pk so I got 8 pks of 6. I used the $3.00 off per pk with the Walgreens in store coupon. I got a tube of Fixodent (for hubby) for $3.99 (just $1.00 off), I also got 4 candy bars at 49 cents each (had to use as fillers). I got 1 planner for school on clearance regular on sale for $5 something but on the mark down list to a $1.00. (tried to charge me $2.49 the sticker price marked on it but was sitting in a stack of them on the $1.00 shelf. Got 4 ‘Splash’ poly folders with brads rang up $2.43 but on sale for $1.49, had to get price adjustments. Also, got 4 Penway folders rang up $1.49 but on sale for $.49, had to get a price adjustment, So all in all I had a total (had to make multiple transactions) of $110.79, used the coupons And the sale prices and ended up paying a total of $18.05. I saved $92.74 which was an 83.70% savings. I’m so proud of all that I got for the price. I not watched each transaction closely I would not have been successful getting the sale prices and the expo coupon online and in the store coupon was a tremendous help. This is my grandson as he was so proud to get 8 packs of dry erase markers and they are the washable ones too." Debbie S, TN

"I was so excited to be able to cash in on the AARP Kellogg's $10.00 gas cards.  Mother mother was a refunder when I was a teenager and still had a bunch of UPCs saved in a big box. She hasn't touched them for years.  I got the box out and rooted through in for Kellogg's UPCS.  To my surprise I had enough to submit for 4 gift cards without buying any cereal.  I was just hoping that they would accept them.  And they did.  I have received 3 of my gas cards so far and am so excited.  This is only two of them as I gave the other one to my mom since they were her UPCs." Angie Kister Dover, PA
"ZERO OUT OF POCKET!!!!!! Albertsons had a double dip on the Hamburger Helper last week. When you bought 10, you got a 5.00 catalina and 25 bonus boxtops! The double dip was another promo was running with an additional 2.00 catalina and 10 extra boxtops! So over all with coupons their doublers I got over 150+ Hamburger Helpers, 15 Skinny Cow candy bars boxes and 1200+ in extra box tops for ZERO out of pocket! (The Skinny bars were to soak up overage so the total cost of 1 Skinny Cow and 10 Hamburger Helpers was 7.00 after catalinas and coupons, then I just used the 7.00 in catalinas to roll this beautiful deal!!!!!"  Stacey in Washington State

"The M&M/Mars company recently had a promotion on specially marked packages of M&Ms.  There were promotion codes inside the packages to be entered online.  I had a good time with this!  Walgreens had a deal on M&Ms for 49c per bag.  I did go back a few times during the week to complete my deal.  This is what I ended up with:  using $1.25 off 3 coupons, brought my out of pocket totals really low.  Here's what I did:  17 bags @ 49c each = $8.33 + .68 tax = $9.01.  Less 5, $1.25/3 coupons and 1, $0.75/2 coupon brought my out of pocket to $2.01.  Not bad in's the great part.
From the 17 bags, I entered the codes and this is what I got:  2 non wins, 14 -- $3 off movie/concession ($42) and 1 Free movie ticket ($12).  $54 worth of movies and concessions for only $2.01 investment!  We usually never buy anything at the concession stand because it's so expensive, now I can treat my kids!  The only thing left to decide, what movie should we see? Here's Celina with the stash of goodies!"
Maria Sciuto


"My deal is a little different since it is not all groceries.  Last Saturday my family and I were having fun outdoors.  It was close to dinner time and I had forgotten to take something out of the freezer to grill so made a quick trip to Bakers (Dillons).  Well there were so many clearance deals going on, I took a bit longer than expected.  Smile  Here's what I bought:
(not pictured)  2 - Axe Shower Gel  (B1G1F manu coup and Bakers $2 e-coup) $2.99 each, my cost 99 cents total 
2 - 100 oz Tide products (liquid and detergent) ($2 manu coup, and Bakers $1 e-coup) $5.00 each, my cost $3.50 each 
(not pictured) Viva Towels 6 pk ($2 Bakers e-coup) $5.99, my cost $3.99
My favorite savings were non-grocery items.  These can always be used or donated. 
2 - First Alert Carbon Dioxide Detectors was $24.99, my cost $6.25 
2 - GE 50' Extension Cord was $20, my cost $3.75 
1 - GE Sofa Cord, my cost $1.60 
1 - GE Surge Strip, my cost $1.75 
1 - Extension phone cord, my cost $1.40 
There were clearance deals in every aisle, including the meat department so I returned home with bargains on meat too.  Plus I received double points toward gasoline for their current promotion.  Last month's purchases gave me a 60 cents per gallon gas discount on one trip to the gas station, which was worth over $12.  So far this month, I have a 28 cent discount on gas."  Vicky K, NE

"Walgreens had a great week with the Keri being a money maker after the $5 RR. My sons and I went couponing right after my older son's soccer game and we scored all of this for just $10 out of pocket! We started with a $5 RR from the previous week and rolled it to the Keri then to the Complete Eye Solution. Lather, rinse and repeat. The Kelloggs was 4 for $15 with a $5 RR, but we had manufacturer coupons for the Rice Krispies Treats for $1 off of 2. So we used the 2 manufacturer coupons, a $5 RR from the Keri and the $7 RR from the Complete Eye Solution, paid $2 and got $5 RR back. We got a couple of Magnum Ice Cream bars for 89 cents by stacking a Walgreens in-store coupon with a $1 manufacturer coupon. The Cafe W brand pizza's were 2 for $6, but we got it for $1 using the $5 RR from the Kellogg's. And the best part was the 2 big packs of Huggies wipes for $1.49 after the Walgreens in store coupon, the Walgreens infant book and a 50 cent manufacturer coupon. We had such a blast and I didn't even have to cook because we ate the $1 pizzas I got from Walgreens for dinner! SCORE! Thanks to Refund Cents and their wonderful readers."
Jude Rances-Washington

"I am lucky like all of you to have Refundcents to let me know of all the deals.... It has not been too long ago that I found out my Jewel Osco takes Register Rewards from Walgreens!!! I been able to get some great deals and spend my RR on food....This is the latest trip!!
‎18 boxes of cereal
4lb apples
1 cantalope
2lb of grapes
2 Keebler cookies
2 Krispies treats boxes
2 Nutri Grain bars boxes
1 chocolate
1 gallon of milk
2 apple juices
3 little bottles of Palmolive
4 BIG bottles of Tresemme conditioner
3 boxes of Crayola
1 vitamin water
and lots of extra money in my pocket!!!! Happy shopping..
The grant total between both stores was... $40.53!!!  I think this is good considering that the total before discounts in the market was $90!! plus all the stuff from Walgreens... 
I was able to do this thanks to the fact that I was able to use RR on top of the coupons for the cereal plus coupons for fresh fruit for buying the cereal....the cashier wouldn't take them but when he called the manager he said that I could use them." Jessica Raya

"177 items for $126.00. My girls, Jordan and Kylie, on right, are still all smiles even after a long Kroger and Publix trip as they show off their big haul of snacks and stuff from Advil to shave gel and everything in between! The sign says Kroger $439.71 for $126.80, 117 items." Sherri Johnson

"We had an opportunity the other day to save money shopping at Fred Meyer on Senior Advantage Day.  The first Tuesday of every month anyone who is fifty five years or older gets ten percent off all Fred Meyer products and some others also.  I am not sure of all the items that you can save on yet but am learning.  My coupon friend, Mary, had told me about this a while back but it seems we were never at this store on that day.  My husband, George, is pictured with the items we saved money on; it wasn’t a lot of money but it was all products that we purchase regularly and some I even used manufactures coupons with also.  Now that we are retired George is always a big help at the store and looks for deals himself. This pumped me up and I was excited the rest of the day after this stop.  I love learning new ways to save money!" Kathleen Mincks

"I was at Dollar General and spotted some coupons for $3 off Kelloggs products so I grabbed ---
 30 boxes of Kelloggs cereal that was on sale for $2 a box.  30x$2=$60 used 10 ($3off 3 boxes)= $30 I used $15 gift card from Dollar Generals Rhythm and Race Promotion. $30 - $15 gift card = $15 plus $2.48 tax. Then I sent off for $30 in gas cards. I made $13.52 profit and got 30 boxes of cereal free. My cat was the only one that would pose for a picture." JoAnn L.

"Sunday, July 31st was the last day of the Cottonelle RR printing at Walgreens and it was the first day of the Walgreens August Coupon Book that had a $1.00 off Cottonelle Coupon.  Since this is the toilet paper we prefer, I had ordered coupons earlier and was ready for the sale.  I am also lucky enough to get an employees discount, so my orders looked like this $ 4.25 + $ 4.25= $ 8.50 - 2.00 Walgreen coupon = $ 6.50 - $ 0.75 mc = $ 5.75 - $ 0.75 mc = $5.00, then I received a $ 3.50 RR each time.  I did a total of 11 deals, for a total of 22 - 12 roll packs.  I did this at six different stores, not wiping out any of them.  That's my granddaughter Kaitlyn in the photo.  After we built forts and played with them awhile, I got her to sit for this photo." Ann Piotrowski, Chicago, IL

"My goal this year was to see just how little I could spend on school supplies. The attached picture shows my final school supply haul for a 3rd-grader and a kindergartner, plus some things to keep at home for doing homework and for my home office. My 3 kids are included in the picture.

Total cost of supplies: $113.85 (this is with all the sale prices). I get prescriptions at Target and use as many coupons for a free $10 GC with a new prescription as I can. I saved up some of those to use on school supplies. Using coupons to reduce the cost of items, plus the GCs I got from using pharmacy coupons, I paid: $13.50!
Even before using gift cards, I was able to get the following items for free by matching coupons with sale prices:
22 rolls of Scotch Magic Tape
4 packages of ballpoint pens (28 pens total)
2 packs of Post-It Notes
2 packages of Sharpie highlighters
3 bowls of macaroni and cheese (free with Crayola purchase) 

Not pictured are the free secondhand princess backpack I got for my kindergartner, a few school supplies that were given to us, and some needed items that I had in my box of formerly purchased cheap/free office supplies. I was thrilled to get my kids everything they need for the new school year without taking a hit to the checkbook!"
Kristi Rector Aurora, CO

"I decided to update my coupon bag and see what I could get from CVS and Walgreens.   Here is my treasure after 2 days:  (Not all of it is in the picture)
(4) Irish Spring Body Wash
(4) Eyeliners....on clearance, used as fillers
(8) packs of M&Ms
(12) Packs of Scunci Hairbands......daughter works at McD's has to tie her hair up she is thrilled.
(10) rolls Scotch Tape
(4) Irish Spring Deodorant
(1) Yardley Bar Soap
(4) Pure Silk Women's Shave Cream....our Wags had in their flyer for 0.99 with coupon... I had (4) 0.80 off.....SCORE!
(7) MiniNotebooks...used as fillers
(1) Box Wags Tampons
(2) Boxes Kotex U
(2) BenGay Cream
(6) Oral B Toothbrushes
A lot of the extras will be passed on to families that I help throughout the year, and NO SHELVES were cleared in the process of the hunt! 
Saved $121.78...............Spent $25.51 OOP.....Received $35.00 Register Rewards and Extra Care Bucks to use next time! 
Makes me a little upset that I didn't go last week and get some goodies!"
Gerri Leatherman, IN
"Is there a such thing as a quintuple deal? If not, I think I'm the first to do it!

I got in on the Hasbro/ Tombstone deal right away!
Deal 1: Using my Toys R Us credit card, I purchased 5 Hasbro games from Toys R Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Memory, Trouble Travel Edition and Connect Four Travel Edition.
Deal 2: I get 4% back in TRU points from all TRU purchases using their credit card that accumulate to earn me TRU $10 gift cards
Deal 3. Since I'd already earned $50 in gift cards, I used them towards the purchase of the games, so I paid only tax and shipping! The games will be added to my yard sale items this summer.
Deal 4 = profit! while I munch on my choice of Tombstone Pizza, which I got for nothing
Deal 5. I'm sending my thank you to Hasbro and Tombstone now!" Yvonne Robinson

"I have two grown children – my daughter is 31 and my son is 27.  For this past school my son has been studying in London to get his master’s in Economics and last year my daughter was married.  Anyway he came for a two week break and one afternoon we went out shopping together.  One of our stops was to Modell’s sporting store.  A few months ago Dick’s sporting store opened around here and to combat their sales Modell’s had a give away of a twenty-five dollar gift card to the first 50 shoppers.  Of course I ran there to get it and then forgot about it.  I was lucky enough to find it before we went to the store.  Modell’s has a promotion where every time you spend a certain amount, you get a twenty dollar gift certificate and I knew I was close to that amount.  So we picked out all of our stuff at Modell’s and went to the register.  First I asked the cashier if she could tell me how close I was to receiving the twenty dollar credit if I gave her my phone number.  She said yes and told me that I was very close.  So I asked if I could pay separately and then use the credit immediately.  She said yes, I did, and all of a sudden my daughter said: “Are you strong enough to be my mother’s cashier?” and she told me there is a Sheryl Crow song entitled: ‘Are you strong enough to be my man?’ and that I reminded her of that song. Here is a picture of the two of them with a bag of sneakers that we donated after he bought the new pairs." Robin Cohen

"Last year, I tried to buy $1,000 worth of stuff from CVS in one month's time. This year, I decided I would try again, but it worked out even better than $1,000. It was $1,200. I started the adventure on 6/26 and ended on 7/24. Charlie, my Ragdoll cat, is pictured with some of the stuff, but some I gave away and some I put away for myself. Here are the grand tallies:
Retail total: $1,200.12
Total manufacturer's coupons: $525.18
Total CVS store coupon used: $341.04
Total ExtraCare Bucks rec'd: $307.92
Total ExtraCare Bucks spent: $315.43
Total gas cards rec'd: $100
Total profit $92.50
The cool thing about this year is that CVS is doing the buy $30 of SMP's to get a $10 gas card. Of course, I have been buying the items that I can also use coupons on because the deal works like ECBs where you can buy $30 worth of stuff, but only pay $10 after coupons and still get the gas card." Jenny Dean


"I am new to couponing and am really excited to be "learning the ropes."  I went to Walgreens for some good deals.  I had 4 Aussie/ Herbal Essences coupons to buy a styling product and get $3.00 off another product.  Our Wags had certain sizes of these products on sale for $3. I selected 4 products and handed my 4 coupons to the cashier and she rang them all.  They went through without a beep and I got ALL 4 for an OOP price of .81 cents tax.  I had thought I was going to have to pay for one to use a $3 coupon on another.  Needless to say, I was very happy with my purchase.  When I got home, I looked around on the internet and found some more of these coupons.   I received part of the coupons on Thursday.  My DGD Hannah and I went to 2 of our local  Wags and ended up with 50 more products just for the tax.  The rest of the coupons arrived Saturday so my DD Traci and I headed  out again and got 50 more products and just paid  the tax.  Total tax paid on 104 items was $21.06.  The cashier was very nice and ask where I got the coupons.  I gave her the address of a couple coupon sites and also RC.  At the end of our transaction, she gave each of us a travel size Pantene shampoo and conditioner. We have enough product to keep all of our hair looking beautiful for quite some time and we also plan to use some as gifts and donations. Today I went to Bi-lo and got the 10 boxes of brownie mix for a total of 1.90 plus tax.  I got the Noxzema  razors at Walmart.  They were 2.99 but I showed the cashier the RA sale paper so I got them for 2.00 minus the 2.00 coupons I had. OOP .68 tax.   

Our 104 Herbal Essences/Aussie products include:
29 shampoos 
   24 conditioners 
   13  mousse 
   26 hair spray 
   10 styling gels      
   2-3 minute miracle 
  Thank you Michelle and RC for this wonderful site and magazine.  This was my first "Diva Deal" but I'm sure it won't be my last!"  
Brenda Jackson


"I just wanted to share my awesome experience with you. I joined RefundCents at the beginning of March, having no idea how awesome it was really going to be. I was just looking on ways to save around the house in order to do fun things like take my daughter to Disney World in the future. Never in a million years could I have guessed how much free or very cheap stuff I would get. I am lucky enough to have 3 Rite Aids, 2 Walgreens, and a CVS within a 5 mile radius of my house.
   The first week or so I just read the posts and tried catching on. But by the second week I ventured into Rite Aid with coupons and daughter in hand. Izabella is 3 years old and loves coupons now as well. I got a couple of things for cheap and began to understand about Video values and using b1g1 free coupons on b1g1 free items.
  By the next week I had all the ad's spread on the table and began looking for the deals. That way I could just take those coupons into the store with me and my daughter. I would hand her a stack and have her look on the shelves for the items. She thought it was a game and loved it. Now she shops every time with me and knows yellow tags mean good things. In the 3 months I have been on refundcents, I not only learned how to stockpile and save money but I met a lot of wonderful people as well. I am definitely a life long couponer now because of refundcents and all the wonderful people on there. The picture is of my daughter Izabella with our stockpile we got in the past 2 weeks. Minus our food items of course!"  Thank you, Jennifer Kilner

"I got a good deal this week on Arm and Hammer kitty litter this week at RiteAid.

I got two 14-lb boxes for 8.40, and two at half off, or 4.20. Total was $25.20. RiteAid had an offer where if you spent $20 on A&H kitty litter, you got a $10 +UP coupon. I also used a $3/$15 coupon which I got from filling out their survey, and two

$1 printable A&H kitty litter coupons. (Wish I'd had 4!) So, $25.20 minus the $10 UP coupon, the $3/$15 coupon, and the $2 in manufacturers coupon made my OOP cost $10.20 for four 14-lb boxes of kitty litter.

Pictured here is my almost-13 year old daughter, who lugged the boxes from the car to the basement for me, and our cat Tilda!" Heidi in New York

"This is Josie surrounded by her free pet food. First, there is Spot Stew free from Each can is usually $1.99 per can. I found it at Petco and Pet Supplies Plus. Also Purina Pro Plan Roasted Slices are usually $3.99. On sale at Petsmart for $2.50 with card. I used coupons from the Sunday paper and received 40 free packages. I paid tax only. I even got a $3 survey coupon back. Great deal. I did not buy them all at once because I did not want to clear the shelves. My rescue puppy, Josie, highly recommends both products." Lisa Covarru

"There are no treats for Sandy (the dog) here, but she is almost as happy because her mom saved so much at Walgreens!  I bought Wisk Laundry Soap, Qtips, Shave Gel, Contact Solution, Finish Dishwashing Liquid, Gillette Fusion Razor, 24 Pack of Water, Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner.  I only paid $18.66 out of pocket after coupons and same purchase Walgreens Rewards!"

Kathy P., CO

"After being away from our home for 3 weeks while my husband had major cervical spine surgery in St. Louis, I  suffered severe coupon withdrawal.  I put together a quick list this morning and planned to go to Walgreens to get lots of great deals.  Well lo and behold, they are out of just about everything that was the Memorial Day specials and the Register Reward deals.  So I had to quickly redo my list and put something together.  I don't think I did too bad for last minute planning after being out of the loop for 3 weeks.  Here's what I got with 8 transactions at 2 Walgreens: 

1 Box Ritz Crackers
1 Box Triscuit Crackers
3 Gillette Fusion Pro Glide
6 Dry Idea Deodorants
2 Right Guard Deodorants
3 Icy Hot Naturals Creme
2 Off Clip-on's
1 Off Clip-on refill
1 Goody's Powder
1 BC Powder
1 Suave Hairspray
3 Cadburry candy bars
3 Hershey  8 pack snack
1 microwave popcorn pouch

OOP $ 16.91
Total price of merchandise - $ 127.94
Plus I have a $5 RR and a $2 RR to use for my next transaction

Not too bad.  Could have been better.  But I feel better now."
Andrea Waters Jackson
, TN

"I have been working on teaching my children the importance of couponing.  I think it has started to sink in.  This is a picture of my 13 year old son, Alex, with his purchases from Homeland.  He paid $0.17 for a half pound f sunflower seeds and a large bottle of SmartWater.  This is also proof that coupons can be found for healthy food. My son was very excited that he got such a deal he was telling people about it all day.  Hearing about couponing and deals from a 13 year old boy is not normal and people actually listened to him.  My son has been bitten by the couponing bug in the past and he regularly snoops through my coupons looking for the junk food ones so he can make sure I do not miss them.  He knows that he should not even bother asking for junk food unless he knows I have a coupon for it." Karen Perea

May/June Cover Contest Winner - Front Cover

"My husband and I are new to couponing. We've only been doing it since February 2011. We love RefundCents and check the site multiple times on a daily basis. You have saved us hundreds of dollars. Recently we were excited to find out about the Walgreens Scotch tape deal during the week of Easter. We were able to print off multiple Scotch Magic tape coupons from the PDF file that was posted on your site. The coupon was for a $1.00 off. We paired this manufacturer coupon with the Walgreen's store coupon out of the April Savings booklet, and the tape was on sale for buy 1 get 2 free. This deal was a moneymaker. We made a dollar off of every three tapes. My husband and I were ecstatic. While walking through Walgreens, my husband discovered the blinkie machine for a buy a Mars bar and get a free Milky Way. He combined this deal with the .39 Mars bar candy sale and used the overage from the Scotch tape to pay for the candy. He got 33 Milky Ways, 33 Mars candy bars, and 33 rolls of tape for $1.76. With $2.72 in tax, the total came to $4.48. We saved a total of $116.38--Not bad for newbies! We couldn't have done it without RefundCents!!!!" Michelle and Dave Miller, IN

May/June Cover Contest Winner - Back Cover

"Just when our veggie cupboard was literally bare, my fiance stumbled upon an excellent deal. He ran into Food Lion one evening for a few cans of vegetables. To my surprise he returned to the car with bags full! He had just bought 80 cans of store brand vegetables at 50 cents a piece and received back a $10 catalina for his next purchase. Come to find out with every 40 Food Lion brand items you bought, you received back a $10 catalina for your next purchase. Had he known that he would have only bought 40. Oh well, we now knew! We made 7 trips to Food Lion that week, each time using the $10 catalina and then receiving a new one. The tuna fish was also 50 cents a can, so at the end of the week we had 24 cans of tuna and 296 cans of vegetables. Our out of pocket was $40 for the first trip and then $10 each trip after that for a grand total of $100 and we still had one more $10 catalina to use. Needless to say, we are set for veggies and tuna fish for quite awhile. Pictured in our "castle" is our son Ethan and our daughter Dani.” – Sherry Logsdon, PA

May/June Cover Contest Winner - Inside Front Cover

"This is a picture of my son and my great find at Rite Aid last night. I love Rite Aid and their amazing deal on snacks! They were on sale for $1 a can and for every can you bought, you got a $1 UP Reward. FREE CHIPS!! I started with $15 in UPS and kept rolling them. I ended up with 36 Lay's Stax, 22 TGIF Potato skins, 23 bags of Combos, 1 box of softener sheets, and 8 cans of chicken broth. This is what I got from my last shopping trip to Rite Aid and still left many on the shelf. I will be taking some to work and some to church get togethers. My total OOP is 57 cents!! I love Refund Cents.... they have saved me so much money!! Thank you." Elizabeth Mellinger








"I just love a good deal! HyVee started the ball rolling with a 2-day sale. I decided to focus on the Kellogg’s cereal priced at $1.38 a box combined with the Catalina deal of buying 3 Kellogg’s cereals and getting a free milk coupon. I also want to do the Kellogg’s Gas Rewards card deal. Armed with cash and coupons, I headed to the store. Since HyVee had a limit of 5 cereals and the Catalina deal worked on 3 cereals, I realized I would need to buy the cereals 3 boxes at a time. I decided to approach a store manager and see if he could help. He brought out 3 cases of Corn Flakes, and we met at the register! Corn Flakes was the only choice of cereal to buy that met the kind and size requirements of the Gas Rewards Card. This is what I got…..40 boxes of Corn Flakes, 1 box of Froot loops, 1 box of Cinnabons, 3 cartons of eggs, 1 bunch of bananas, one 2 lb. container of strawberries, 14 free gallon of milk Catalina coupons, and enough UPC’s to get 4 Gas Rewards Cards worth $10.00 each. I used 14 $1.00 coupons (some required the purchase of fruit and eggs). My total was $55.11. I packed up two cases of cereal for the food pantry. The picture shows my DD Kelli. She posted this picture of herself on her facebook page. It sure got the comments rolling! A big thank you to HyVee, Kellogg’s and Refund Cents, of course!!" Cindy Merritt

"My husband, my daughter and I have been shopping at all the Rite Aids in our area and this is our end result of flipping over UPs:
16 Rite Aid Fabric Softener Sheets 80ct
61 Lays Stax
14 Combos
18 Fridays Chips
6 Clean and Clear
8 Nivea Lip Care
It totals $119 in UPs (the Niveas were free after the FB coupon). My daughter is the one in the picture and one of our receipts pictured was more than 6 feet long! This is our biggest haul ever!!"  Mary Jane Burro
"I've had quite a few freebie things, but this was the first time I've had a real money making experience! Target had Pantene on sale for $3.50. I had a $3/2 manufacturer's coupon and a $1.50/2 Target coupon. Then I got the John Frieda haircolor, which was on sale for $11.99. I had two $5 off manufacturer coupons and two $5 off Target coupons. Then, I got a $5 gift card for buying the 2 haircolors. And then, I'll be sending in the money back guarantee form for the Pantene, which is double your purchase price. I'll be getting $8.19. Grand total - $6.70, yep, I'll be making $6.70 on the purchase of just these four items. Way cool! Thank you so much!" Lisa Schuppe, Fenton, MO
Physician's Formula free @ Rite Aid:
"What a week it's been at Rite Aid with Physician's Formula. The last week all Physician's Formula cosmetics were on sale buy one get one half off. There was also a $5 up rewards for each $20 worth that you bought. Any amount over $20 on each receipt would also carry over as a balance towards your next $20 mark. There are also $5 printable coupons for any type of Physician's Formula cosmetic and these are pdf coupons which means you're allowed to print them an unlimited amount of times. I also had many $3/15 coupons from receipt surveys. I began by buying the cheapest items my store sells which are the eye liners for $5.50 each. Buying six of those products equaled $23.25. I would use a $3/15 survey coupon and six $5 PF coupons. That meant that each transaction gave me $9.75 worth of overage! On top of the products being free and all that overage I would still get a $5 up rewards for each transaction. The $3.25 would also carry over to my next transaction. As the cheaper items were sold out I began buying the more expensive items. Prices ranged from $5.50 all the way up to $12.95 each. Another example was four of the Baked Eyeshadow pallets. They cost $8 each so four of them equaled $24. I would use a $3/15 survey coupon and four $5 printables. That made my out of pocket cost $1 for that transaction and I would get a $5 up reward, which means I profited $4 from that transaction. I also would get $4 carried over to future $20 marks. By accumulating my small balances until I had about $4 in carry over I was able to buy more expensive items. If I had $3 carry over I could buy one $12.95 item and one $9.95 item which would ring up half off, or $4.97. That meant those two items were $17.92. I'd use another $3/15 survey coupon and two $5 printables. My total would be $4.92 but I'd get another $5 up rewards since my $17.92 balance combined with my $3 carry over was over $20. I kept repeating this chain throughout the entire week always watching my carry over balance so I could throw some more expensive items in there and then falling back on the cheaper items. Everything in this picture was a money-maker. Some only by a few cents while some were over $14 money-makers. I counted 154 items in the picture." Tayler R., CO

"Nutra Nail free @ Rite Aid.
Rite Aid recently had all their Nutra Nail products on sale buy one get one free. At the same time a printable coupon was found on the Nutra Nail website for buy one get one free. Two things made this awesome deal possible. The first is the coupon was in a pdf format which meant you were allowed to print out as many as you wanted. The second is that Rite Aid says in their coupon policy that you are allowed to use one buy one get one free coupon along with their buy one get one free sale price and get two free products for each coupon redeemed. I went in on the afternoon of the very last sale and bought all that they had left. I just made sure that I paired two identical priced items together for each coupon and I wrote the amount on each coupon to avoid any cashier confusion over various prices. This worked well for me as the checkout was easy and my balance was 0 for all these items. I also bought a headband for $3.19 with my 20% off wellness discount and I also used a $3/15 coupon from doing their online survey. That made my headband only .19. Final tally: 34 various Nutra Nail items and one headband for .19 cents plus tax." Tayler R, CO
"Here's my little haul for today. Original cost $39.44. With coupons and one UP reward (Rite-Aid coupon) I got a 6˘ refund plus another $2.00 up reward coupon to use next time. Thanks to Michele for the Refunding site and Ann for the coupons when I need a lot." Kathy T, OR
"We had such a blast doing the Purex soap deal at Kmart. The deal was buy $30 worth of select products and get $10 back. We just rolled our $10 to do the deal twice and ended up with 17 packs total for about $20 out of pocket. Thanks for the great deals Refund Cents!" Jude Rances-Washington
"I am enclosing a photo of my T-shirt Deal. My husband and I are experiencing a fairly empty nest these days...but we are doing all the saving we can to help our young adult kids who are striking out on their own! Our new son-in-law is in school full-time, while working part-time.  We try to help out by finding deals on things like shoes and clothing.  Here we found 4 boxes of Jockey brand T-shirts...each box has 3 T-shirts, as well as a leather valet box as a free gift with purchase.  We paid $7.19 for each set, spending $31.00 and saving a whopping $96.00! We found the deal at Belk Department Store.
We LOVE Refund Cents and share our copy of your magazine with our children!" Sherry Hefner

9 Transactions and a $50+ Profit at CVS!

"Here is my haul from CVS today – I did 9 transactions!  I got:

1 package of Charmin
5 boxes of Clairol
4 Bottles of Crest Mouthwash
5 bottles of Dawn Dishwashing liquid
1 Gillette Fusion Razor
2 Boxes of Kashi Granola Bars
14 Bottles of Nature Made Vitamins
4 Oral-B Crossaction Power Toothbrushes
4 Lipsticks from Physician’s Formula
2 bottles of Revitalens multi-purpose solution 4 oz
2 bottles of Softsoap body wash
4 bottles of Tide

Most of this stuff I will keep for myself, I will give some of it to family members – I help buy vitamins for my brother and my parents – and then the rest I will sell in my garage sale.  And before I put it away in my stockpile, I price everything.  That way when it is garage sale time, I simply pull it all out and set it up – no pricing necessary.
Total of Products before coupons:
Total amount of manufacturer’s coupons:
Total amount of CVS coupons:
Total amount of ExtraCare Bucks rec’d:
Total amount of ExtraCare Bucks used:
Total Profit
- $51.70"

Jenny Dean