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Deal Divas 10

"Since GE is now accepting competitor's coupons, I am cleaning up every week. Here is what I came home with for FREE today. The two Be Happy bags were from the Purina contest, but the remainder are from BJ's coupons. The total before coupons was $50.18.
A frozen item not in the picture is an individual size Digiorno pizza.
GE puts the entire amount of the coupon through so I had overage on several to pay the little bits of others. I am loving this new coupon policy!!"
Carla B

"I have bought 126 FREE so far (only 115 pictured) but 11 are in the other room and I forgot to include them LOL. Will get 20 more, making it a total of 146 free  (used those lovely .50¢/2 coupons) and they were 2/$1 thru Sunday at Kroger. Doubled to $1.00/2." Cindy S.

"I had so much fun at Walgreens last month stocking up on Huggies diapers! After numerous trips to numerous Walgreens I ended up with at least 60 packages. With the Walgreens $4 coupon and either $2 or $1.50 manufacturer coupons the most I paid per package was $4. The challenge was finding the slip-on diapers in the store. My six rainchecks definitely came in handy. It's safe to say we're set on diapers for my daughter, Kate, my nephew, and any baby showers that should happen over the next few months!" Jennifer Murphy, Glen Carbon, IL

"From Coupon Retirement To Stocking Up On Dollars!"
Sherry Hefner

My deal may not seem impressive to some but its pretty big to me.  You see I have been in "retirement" from using coupons and acquiring extra care bucks. My four little children were all born within a 5 year time period and I was serious about saving every dime I could! But during the harried years of middle school dances and high school sports, my husband and I gave up couponing and just tried to find the best deal we could on what we needed at the moment. Time, energy and money were all stretched to the max! 
As of this summer, we moved into another phase of life. Only 1 young adult child remains at home and she recently became engaged. I decided that we were spending entirely too much money and I made the pledge to get serious again about cutting back while stocking up.
I don't need as much stock as I once did but I do try to help my grown children keep their growing families in household supplies. Here is a photo of me with my haul from CVS:  the total came to $98.75 but I only paid $42.25, and that's with taxes! I even received a ECB for .75 to use next time.
For my money I got: 12 Arnold Palmer Iced Tea/Lemonades, 5 2-ltr Sundrops, 3 boxes of Kleenex Tissues, 4 Gain Dishwashing Soap Bottles, 3 Glade Air Fresher Sprays, 2 boxes of General Mills Cereals, a 12-pack of Bounty Paper Towels, a 16-pack of Charmin, 5 bags of candy, and 3 Goody head beads.
I had an $8.00 ECB that had expired a week before but the cashier let me use it!  She was extra nice. Overall, I saved $56.50.  Thanks to Refund Cents for helping me get back in the flow of saving money and finding deals!  I look forward to all those daily emails and also the magazine.  What an encouragement to those in every stage of life! Its never too late to start using those coupons, finding deals, and stocking up on dollars!"
Front Cover Winner July/Aug issue

“CVS had just marked down 75% off on CVS Supremes, CVS Overnights, cases of CVS Supreme & Huggies overnights. They also had their wipes in the 320 count refills marked down 75% off. I was able to get a total of six cases of Supreme diapers at $4.07 each, 14 packages of Supreme diapers for $2.22 each, 10 packages of CVS Overnights for $2.49 each and one package of Supreme refill wipes 320 ct for $2.49. I figured the math that each diaper is .07 each. Pictured are all my diaper deal babies! Never paid full price for a single pack ever!!” Christine Clem, OH

Inside Front Cover Winner July/Aug issue

"We started out co-workers, became friends and now we’re refunding buddies.   We’re certainly  from three generations, and we all bring something to the table to add to our fun.  Three heads are definitely better than one and we can almost always think of ways to make the deals better and better.   Here we’re displaying our recent Walgreen’s deal.   We bought 1 Gillette Venus cartridge and one Venus razor, which qualified us for a $10.00 register reward for spending $30.00.  We had buy 1 cartridge, get a razor free, a coupon for a free shave gel when you bought a razor and we’re sending for a refund on our Venus/Olay razor.   It will be a money maker when we’re done, and we have a great start on stocking stuffers.   Also, pictured is a men’s razor and cartridge which was the same as the Venus/Olay deal.  We always have enough coupons so each of us can do the same deal and sometimes we trade our items amongst ourselves.   In the days of extreme couponing, I’ve learned to see deals through the eyes of Rachel, on the left and Sarah in the middle.  They expect so little and when we score these deals, it’s refreshing to see refunding through their eyes.   They think every deal is an extreme couponing deal.   When we come into work on Monday morning, we share what good deals we’ve spotted, we pool our coupons and ideas and when we’ve finished the week, we’re all happy campers.  I’m, of course, the one on your right and I’m the office manager.   These deals are moral boosters and the cooperation we show to each other in deals spills over into all areas of the office.   It’s a win/win situation for all of us and we’re getting our stocking stuffers done early.   The Suave pictured is free, $1.00 each with a $2.00 Register Reward for buying 2 and then 75 cent cashoffs on each one.  Another nice money maker.   The M&M’s that spell out “Friends” is from the free bags for buying 2 Kellogg’s cereals.   I like to think I bring the wisdom, Rachel is the gear head and Sarah is the thinker.   Whatever we bring to that table, it works."  Vickie Kuhlmann, NE

Inside Front Cover Winner July/Aug issue

"A few weeks ago, one of my  local stores had Ziploc storage bags on sale for 1/2 price reducing the prices of the boxes from $2.19 to $1.10.  This is an item that we use daily in our household so when I saw the sale I was EXCITED.   Happily in my coupon box 
I had LOTS of $1 off coupons and $.55 off coupons.  Unfortunately there were only 16 Ziploc boxes left on the display. Still, I was one happy shopper since I ended up paying less than $1 for all 16 boxes.

I have been an avid and active couponer for all my married life (over 40 years).  There are many times, thanks to using coupons, I have bought groceries and have hardly paid anything for them.  Happily the value of coupons have gotten larger through the years, but the prices of items are, unfortunately rising faster than the increase of coupon values.  Thus, it is so important to accumulate and save as many coupons as you can, especially for items you regularly use.  If you sort them, organize them and file them in a coupon box, this way when sales come about you are ready to stock up and the coupons are readily accessible.  Many items like toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant,  diapers, sanitary products, paper towels, paper napkins, detergents, soap, toilet paper, razors, shaving cream and of course Ziploc bags are items that can be stock piled and there are often coupons for them.  The fun of bringing home free or almost free items out weighs the time and effort needed to cut and file the coupons." Michelle Maier

Back Cover Winner July/Aug issue

“I’m so happy to be a member of RefundCents, otherwise I’d have totally missed this deal discussed on Centsible Chat. For one week, Act II popcorn was on sale for $1 for a 3 pack box. An overlapping monthly Ups Reward of $2 for 2 boxes made them free. Limit two offers. I had some Ups to use and I bought 4 boxes, paid with my $4 in Ups and got back $4 in new Ups. A couple days later, armed with my husband’s Wellness card, I bought four more boxes, paid with the Upc I earned from the first four, and got back $4 in new Ups. No cash out of pocket and 24 bags of popcorn for my popcorn friend, Juleah (pictured) and still $4 in Ups in my pocket.” Laurie Drungowski, DE 

"Ninety-two containers of Breyers Ice Cream at .49 each! This was so much fun. Giant Food had these cartons for $1.99. Once the .75/1 doubled coupon was applied, that brought the deal down to a whopping .49! No, I was not able to do this all in one shopping trip, but it was definitely worth each trip to the store. So many were blessed by this fantastic deal! Maybe this summer will yield another opportunity for great savings like this!"  Chanda W.

"This is a picture of my pregnant daughter getting ready for her friend’s bridal shower.  The jar she is holding is full of M & M’s purchased at a great discount.  I found some coupons for $.50 off two of the individual bags of the candy.  The coupons were in my local gas station and they were very plentiful – every time I went back there was a fresh supply.  The bags sell for $1.00 at Stop and Shop but were on sale for $.67 with a shopper’s card.  With the coupon doubled, each bag cost $.17.  The jar was bought at the dollar store and there are 31 bags of M & M’s in the jar.  We counted one bag and found out that there were 58 candies and multiplied that by 31 – basically scientific!  The total number of M&M’s in the jar was 1758 and the nearest guess was 1600 – the winner was an aunt of the bride to be. I purchased the M&M’s for $5.27 and the total number of ounces was 50.53 – over three pounds.  The winner kept the full jar.

We also used some of the practically free candies a couple of weeks ago when the movie What to Expect When You are Expecting opened – my daughter and I invited some of our friends to see the movie and we made goodie bags with M & M’s as part of them.

My refunding days started 32 years ago when I was pregnant for my daughter and I saw an advertisement for a refund on the price of a box of diapers in the newspaper.  Those were Johnson and Johnson diapers – a brand that disappeared a long time ago.  I cut it, bought the package of diapers, and a hobby was born." Robin Cohen

"What a way to start summer! Brownies for .25 box yummy! And enough sandwich meat and sausage to last the entire summer! But the best part is the $160.00 Mom saved......vacation here we come! Guess sorting all those coupons is really worth it! Thanks Refund Cents!" Sherri Johnson














"We all helped mom with this Publix haul! Out of the 127 items mom had a coupon for every single one of them! Now we are set on drinks and snacks for summer vacation!" Sherri Johnson

"First of all, let me start by saying my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding was not a “frugal” wedding.  Her dad wanted to give her the wedding of her dreams and paid a lot of money for the venue, gown, etc.    However, Catherine loves bargains as much as I do, so she was on the hunt to save where she could (esp. the areas I agreed to help with LOL).  First of all, we bought the flowers from Sam’s Club, and she and the bridesmaids decorated the wedding cake and made all the centerpieces, bouquets, corsages and buotonnieres themselves.  Gorgeous, and saved several thousand dollars. She made the wedding invitations herself with a (clearance!) kit from Staples—as professional and lovely as any I’ve ever seen.  Then she searched online for bridesmaids’ dresses that she liked (she wanted hot pink) and a coupon code to go with them.   She found it all!  The dresses, a coupon code for a percentage off, and one for free shipping.  Each dress cost less than $40.  As a twist, she had the girls each pick a different color for their shoes, and she matched their bouquets to the shoes (different and very pretty).  She then found a site online where she was able to buy clutch purses in these colors (with a coupon code of course) and filled the purses with travel sized health & beauty items (free with coupons) for each bridesmaid. And, of course, she had the guys get their tuxes at a place where the groom’s was free. 
          Being the groom’s parents, the rehearsal dinner was our “thing”.  I  found a really nice place with excellent food and GREAT prices.  I wanted to do nice invitations using Catherine’s colors of hot pink (bridesmaids’ dresses), ivory (her dress) and black (guys’ tuxes).  I found a perfect invitation at, and 20 of them, including matching envelopes with our name imprinted on them, 20 plain white envelopes, and a “rehearsal dinner” sticker for each envelope, came to about $25.  Along with this came either a subscription to Ebony magazine OR a $20 rebate.  I chose the rebate and got it pretty quickly.  Guess what I’m also getting?  Ebony magazine!  Which, by the way, contains some really good coupons.  Between the rebate and the coupons I’ve already used, I’ve made back my $25, so the invitations were actually free.  Also, I had bought Brian and Catherine the stamps for their wedding invitations from, and they sent me a coupon code for a later use.  I was able to get “rehearsal dinner” stamps (black, white and pink!) to use on my invitations for just about what I would have paid for regular stamps.  I was thrilled!  Oh, the picture shows Catherine and her bridesmaids.  For those of you who “know” her from OT, my daughter Diana is the one all the way to the right with the champagne colored shoes." Gina Pulaski, CT

"I got all this at Walgreens for $1.88 after coupons and Register rewards.  Hurray.  The boxes of Skinny Cows were on sale for $2.99.  I had a Walgreens coupon for $2.00 off two, and a manufactor coupon  for $1.00.  This made them 99 cents a piece.  They are usually about $4.00.  The individual Skinny bars were 49 cents.  I had two BOGO coupons, so I paid $1.00 for 4 of them.  The Baby Ruth Candy bars were 49 cents on sale, and I had two 60 cents off coupons off 3 candy bars. I had some Register Rewards from Walgreens which brought all this down to under $2.00.  Retail this would of cost me $18 for all this candy.  BTW, I did not eat all the candy.  I gave much away as gifts." Dawn Hunt 
"I had so much fun today. Have been planning this all week. When I was looking at the coupons and sales and CVS circular.  I did five deals. 

First deal was DermaSilk Skin Perfect, sold for $29.99, after, c/o's, extra bucks, and beauty bucks, final out of pocket cost was $6.14 including tax. I had a savings of $23.85 on this deal plus I received a $5 extra buck.

Second deal was for Simple Skin Care Products.  Purchased 2 Simple 25 count cleansing wipes on sale for $4.39 each, 1 Simple Exfoliating wipes for $4.39, and 1 Simple Revitalizing Eye rollon for $10.79. After mfr c/o's, beauty bucks and extra bucks, my out of pocket was $5.47. I had a savings $20, plus I received $4 extra bucks.

Third deal was Simple Hydrating moisturizer,$10.79, with out of pocket of $3.63. Total savings was $7.80 plus I received a $4.00 extra buck 

Deal four I purchased 2 Purex laundry detergent for $5, 1 Gevalia Coffee for $6.99, with $1 mfr c/o, 10 Hershey candy bars were on sale buy 1 get one free. I had mfr c/o's for the Hershey bars for buy 2 get one free. My total out of pocket was 13.87 with savings of $19.80 Plus I received $1 extra buck

Deal five was for Suave products, purchased 2 Suave natural body shampoos @ 2 for $4, 3 Suave body wash at 2 for $3 and 2 Suave body lotions @ $3 each. Total savings for this deal was $21.16 out of pocket was $1.59 plus I received another $5 beauty bucks.

My total savings for this trip was $92.61, with out of pocket $30.47.  I also have $19.00 in extra bucks for my next shopping trip to CVS." Sandi A


"I was loving Rite Aid this week.  I had read on the chats that there was several money maker items using the in ad coupons.  I went to my local Rite Aid and did an order of the following -

Huggies Wipes 216 ct - $7.03
Playtex Sippy - $5.19
Playtex Sippy - $5.19
Revlon Nail Polish - $1.19
Revlon Nail Polish - $1.19
Revlon Nail Polish - $1.19
Revlon Nail Polish - $1.19
Prestige Mascara - $1.62
Prestige Mascara - $1.62
Total was $25.41 + $1.78 Tax
Used $27 in ad coupons
Total was .19 cents!!
Went a couple days later to do another round if stuff was still there and it was!
Playtex Sippy - $5.03
Playtex Sippy - $5.03
Revlon Nail Polish - $1.19
Revlon Nail Polish - $1.19
Revlon Nail Polish - $1.19
Revlon Nail Polish - $1.19
Prestige Mascara - $1.62
Riteaid Brand Trash Bags - $5.03
Twizzler - .59 cents 
Total was $22.06 + $1.52 tax
Used $23 in ad coupons
Total was .58 cents!!
I got $50.77 worth of stuff for only .77 cents!
My 2 year old was thrilled with the new sippies, especially Mickey Mouse ones!" Nicole Edwards
"In two days' trips to Kroger, I bought 30 boxes of Kellogg's cereal.
I used six of the $5/5 cpns that were available over the weekend.
I also had two $2 Mega Deals cpns  & a $2 Catalinia from last week. I got two $5 checks from my 123 Kroger Card today in the mail...perfect timing!  I also got 5 of the Keebler Dark Chocolate cookies for $.31.  We are so stocked on cereal...anybody got milk on sale???" Julie B
"Today the boys had the day off of school.  We had some running around to do.  We stopped at Walgreens first to check out the deal on Chapstick I saw on Refund Cents.  Usually by the time I get to the stores everything is gone but not this time.  Walgreens had Chapstick on sale for 99 cents a tube.  In their monthly coupon book there was a $1 off of 1 coupon.  This made the Chapstick FREE.  We got 36 tubes at the first store.  We left plenty in the store.  The boys and I were talking in the van that our church hosting an overnighter for about 150 teenage girls and they liked to give the girls goodies.  We decided to try another store and get some more.  Our goal was to get enough for 150 girls without wiping out any one store.  I also still had coupons for $1.50 off of 2 M&M/Mars Seasonal items.  In total, we bought 5 M&M’S single, 1 big bag of cherry M&M’s and 183 tubes of Chapstick.  For a grand total of $11.35 of which $10.41 was sales tax.  So 94 cents total price for all of it.  The boys keep saying how it almost seemed like we were stealing.  Thank you Refund Cents for helping us to have fun and help our church." Lynn Doss
"I got all 30 boxes of Green Giant vegetables boxes for $5.60 at my local Food Lion.  Food Lion was having their Big Deal Sale going on.  I noticed that they were on sale 10 for $10.00 and they were part of the Big Deal.  I found online coupons for $1.00 off of 3 so I ordered me 10 coupons.  So the deal went like this for me:
30 boxes of vegetables @ $1.49 comes to $41.70
mvp saving to make them $10 for 10 was   11.70
Big Deal savings of                                  15.00
10 coupons for $1.00 off is                        10.00
total for vegetables before tax is                  $5.00
a paid tax of                                               0.60
grand total for all is                                   $5.60
I saved a total of  $38.94 on this and we will have vegetables eat for a while.  My daughter Gina who is the picture with my saves loves broccoli so I got her some plain and with cheese." Susan Edmondson, NC 

"This tuna was completely FREE!! It normally in our local store sells for $1.69 a can . It was on sale for $1.00 a can with no limit. It just so happened I had $0.55 coupons for each can which doubled at the local grocery store!! Making it all FREE!! Not only was it a great deal for me but the kitty just thought it was a PURRFECT one too!!" Gina B, PA
 My Coupon Story

"I have always used coupons, just not very often. But when my boyfriend lost his job just after Christmas and my hours at work got cut in half I began to wish I had a stockpile to rely on.  I started out slow using a few coupons here and there. When I saw the savings I started asking my coworkers and neighbors for their extra inserts. I have also been writing to companies asking if they have mailing list for coupons. The results have been great. Many of the companies have sent me free item coupons or very high value coupons. Since we do not have a car I only shop once a month and take a short cab ride home. My trip today was the best trip to Walmart ever. I had been saving my free coupons and made a list for price matching. My haul included 5 bottles of tide, 2 bags of Beggin Strips, Aleve, 10 bottles of Kens Ranch Dressing, 2 8packs of Diet Coke, 2 24 packs of Sprite, 8 packs of hot dogs, cat litter, Marie Callenders frozen meal, 2 packs of Quilted Northern, a case of Duraflame logs, 2 Jack Daniels meats, 3 Glade warmers and a few other things. Before price matching and coupons my total was $307.67 (I almost cried since I had no where near that in the bank) and after coupons my total was $48.58. I will also be mailing in two rebates. I am finely getting a great stock pile. Many of my friends have asked how I do it, so within the coming weeks I will be having a couponing party, teaching my friends how to save. Pictured is my great boyfriend with some of today's loot. He is a great help, goes to the neighbors to collect their inserts and clips the coupons. He is still not back to work, but with the help of coupons and Refund Cents we are going to be okay till he does." Jennifer V., Henderson, NV  

"Today was a happy mail day. Today I received a $ 250 gift card from Harris Teeter. For Free!!! Well, kind of, I did ‘work’ for about 20 minutes on a sweepstakes entry but that’s a GREAT return on my time.
I was Harris Teeter’s week 1 winner on for their Facebook ‘Tell us why you love Harris Teeter’ contest. I filmed a 30 second video of myself and Jimmy (pictured with me) in front of their free cookie display. Talking about why I loved Harris Teeter wasn’t hard. They were, even before I won’t this awesome gift card, my favorite grocery store. They have free cookies and balloons for Jimmy, great produce and prepared foods, and offer awesome sales including double coupon events regularly.  
While ‘normal’ families may see a $250 gift card as being enough to purchase a couple of weeks worth of groceries, this gift card will last us much longer thanks to Harris Teeter’s super double coupon events and other sales.
My advice to others is ‘if you don’t enter, you won’t win.’ I think that too many people were dismissing the video opportunity because they either thought that they wouldn’t win or because they didn’t want to ‘embarrass’ themselves on facebook. Oh honey, it’s not THAT embarrassing to gush about a grocery store to my old high school friends and acquaintances; and my family is much better off with the $250 than me saving my little ego. Besides, people who know me really well expect this kind of thing from me, I’m a wild and crazy couponer. I asked Jimmy what he wanted to buy with it – BANANAS and CHEESE PUFFS. Ha!" Emily Adams
"I had a wonderful time at CVS today, thanks to RefundCents!
First I stopped at the big red CVS machine and scanned my CVS card twice.  On the second scan I received the $1 off any toothpaste coupon.  (I also received the $1 off any deodorant coupon, but we already have a two year stockpile of deodorant at my house.)
Next, I went to the toothpaste aisle and picked up a package of Colgate MaxClean toothpaste.  The regular price was $3.49 and it was on sale for $2.99. 
Then, I quickly picked up three containers of Puffs Plus with lotion tissues.  The regular price was $2.29 and they were on sale for .99.
At the cash register, I laid the Colgate toothpaste on the counter and showed my CVS card and gave the cashier my $1.00 coupon from the big red CVS machine.  My total price owed was $1.99 and I received the $2.49 ECB.
Next I added the three containers of Puffs tissues on the counter.  At our home, we are down to less than ten boxes of tissue in our stockpile, so I felt purchasing the Puffs was a good choice from the sale items at CVS.   (I don't like to save my ECB's at CVS because I forget to use them before they expire.)  I purchased three boxes of Puffs Plus for a total of $2.97 and then gave the cashier my $2.49 ECB.  This made my total price .48.
I left CVS with a tube of Colgate toothpaste and three containers of Puffs Plus tissues.  These are all items that we will use within the next two years.  I paid a total of $2.47 out of pocket. 
I am really trying to only purchase items that we will use and we need.  I do not want to be wasteful and not use the items that I purchase.  Plus we, like many others in the United States right now, are very tight on money.  I have a careful list of our huge stockpile in our home.  I have about two to three years stockpile of all items with good expire dates.
Because of all the great deals I learn about here on RefundCents we are able to have such a huge stockpile in our home.  I will probably also get more of the toothpaste and tissues at CVS this week.  I can always donate the toothpaste to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.  My sons school can always use donations of tissues, if we have enough in our home stockpile.
Thank you, RefundCents!" Bernetta Stewart, NV

Cover Contest Winner - May/June

Meijer Mania
"There was a wheelbarrow full of savings at Meijer this week! Thanks to help from God and the coupon database at Refund Cents I enjoyed a bounty of savings.
Meijer is a great place to shop and save if you remember the coupon policy. They frequently have good sales. Our Meijer doubles and allows manufacturer coupons to be used with their Meijer Mealbox coupons. I read Refund Cents daily and follow the wonderful deal alerts from  members.
This week’s deal was Buy 8 participating items, Get $8.00 off at the register. Many items were included in the sale. I chose the ones that we actually use for my first 3 trips. Living just 4 miles from Meijer does help!
To match Meijer’s sale prices with coupons for additional savings, I used the coupon database at Refund Cents. Being able to search for the coupons I need really saves time.
My second trip was exactly the same as the first. By the third trip, I discovered Velveeta Skillet Dinner coupons which were 75/1. Meijer will double so that equaled $1.00 and Meijer had Mealbox coupons .50/2 that they allowed to be used with the manufacturer coupon. Skillet Dinners were on sale for $1.99. Going into to the store I had coupons equaling $1.25 for each box, then the store subtracted the $1.00 in the B8G$8 sale.
For a total of 5 trips to Meijer during the week for the sale, spent $15.74 oop and bought 12 Crystal Light packages, 7 cans of Maxwell House Coffee, 7 Oscar Meyer Lunch Meats (2 slipped under the display items), 6 Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs, 6 Velveeta Skillet Dinners and 2 Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
Thank you to our DDIL Amanda, (pictured) whose idea it was to display the groceries in a wheelbarrow. 
Thanks Michelle and members of RC for all your help!" Janis Basham
Back Cover Contest Winner - May/June
A Sweet Deal for Our Sweet Liberty
"Wandering through Toys R Us looking for a good deal to use my reward dollars on, I spied a clearance sign under the boxes of TRU diapers.  It read $9.98.  I figured that's a pretty good price for a box of 82 diapers but then the deal got sweeter when I realized I had a coupon for $5.00 off TRU boxed diapers!  Being a store coupon I only needed the one in order for it to be applied to every box purchased.  I ended up with 11 boxes.   $109.78 was the clearance price total minus $55 in diaper coupons and $30 in rewards.  Subtotal came to $24.78 for 902 diapers!  At almost $0.03 per diaper Miss Liberty is happily showing them off here!" Brenda Krause
Inside Front Contest Winner - May/June
"I can’t say enough good things about ink recycling at Staples!  Because I am a Premier Member, our household is able to recycle 20 cartridges a month= $40/mo in Staples Rewards.  My husband’s biz recycles 10 x 2.00= $20/month.  By combining rewards and rebates, we are able to roll both to accumulate not only a large quantity of product, but cash as well!  I bought 9 Cross-Tech Shredders at $30 each, copy paper $5.49 ea, photo paper $9.99 ea, batteries $12.99…altogether more than $300 in product from Staples on this table only.  Every cent came back in rewards and rebates.  The only money out of pocket was the initial $99 for 500 cartridges off ebay.  My glasstop could not support the 8 reams of copy paper, colored paper, Kleenex, etc…My projected cash made at the end of the year is estimated between $800-1200.  It’s my goal to buy my very own (and first) laptop!  It’s not too late to start, this is just 4 months into the year.  Good luck!  PS My shirt in this pic was a $4 JCP Friday find!" Angie Finch, MI

"I think my nine-year-old daughter may be a “Deal Diva” in training. When we visit the local Mennonite Central Committee thrift store, her favorite spot to go is the front of the store where they have a large
basket of coupons, free for the taking to anyone who can use them. She also enjoys cutting coupons from the supplements in our weekend newspaper, but her most recent find wasn't a coupon, it was an actual product that she found on sale for two cents! We were shopping at Wal-
Mart for a birthday present for one of her friends—checking out the toys on clearance first, of course, when she found a package of Sonny with a Chance kids' cosmetic set hanging all alone on a rack. We knew the item was probably there because the TV show by that name was canceled several months ago, but we could not locate a price for it. We walked through the store until we found a price checking machine, and Paige put the item under its scanner. She was very excited to tell me that the price came up as “two cents.” I was skeptical, thinking it wouldn't pay the store to move the item to the clearance
section and have to enter the new price into the computer system for the very minimal cost of two cents. But, sure enough, when I checked it myself, the read-out said $.02! At that price, we were both sorry that the package we'd found was the last one on the rack, but Paige was thrilled to have discovered such a bargain—and at that price how could I not let her get it?! So both she and her friend having a birthday made out okay that day—and I did, too, because Paige's two- cent find instilled in her a desire to find more great deals, so, now, when we go shopping, there are four eyes, rather than just two— on the lookout for super bargains!" Carol Smith

Football Cake

"My husband turned "60" and with my coupon savings I bought Betty Crocker Carrot Cake and Cream cheese frosting and cut out a football since his birthday was SuperBowl Sunday. I had 15 people come to party.  A sheet cake would have cost around $20 - $30.  The box mix was on sale for .99 and icing sale for 1.25 and used a .75 coupon which was doubled making my total price of cake .74.  I bought Eggland eggs which I needed 3 to make cake.  Eggs on sale for $1.88 and I used .55 coupon doubled to $1.10 so each egg was only .06 each so for around $1 total I made cake for party savings of $19.00.............'" Marie Kunz

"Here’s a picture of  one of my employees, Rachel and her daughter, Lakyn.  When Rachel came to work for us two months ago, she just couldn’t see how those little pieces of paper resulted in much savings.   She had tried and couldn’t see how the 25 cent and 50 cent coupons were doing much for her and seemed like more bother than it was worth.   She started watching us and decided she’d like to get in on some of our deals.  I’m proud to say that the student has become the teacher.   Rachel came to me this morning and said here is my shopping list for the double coupons at our No Frills store.  I must admit, I was pretty impressed because what she’s displaying she paid $5.36 for.
She reveled in her accomplishments all afternoon and she now sees how those little pieces of paper can be a big benefit to her young family.   She remarked that she just didn’t know how they even bought groceries before, let alone how they could pay as much as they did.   It’s been a joy to help her and teach her some ways to stretch her budget.  I’ve learned that the enthusiasm is catching and through her eyes, refunding has brought a new joy to me too.   It’s not because I’m a good teacher, she’s just a good student.  Looks like I better pay close attention, because at the end of the day she announced that she would be sending for a $3.00 rebate for purchasing $6.00 worth of chocolate, courtesy of Sutter Home.  Now that’s really thinking outside the box." Vickie Kuhlmann Herman, NE