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"Total before discounts and coupons = $157.23. Paid out of pocket = $15.93! That's a savings of almost 90%! And that is without super doubles or triples! My local Meijer and Kroger double up to 50¢.The Chex Mix was free after coupons. The Purina was free with $4.00 internet printed coupon. Meow Mix was $1.34 after coupon and sale. The other 5 Purina's were 9¢ each because someone had left $2/1 coupons on the shelf and they were only $2.09! The Dora yogurt that my baby girl is holding was on sale for $2.00 and I had a bricks IP coupon for $1.50 off . Progresso was 24¢ after sale and $1.10 IP coupon. 2 loaves bread on sale for $1.25 each and 2 loaves that were on clearance for $1.13 and $1.34. One is a sourdough round loaf, I'm going to open it up and put the soup in it for a soup-in-a-bread-bowl dinner! Dinner for 4 = $1.37! Then I went to Kroger who had the buy 10 get $5 off your order promo. 8 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch were 6¢ a box after using 8 .50/1 coupons doubled, the $5 promo and a $2/5 catalina I had. I also got the Quaker Oats for 25¢ after coupon, 6 boxes Edwards pie slices for $3.00, 3 Silky Touch razors FREE, 2 Tylenol FREE + $1.00 proft because I had 2 $2 coupons and a $1 catalina and my Kroger lets me use both, and the batteries were $1.50 each but I'll send the UPC's in for a free color wonder set. I love couponing!!!" - Jennifer F.

"Here's a picture of the free and cheap items I was able to get at Meijer a few weeks ago.  The Jello was a moneymaker.  There was a coupon on the Meijer mealbox website for $1.50 off 2 Jello.  Meijer had Jello on sale for $0.50 a box.  I bought three at a time, scanned the mealbox coupon, and paid nothing.  When I finished the order a $2 OYNO (on your next order) catalina coupon printed. So, for every 3 jello boxes I made a $2 profit.  There were also coupons on the Velveeta boxes, and they also gave you a $2 OYNO catalina coupon. I would buy 4 at a time, scan 2 coupons ($2/2), scan a $2 OYNO cat from the jello, and pay $0.67 and get another $2 OYNO cat. The taco bell sauce was on sale for $1.09 and there was a mealbox coupon for $1.50 off any Taco bell salsa or dinner kit.  I made a $0.41 profit on each one I bought.  I also had several free Good Bites dog treat coupons to redeem so I threw those in and used some of the overage and catalina coupons to cover the tax on those.  I don't know how much I paid out of pocket but it wasn't very much and I have over 120 boxes of Jello, 30 bottles of Taco Bell Sauce, lots of dog treats, and tons of Velveeta.  I had so many of the $2 catalinas that I was able to buy a food dehydrator (we've been wanting one for a long time), meat to last us several weeks, and some other groceries we needed.  Thanks to everyone who posted about the deal! And to my cousin and fellow RC-er Alicia, IN who sent me the Meijer mealbox taco bell sauce coupon after they pulled it!!" Dana Schrader

"I’m a relative newbie to RefundCents (my subscription is about a month old), but I’m a quick study! It’s sort of funny, my mom was a huge rebate fanatic when I was growing up in the 80’s. She used to embarrass me by asking friends and neighbors for their UPC’s (anyone remember all of the detergent rebates?) and was known to “dumpster dive” if she saw something she needed for a rebate. Anyway, back then she subscribed to a little magazine called “Refunding Makes Cents”. As time passed, it became harder for her to rebate and her interest in the hobby waned. Everyone knows the old adage about history repeating itself, so it should come as no surprise that 20 years later I became interested in couponing. After several conversations with a neighbor, Sandy A., I became so impressed by her stockpile that I had to know more and specifically, how to create my own stockpile! She gave me your url and you can imagine my surprise when I found myself, 20 years later, subscribing to your publication! Needless to say, my mother is EXTREMELY proud and more than happy to help store my excess stockpile in her basement! If you ever decide to do a feature on couponing as a family heritage, we’d be honored to be featured. 

I started slowly. Trying to match up a good sale ad with an equally good coupon. While I was shopping at Wal-Mart, I ran into a thoughtful shopper who explained their price matching policy and then kindly shared her ad with me. I walked home with a case of soup for $6, Cheerios for $2.50 a box instead of $3.99 and BOGO Tyson chicken breasts, both price matched from her ads. I thought to myself, hey, I could make this work to my advantage! I still had a lot to learn though.  

So what have I learned in one month? Simple. Never pay full price for ANYTHING! Even the stores you believe are over priced can become a treasure trove if you search hard enough. Case in point: Pamida. I have long since sworn off shopping there because of their high prices and poor selection. However, shortly after I bought my RC subscription and had about one month of coupons collected and clipped, I learned of their Double Coupon event ($1.00 coupons included). Luckily I went on a Saturday. I would not have normally known this is when they offer an additional 50% off clearance. I brought home nearly $600 worth of merchandise that day for less than $40. I have since learned they are offering this about the third week of each month. And, in the last two weeks, they have put up signs that they are price matching ANY competitor’s ad. I went back yesterday to test them with the price matching combined with double coupons. As not to overwhelm them, I started with a small order. I left victorious with $40 of product for $1.12! For less than the cost of a soda, I took home the following: two boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, four full-size tubes of Colgate toothpaste, two Colgate child’s toothpastes, two boxes of Luzianne Tea Bags, two boxes of Kleenex Tissues with lotion, two 18oz packages of Quaker Oats and one package of Cottonelle wipes.  It can be done!!! 

The generosity of your members abounds. Second case in point: Meijer. When I read about the free Jell-O, free taco shells and Catalinas on Kraft macaroni and cheese, it was simply too enticing. I wanted in on that action; to see if my skills would match those of the well seasoned couponers. But unfortunately, the coupons to deliver the deal were no longer active on the company’s website. I posted my first chat on Centsible Chat to see if someone would be willing to help. Within hours, I met Darci T. who generously offered to email me the coupon. I accepted and within a few days had nearly 100 boxes of Jell-O, 60+ boxes of Kraft Shells and Cheese and more than 30 boxes of taco shells gracing my shelves! More than one person really needs, but with five siblings and nine nieces and nephews, I have plenty of people to share with. Heck, I donated 160 taco shells to my children’s small parochial school where they enjoyed a “free” taco day recently! 

And my story would be incomplete if I did not mention Kroger. I am a regular Kroger shopper, but now I am a much more savvy one. Not only have I benefitted from the recent Mega Deal in Ohio, but, many in my family have as well. Never again will I pay $4 for a box of cereal! To think of all the money I have wasted….. 

to say, when it comes to coupons, I am hooked. It is so much fun to score big and walk away with a trunk full of household items for next to nothing. Which reminds me, I have a message for the veteran couponers: Please do not take common coupon deals for granted. I was fortunate enough to read a chat post about two weeks ago in which another subscriber jokingly posted something like “Here’s a deal on free toilet paper – as if any of us needs any more free toilet paper”. I’m so glad she posted this tip (.99 paper at Kroger combined with a .50 coupon that doubled = .01 profit) because I didn’t have ANY FREE TOILET PAPER!! Thanks to her post, my mom and I now have about 20 packages of free toilet paper EACH!!

First Meijer Deal - I paid $5.70 for more than $107.60 worth of Jell-O, macaroni and cheese and taco shells pictured.

First Kroger Mega Deal – I paid $22.91 for $223.71 in major pantry staples such as brand name cereal, evaporated milk, oatmeal, cookies, chocolate chips, etc.

Back for round two: Meijer and Mega Deal combined - $309.46 worth of product for $33.68 (178 items total)

Pamida: Price Match + Double Coupons =  $1.12 out of pocket expense for $40.96 in merchandise.

Kroger + Target Deals -  13.32 for 62.94 in merchandise 

The five photos combine for a grand total of $744.67 in merchandise for a mere $76.73. And these are not even my best deals – I don’t have photos of them, but I did get $587.94 worth of merchandise at Pamida for $23.16 the first time I combined their sales plus double coupons in October and did about the same at Kmart during their doubling $2.00 coupon event. That means in one month’s time, thanks to my friends at RC, I have been able to purchase more than $2,000.00 in necessary food and household items for $106.01. That is a savings of 95%!!!" - Diana Day

"Our Dillon's only doubles to .50 so Mom got:

15 Betty Crocker cookie Mixes for $0.50 each
4 boxes of Quaker Oatmeal for $0.50 each
11 boxes of Betty Crocker Muffin mix for $1.10 each Daddy’s favorite. 
Mom also got 1 tub of Betty Crocker Frosting for $0.14
19 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal for $0.50 each
1 tube of Crest sensitive tooth paste for 2.69,
4 cans of pineapples $0.50 each
2 boxes of Mac& Cheese $0.50 each
2 Daisy Sour Cream $0.50 each
12 cans of Carnation cooking milk for free
12 Swiss Miss hot cocoas, for free
1 swiffer wet jet free after rebate
1 swiffer duster free
2 Duncan Hines frostings for free
2 hamburger helpers for free
1 box of Trix cereal they paid mom 1.05 
2 boxes of Cheerios they paid mom $0.50 each to take them.
Total OOP after rebates 39.47 total savings 222.22 after rebates savings of 86%
WOW what a great deal!"
Lilly Age 5 ½ months
Anna R, KS (Mom)

A Cereal Castle 
"Lately, our church’s food pantry has been pretty bare. Each week, the church provides a list of the items it needs the most in the bulletin. Cereal and toilet paper are always items on the list. Fry’s ran a Breakfast Mix and Match sale. When you purchased 6 items, you received $3 off your order. When deals like this come along, I know it is time to call in the troops. I gathered all my coupons, my Mom, my sister Amanda and her friend Kami. My son Jayson and daughter Emery (in the picture) also tagged along for the fun. We split up the coupons and went in for the attack. I am sure we looked pretty funny as our row of shopping cars followed each other to the deal. We had a pretty good system set up. We loaded up the cereal, headed over to check out, and the person who made it thorough the line last had to take the cereal out to the car while the other three carts headed back to the cereal isle. We each did multiple orders to accumulate all of the items in the pictures. Each order consisted of 6 boxes of cereal totaling $9. When the order was totaled, $3 came off. After the coupons ($1/2 Life and Captain Crunch cereals) the final cost OOP: $3. The Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal was free after the 50 cents coupon doubled. To sweeten the deal, the Cottonelle toilet paper was 99 cents with a 50-cent coupon that doubled. Free toilet paper! Bounty Basic paper towels were 88 cents with 25-cent coupons that doubled, making each roll 13 cents. Another great find! Finally, we stopped by Albertsons on the way home and using a rain check for $1 from a previous week, we were able to pick up the Scott toilet paper with coupons, making them free as well. I can’t believe at the end of this shopping trip, the kids were still smiling. Jayson and Emery thought we were building a castle out of all of the items. They would grab items out of the grocery bags and help us line them up. They insisted the “castle” wasn’t big enough. Sometimes, we get together this way to shop for deals for ourselves, but it was a great feeling to all work together, knowing it was for someone else. The next Sunday, we piled all of these items into the car and headed to church.  Refund Cents has saved my family so much money. It was a great experience to be able to share the savings with someone else." Angela S.

"I went to the Kroger Mega Sale yesterday. Hubby helped to check out one order of 30 items, and I had two different orders, one with 30, and then went back in to do another order with 20 items. They were out of the Tylenol & Shout, so I had to re-figure my orders, which took awhile, but still did pretty good. I ended up with $178.50 worth of groceries and only had to pay $31.05. And this also included some extras I needed, such a hamburger meat, milk, salad mix, hot dog buns, and a loaf of bread. I ended up with these, plus 16 pkgs of BC cookies, 12 pkgs of BC potatoes,3 Crisco oil, 24 cans of Carnation milk, 4 Dial liq soap, 6   5lb. bags of sugar, 3 Quaker oats, 1 Welchs grape juice, 6 bags of Nestles choc chips, 4 Eagle Brand milk ,  and 1 Pledge, plus had free coupons from Kroger for the following: frozen bag of blackberries, box of small tomatoes, and Oscar Mayer hotdogs. I had already put the blackberries and hotdogs in the freezer, so they did not make it into the pix.  It took close to 2 hours to shop & check out, but was worth it."
  Larie Chandler/Ky

"My heart will always belong to CVS...However for the first week of November, I had the time of my life at Jewel. I regularly get 10-20 newspapers every week ($1 each my local Menards and Dollar Tree) and do very well at stockpiling health and beauty aids, but in the LOND, I very rarely score free food.  I was once again able to justify this expenditure when I picked up my Sunday paper on Saturday evening (lucky me). I noticed they were featuring General Mills and Unilever products as part of a deal offering $15 to spend on your next order when you purchased $30 in qualifying items.  This automatically resulted in some really great deals with coupons, but I was soon to learn that the deal was even sweeter. 

I had joined the Illinois Good Deal Loop (IGDL) several months ago, after seeing other mentions of state loops on RC.  I checked out the link Michelle has posted and signed up.  The wonderful posters there alerted us to the fact that each item had two sale prices.  The first price was the sale with the Jewel Preferred Savings Card, and what I would ultimately pay for each item before coupons.  But the best part was that the $30 was based on the sale prices without the Preferred card..  You would automatically pay less than the $30 even without coupons, and still get the $15 in Catalina coupons. There were several items such as Green Giant small boxes, were a moneymaker, Betty crocker cake mixes were free, and ALL liquid laundry detergent was dirt cheap.

GG w/out the Preferred Card was $2.30, but after scanning the card they were 10/$10.  I only had to buy 14 to total $32.20, but paid $14 and got $15 in the form on 3 $5 coupons good on my next order.  Betty Crocker Cake mix was $2 before the preferred card and I paid $15 get 15 boxes and still got the $5 coupons.  All was only $6.33 for 5 bottles after the preferred savings and the $15 coupons.  Using coupons brought these prices down even more, and they quickly became profitable to purchase.  The deal was stackable 2 times, so getting $60 would result in getting 6 $5 coupons and the registers did not restrict rolling, so I was able to use those to pay. I started by paying $13.92 and a $10 catalina. (From the Con Agra Catalina deal which was and still is, at the moment I write this, is going on simultaneously - but that's another story and picture, lol!)  Each transaction ranged from $.23 - $34.34 (when I didn't get my $30 in Catalinas on the prior order).

My biggest money maker was Progresso broth which I had $1/1 coupons for.  The price was 6/$16 so 12 would put me over the $30 mark.  The Preferred price was 6/$10, so I paid just $8 after preferred savings and manufacturer coupons and $15 would print out.  I immediately went to my usual coupon resources for times like these.  I ordered 120 of broth from the store and coupons to match.

Over the week, I hit 3 stores and did 43 transactions, and another 3 days to unpack, tally, and come down from my shopper's high.  I paid $185.88 out of pocket, saved $2785.07.  The sweetest part, my returns gave me back $85 to use on my next orders.  Thanks and Happy shopping" Amanda Jasinski, IL
(Read Amanda's complete story in the Jan/Feb issue of Refund Cents.)

"This is my daughter with just one of our Kmart trips we took last week. We went 3 times and got almost $1000.00 worth for about $75.00 out of pocket. I purchased a Sears giftcard for $50.00 at Giant Eagle first with my Giant Eagle credit card which gave me $.24 off my gas and $5.00 off my next shopping order at Giant Eagle. Then I used that card at Kmart for an even better deal!" Annette

As I put things away from my recent shopping trip I overheard this little conversation:
"I think she's on to us."
"Why, why do you say that?"
"I think she knows we don't plan to potty train anytime soon."
"Oh I don't think so, we keep her pretty tired. Does she think?"
"She's just being nice and giving us some of those big blocks to stack again."
"Can you reach that purple one or should I get it?"
"Well, if we work together we could just take care of them all..."
"Yeah, you're right. You're always right. Is that because you came first?"
"Nah, just because I'm smart enough to know I am NOT using that potty thing like the big kids, till I'm like, at least 4, yeah 4. Did you know it eats your poop?"!
"Wow! No- thanks for the heads up. I'll wait till I'm 4 too then."
"Good thing we've got such a smart Mom to buy all these diapers all the time then."
"Yeah, no kidding she's the best, she signed up for Refund Cents and now shops in bulk!":) - M. Ashland

"My cat Frankie and my daughter Holly are enjoying all the almost free things we got at KMart. We saved over $100 dollars and spent less than $20! We love Refund Cents!" Shirley Smith, St Augustine, FL

"On this day I made two trips, one to Walgreens and one to Target.  The Target items are on the left and the Walgreens items are on the right in the picture.  Some items are missing in the Wags picture.  First I went to Walgreens and purchased the 6 hour energy shot which was FAR, Scrubbing bubbles gel for $4.49 had a $2 coupon and received $1.50 Easy Saver Rebate, 4 Glade plugins which were free after coupons and Easy Saver Rebate, 3 Robitussin for $3.99 using 3 $2 coupons and getting a $10 RR, 2 Pert shampoos which were free after coupons, Chemistry shampoo for $9.99 which was FAR, 1 pack of Quilted Northern for $2 after $2 coupon and Wags coupon, Arm and Hammer laundry detergent for $2.99 which was $1.99 after Easy Saver Rebate, 2 cans of Wags peanuts, and chapstick for $2.99 that I will get a TMF rebate on.  I also used a $5 off $25 purchase and my total was $31.81.  After all was said and done this trip cost me about $2.34.  Not a bad deal.  Then my trip to Target I bought 6 Johnson's Buddies soap for .97 each using 2 $3 off 3 coupons making a profit of .18, then I bought some Cascade 2 in 1 dishwasher tabs for $3.69 before a .50 coupon (not a great deal but I needed some), next I got some Purina cat treats for .94 using a $1 coupon making a profit of .06.  The last item is a fire truck bookcase for my son's room.  I found it on clearance for $39.98 which was 50% off.  I wanted to buy it awhile back but it was too much.  I was very excited to stumble upon it. I couldn't get my kids to sit still to take a picture so my cats had to do.  They were both very interested in the treats." Jessica Sloan, MN

"Here's a picture of my sons, Jon and Jae, trying to make a surprise getaway with my Powerade Deal!  The real "steal" was the deal I got at Kroger!  Using the $5 instant reward for buying 10 (three times), combined with 6 $1/3 coupons (tearpad at Walgreens), 1 free coupon (Coke Rewards) and 2 B10G5 coupons (hang tag at Publix a while back... I wasn't able to use them all at Publix since every third bottle had a tag!!!), I was able to buy 30 bottles and I got paid $2!! The Nortons

I bought $292.02 worth of stuff
and paid $63.48
For a Savings of $228.54 !!!

Total before coupons $170.44
OOP after coupons $49.59

Savings of $120.85!!

Total before coupons $ 193.85
OOP $ 34.49
savings of $ 159.36
tax: $ 14.35

"Kmart had super doubles the first week of October (10/1 to 10/5) and I happily partook of it twice in that week even if I did have to drive one hour each way to do so. It was worth it. They were doubling coupons $2.00 and under with a limit of 4 like coupons and 75 coupons per customer pre day. In my opinion, Kmart is a little pricey on many things but I still found some deals. Here are my three trips."
Laura Williams

"Mommy and I did a lot of shopping this week @ Walgreens. We got 12 St. Ives Elements, 22 bottles of Pert Plus, 2 bottles of Infant Tylenol, 2 Nutra Air Freshmatics,1 L'Oreal cleanser,1 energy drink, 10 cans of Pringles, 4 jars of peanuts, 1 Fusion Razor, 1 Venus razor, 2 Lysol toilet cleaners, 6 Alka-Seltzer cold, 3 boxes of paperclips, 1 protractor, 1 pack of note cards, 1 bottle of Nivea body wash for Daddy, 1 tube of lip lipslick  and 7 packs of wrapping paper.  Total value $350.88. Mom paid $77.49 and expects to get rebates back of $28.95 so total OOP will be $48.05 and $20.56 of that is tax.  I love it when Mom brings home good deals like these.  It makes Daddy very happy! Thanks" Lilly age 5 months, Annie R.-- Mommy

"Mommy and I did the 2/$2.98 diaper deal on the way to the doctor's offices for our well baby appointments. We went to 4 different Walgreens and picked up 42 packs of diapers. It was so easy Mommy just filled up the cart with diapers, showed the cashier the coupons. They typed them in and gave them back to her. Mommy only paid a little over $65 for all these diapers. I hope they last until I am done with potty training. Mommy's Little Sweetheart, Lilly"

"I do not have access to loads of inserts every week.  I purchase 2-4 papers each week, and a relative gives me another set, so my max is usually 5.  My local stores only double one like up to $1 now (so a $0.75/1 becomes $1 off total), so it has been getting harder and harder to do great deals with limited numbers of coupons.  Add to that three children 6 and under that accompany me on my shopping, and you would be correct in assuming I don't usually do multiple trips a week or multiple times through the checkout!  However, in good news, a brand new Walgreens just opened a couple miles from our home, and thus far they have been extremely friendly with coupons.  I wanted to share a fabulous trip (for us) with limited coupons and limited time! 
First of all, the new Walgreens sent out flyers with a $25 GC with a prescription transfer.  My oldest son is on several medications for eczema, so I picked one out with a refill to transfer on over.  The new pharmacy staff there was so friendly; it was a great experience in and of itself.  On picking up the prescription, we were given for free three coloring books (I had my 3 children with me) and a red Walgreens water bottle filled with little goodies.  In the bottle was a package of crayons, a purse pack of facial tissue, a Walgreens brand hand sanitizer spray, a Chapstick, a sample size hand lotion, a weekly pill container and a magnet with the pharmacy hours and phone number.  Woohoo, what a nice surprise!
Now armed with my $25 GC I was ready to collect some deals I had read about on Centsible chat.  I had been in a few times prior this month, but had never gotten any Pert as they were always out.  This time I scored 3 bottles and had three of the $1.50/1 coupons to combine with my $2.50/1 ESC from the booklet (leaving one on the shelf for someone else!).  So already it was a good trip as I knew I would have overage on those as they were $3.49 and the total of the coupons on each bottle was $4 off.  I went and grabbed three of the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush TP for $4 each, because a family of 5 can always use more TP.  I had 3 insert coupons of $1 off each package to combine with the $1 off each from the ESC.  I then went and got two of the St. Ives Elements, which I knew had a $5 RR right now.  They were $4.99 and I had a B1G1, so ended up with 2 free St. Ives.  DH had been hinting about me not finding any gum deals lately and he was out, so I found the Orbit gum packages on sale for 3 packages for $2 right now.  I didn't have coupons on those but was doing so well that didn't bother me ... much at least.  LOL.
When all was said and done I had 18 double rolls of TP, 2 St. Ives, 3 packages of gum and 3 Pert and paid $8.97 OOP ($2.51 of it tax) ... and used my free GC from the prescription for that.  My "total savings" per the receipt was $41.23.  And I received a $5 RR from the St. Ives for the next deal. 
The most I had of any coupon was three copies.  Even people with few inserts and little time can get fantastic deals by planning and reading up beforehand!  The photo shows our loot and two of my three children posing happily right before breaking out the crayons and starting to color in their new coloring books."  Tanya F. in CA

"My OVER THE HILL Gift Basket ~  My family went to a birthday party yesterday. The person was turning 48 and a good sport. So I made a gift basket and included:
3) Benefiber sticks 18pks (WG RR deal)
4) pain patches (CVS ECB deal of past)
1 ) artheritis patches (CVS current ECB deal)
2) vitamins (CVS and Publix freebies)
3) Excedrin Artheritis (trail size freebies)
2) BC powder (CVS ECB deal of past)

It all went in a plastic bin I got at CVS 90% off so $.10. I wrapped it in mesh touling. All in all, it was about $40 or so worth of stuff (but of course my net cost was a profit). Everyone at the party thought it was a hoot! The birthday boy was really eying the pain patches since he has a bad back."
~Maryjane S. of SW FL

"I have been to KMart 3 times... more stuff than this I got, but already put it away. I got $550 worth the first trip for $46. Don't forget to use those KMart Beauty books in the front of the store." Amy Thomas

"This was an awesome deal I didn't know I was going to get. I went to Food Lion with the plan of getting the Sierra Mist that was on sale buy 5, get them for .79 each. I had some coupons for B1G1F and 1/.55 a 2 liter. When we got in the store, I went for the drinks and sent my son to find more coupons. We did 2 transactions. On the first, we did five 2 liters and the little 6 packs of Halloween Cream Soda. We scanned five .55 coupons and two of the B1G1F, which took off $1.59. At the end, they owed me .10. Second transaction: same deal. I was so excited I rushed home to tell my husband. If only all grocery bills could be this low! My little girl Natalie is waiting to drink it all up." Yvonne Byrd

"When I found out from my friend (Lindsay Auran, another RMC member) that our Kmart was honoring the double coupons, I screamed and jumped up and down!! I was so excited! I live about 10 miles from town so I went home and planned my strategy carefully. I gathered my coupons, printed off lists that other people had posted (including Lindsay's examples) and planned! Then my mother in law called and asked if my girls (ages 5 and 7) would like to spend the night at her house! Oh yeah!! Shopping ALONE! What a rare and glorious treat! So I dropped off the girls, kissed them good bye and RAN to Kmart! I walked in and went to the service desk and asked if our store was indeed honoring double coupons and I was told 'Yes! Just mention it when you check out'. OH YEAH! I spent 2 1/2 fantastic hours wandering the aisles. When I was ready to check out, I had a very sweet lady who was so pleasant to check me out. She didn't know about the double coupons and asked the front end person about them. She was told 'Yes, double the coupons'. Betty, the cashier, was just amazed by the coupons (we get awful coupons here in ND, I traded for most of them) and was having so much fun scanning them and watching the total go down, down down. I 'complicated' things a bit by throwing in a $10 gift card and at the end, I bought $116 worth of stuff for....... drum roll...... $10.45!! That INCLUDES the $10 gift card so I only paid .45 for everything! I was as excited as I could possibly be, I could have cried from happiness! Here is a picture of my goodies. My dog, Cooper, wanted to be in the picture too."
Michele Goldade  Minot, ND

"Here is my 4 year old son loving the idea that I got 50 bottles of Nesquik chocolate milk and 11 boxes of tea for free excluding tax.  We got many other good deals on our shopping trip but this is what we were most excited about.  I just want to thank Refund Cents and Christy H, and my girls at work for helping find and get the good deals." Denise L., IL

Treats for Cats & Humans
"I want to introduce you to our cat, Montana.  Our little one has feline leukemia.  Her brother died and she is left by herself as the veterinarian told us not to have any other cat without the condition around her.  She seems to fend well for herself.  She is a good mouser and lovable little cat.  Kate and our son found the two little ones just before they married in the summer of 2005.  Our last cat had died and they knew we wanted another one.  Kate is a cat lover herself and has two at her house.  Kate was volunteered for this picture with my good deals and promptly rewarded. I love getting cat and dog food and treats for free and this time was lucky to get Sara Lee Bread for free also.  I have shared the treats with Kate so she has some for her two cats also.  I have a few months of free cat food and that is pretty good for me.  I have enough treats to last longer.  I have tried to take advantage of any of the free cat and dog food as our cat and dog are not particularly fussy about what they eat.  Although since eating the more expensive type they do not like store brand.  I guess in that respect they are a lot like us humans! Also I ran across L’Oreal hair products B1G1F and I had two coupons that were B1G1F so I ended up with two shampoos and conditioners for free.  It is so nice to try the new products for free and they smell so nice nowadays.  They also promise to make your hair look wonderful; what more could you ask for? I want to thank my wonderful traders who always send me the best coupons.  I also wanted to show you that every little bit helps with refunding and couponing.  You don’t always know when these deals might come up so it is best to be prepared and be ready for last minute deals you see.  If an item is for free and you will use it then make sure it is on your coupon list and let those traders know you can use it as they will pass it on if they don’t need it. Also, share what you receive since what comes around, goes around.  Kate and Montana are both happy as am I." Kathleen Mincks, WA

Kmart Double The Fun!
"I kept reading about this Kmart and that Kmart doing double coupons on chat and skipping the posts thinking it doesn’t apply to my store and kept reading. Then…someone posted that every store should be  participating. After phoning to be sure it was true!! I used a list posted on Refund Cents to give me ideas on what coupons to use and started pulling all high value coupons out of my box (like $1.00, 1.50 and 2.00 coupons). Since we moved this summer I had not been to a Kmart, around us, but passed one by accident, so this is how I knew there was a Kmart near me. I didn’t know the layout of the store or anything, but I knew the potential I had with the coupons I pulled out, so off I went having only an hour to get in and out! I remember reading on Chat about a Kmart beauty book with high value coupons in it and was amazed to find them in several places throughout the store, like in the jewelry department, and health and beauty section.  On my first trip  I saved $103.80 and paid $43.62. After I got home I realized I had not given the cashier $12 worth of coupons!! I was horrified that I overpaid, but chaulked it up to my “first time” and decided to plan trip #2.  I read more about Kmart on Chat and came up with a few more ideas, some coupons to match with sale items etc. I was determined to do better. After slowly scanning each aisle as not to miss any deals I saw that Kmart had Delmonte fruit cups on sale for 1..00 each, I remembered having coupons for these so I dug in my box and came up with $1 off 2 coupons for these, after doubling they should be free. So up to the cash with coupons in hand (recommending to those in line around me to go ahead as I have a lot of coupons!). This time I saved $134.64 and paid only $23.20 OOP! Woohoo, I am getting the hang of this! After going over my receipt (it helps me to go over my receipt and write down exactly what I paid per item so that I can fully appreciate my savings), I realized the Del Monte coupons did not double. This seems to be a pattern with coupons that say save $1 on 2. Still .50 per pack for 6 cups of fruit isn’t that bad, and the trip was so much fun! So, on to trip #3. This time I realized that the October All You magazine had some coupons I needed to use. There was the $2 coupon on the new Ziploc vacuum starter kit and then the $1 coupon on the special bags that go with it. The starter kit was $3.99 so free after the coupon. Just walking around the store I realized that there were some on-shelf coupons I could use too. Above the Sally Hansen nail section there were $1 coupons on any Sally Hansen nail tool, so after doubling that equaled free tweezers. On the third trip I saved $106.94 and spent $27.36 (on this trip I had to throw in some children’s motrin and a couple other things we really needed).  This is basically what it came down to: $449.56 in value less $104.18 OOP=$345.38 in coupon savings!! I was so impressed I made sure to fill out the online survey and mention how great I thought the double coupon events were! Here are photos of the loot  with my daughter Maria just pleased as can be to be photographed! Some of the items I ended up with were Dove Shampoo and Conditioner, Aussie stylers and Shampoo and Conditioner, Good Bites dog treats, Renuzit, Glade candles, Tylenol pm, Advil pm, Sally Hansen tweezers, Revlon emery boards, Zest bar soap, Del Monte fruit cups, Celestial seasonings tea, Easy Mac, Ziploc bags, Dawn, Palmolive, Resolve, Glade carpet, Comfort 3 razors, Gillette shampoo, Vaseline mens lotion, Purez, Gain softener, bic lighter, sure, trident gum, snickers, 3 musketeers, Kids bandaids, and more! I plan on bringing some of it to share with some special sisters, and friends at our annual women’s retreat in November. I hope you all get in on the Kmart double fun and that Kmart continues it!" Teresa Davis, Bradford,MA

"These are the deals I got at Target today.  Everything was on clearance.  I had a coupon for almost everything as well!  (I couldn't find my Extra gum coupon though.  I had already used it!).  Juice Juice clearanced plus coupon. Archers Farm juice clearanced plus Target printable coupon. Werthers and Dove chocolates clearanced plus printable coupons. Johnson buddies FREE with the $3.00 off any 3 purchase. Extra gum clearanced.  Just for the three Juicy Juice at regular price would have cost $10.00.   I bought all of this for $7.00.  Awesome deal!!" Jill Kirk

"The first day of goodies from Walgreens for NO money out of pocket! This first day actually ended with Walgreen's OWING ME money for the rebate from the M & M's and Rimmel Foundation.  The picture is of my daughter Isabella.
I had SO much fun rolling the St Ives Face Wash, Alka Seltzer, Benefiber and Gillette Fusion RR's over and over again! 
The St Ives Face Wash was on sale for $4.99 each. When you bought one an RR would print for $5.00 off your next purchase. What made this deal EVEN BETTER was Walgreens had coupons in the Beauty Section for $2.00 off the St Ives Face Wash. $2.01 OVERAGE EACH TIME! 
Alka Seltzer was on sale for $4.99 each. When you bought one an RR would print for $5.00 off your next purchase. $0.01 OVERAGE EACH TIME! (A penny in this day & time adds up!) 
Benefiber Sticks were $7.99 each, a $5.00 coupon off each was in the Easy Saver book, a $2.00 coupon was in the Sunday Paper. These ended up being $0.99 each. When you bought three, an RR would print for $8.00 off your next purchase. $5.03 OVERAGE EACH TIME YOU BOUGHT THREE! 
Gillette Fusion Power Razors were on sale for $8.99 each, there was a $4.00 coupon in the Sunday Paper. These ended up being $4.99 after the coupon. When you bought one an RR would print out for $4.00 off your next purchase. FREE! 
Also, this week they had Pert Plus Shampoo on Sale for $3.49, a $2.50 coupon off each was in the Easy Saver book, a $2.00 coupon was in the Sunday Paper. $1.01 OVERAGE EACH TIME! 
My final count after rolling the RR's over and over again was 16 St Ives Face Wash, 13 Alka Seltzer, 3 Gillette Fusion Razors, 6 Benefiber, 2 Pert Plus, 4 M & M Fun Size, 1 Reese Fun Size, 1 Rimmel Foundation ($1.00 OVERAGE after Rebate and Coupon), 1 L'Oreal Rivitalift Day Cream ($1.00 OVERAGE Rebate and Coupon), 1 L'Oreal Night Cream (FREE for purchasing the Day Cream, $1.00 OVERAGE after Coupon). 
Those were my MAIN purchases. I had to add A TON of filler items to get my total over the RR's, especially on the St Ives, where I had the $2.00 Coupon to cover in filler items. ALL of my filler items came from the clearance section of the store. 3 Color Wonder Sets, 1 Little Pet Show Wonder Book, 1 Eraser, 13 Chapstick, 1 Pair of Ladies Socks, 1 Child's Tee-Shirt that says, 'Daddy Does My Hair', 2 pouches that hook to a wheelchair to hold stuff, 5 packs of Ponytail Holders, 2 packs of Pens, 2 Battery Operated Toothbrushes, 1 Pack of Mickey Mouse Stickers, a Playing Card Gift Set, 1 Pack of 2 Hannah Montana Lip Gloss, Twizzlers, Altoids Chocolate Mints, Kahula Chocolates, Kissables, Cream Savers, 2 Pop Rock Chocolate Bars, 3 Boxes of Powdered Drink Mix, a Christmas Scrunchie, a Christmas Keychain, a Christmas Booth Poof and a pack of gum! 
I got all of this for $27.09! All of THAT was Tax! I spent $66.17, I have one more RR for $5.00 off a purchase and will get $34.08 back in rebates! I SAVED $417.37! 
Also, I have been saving the stamps for towels at Food World. I used five full books, got 5 green washcloths FREE. I am taking a green wash cloth, putting a St Ives Olive Face Wash, and a St Ives Olive Face Scrub, tying them with a red ribbon (I was going to use Green Ribbon, but my DH said Red would look more festive with all of the Green! What a DH, who would have thought HE would be the one to think of that!?), and for the price of ribbon, I have five nice Christmas Gifts!" Roberta Horn

"My local store double coupons only 10 coupons per purchase~ up to 50 cents (Wiseway~ Indiana).  Better then nothing. They had a lot of juice, and teas on sale for 10/$10.  I recently found some 50 cents off coupons.( happy dance) I did 2 trips alone, since everyone was at work/school.  20 Lipton teas and 4 Fuze drinks after coupons = 2.00 ( I only had b1g1 on the Fuze). The next day I armed myself, daughter and hubby with their own envelope loaded with coupons and boldly printed on the front what they were to get. For a total of 4 Fuze drinks, 19 Sobe, 10 Lipton teas and 1 Grandmas cookie.  (Hubby strayed from his bold print)  Grand total of 4.99 (Would have been 4.59 but the lady didn't double 1 coupon) For 8 Fuze Drinks, 30 Lipton teas, 19 Sobe, and 1 cookie.  The pic is my daughter, who loves to find deals with her mom." Christine W., IN

"Last night I went to a Chinese Auction where my husband and I donated about $170, but won over $550 worth of baby goods!  This included over 20 designer name baby boy outfits, numerous accessories, baby care products, Huggies, formula, and a really great white changing table!  Then today with the diaper deal at Walgreens, I was able to pick up 23 various bags of diapers and pull-ups for about $24 (using several RR from the St. Ives deal 2 weeks ago and the $2 Pharmacy c/o)!  They would have been even cheaper if I had known the orange bags of pull-ups wouldn't work with the $2 c/o.  I can't complain though!  We're stocked up for quite awhile! -Meghann Heilala, NJ

"This is a picture of my 60 boxes of Jello plus I have $18 in Register Rewards from the deal, plus I still have 15 coupons to use! I paid $0.00 for all of that jell-o. I just used that coupon from Meijer website and did 3 jell-o, scanned coupon, 3 jell-o scanned coupon then ended my order, total $0.00 with a $2.00 RR, I ended up going back later that day and ended up with 82 boxes and $24.00 RR which I was able to get gas with so PROFIT 82 BOXES JELL-O AND $24.00 FREE GAS, ALMOST A FULL TANK!!!! THANKS RC!!! That was a fun moneymaker!"
Holly W, IN

 "I left with $100 and came back with my goodies listed below. I traveled for two days and it cost $180 in gas expense (also covered by my profits during the trip). I had a blast!! When I go out to do a trip like this I have to be able to justify my gas expense......we have to travel a good 3 hours to start getting great deals! No problems at any KMarts and they were not limiting any coupons. WOWEE!!
Phone Card ($50)
$180.00 Gas Cards (used these up travelling)!
$450.00 American Express Gift Cards (Save 4 XMAS!)
Phone Charger (10.00)
Davids Toy& Outfit (64.00)
Bras (20.00)
3 Diet Coke 12pks (12.00)
3 Packs Smokes (12.00)
Shirt for Honey (2.00)
Minnow Net (1.00)
20 Glade Oil Refills
8 Cheerios Snack Mix
6 Durex Play
6 Panty Hose
3 Johnson & Johnson Lotion
3 Loreal Make up remover towelettes
2 Loreal make up remover
3 Robitussin DM
50 Powerade
2 Breeze 2
27 Endust
5 Oust
2 Pairs Gloves
1 set Halloween Towels
6 M&M big bags
23 Dove Face Cleansers
2 Electrasol
21 Keebler Cookies
30 J&J Buddies
63 Sobe Drinks
17 Tylenol Travel Size
8 Revlon Emery Boards
5 Glade Scented Oil Candle Kits
3 Glade Glass Scents
23 Glade Flameless Refills
6 Vaseline Lotion
23 Dove Body Wash
46 Glade Candle Holders
184 Glade Scented Oil Plug Ins (my little moneymakers! Each one generated a $4 CAT. I had $2c/o so they cost .19 each after doubled and gave me unlimited CATS which I rolled into gift cards.
12 Almay Eye Makeup
7 Almay Eyeliners
17 Almay Mascara
20 Almay Eye Makeup
2 Midol
12 Tylenol Trial
3 Advil PM"
Cheryl Gravelle

"Double coupons are almost unheard of in Florida, so I was excited to see K-Mart was doubling for a week.  I was somewhat hesitant as our K-Mart doesn't have the best service (and is only a regular K-Mart, not a Super K-Mart) and I wouldn't be able to get there until Friday, long after other couponers.  I went through my stash of coupon inserts, made a list and went anyway. I was pleasantly surprised at what they had available.  Somebody beat me to all of the Tylenol PM (which would have been free), but I was able to get all of the above (plus 2 cans of RediWhip that I forgot to put in the picture) for just over $30, saving a total of $91:  4 cans Lysol, 1 bathroom cleaner, 4 mac and cheese, 2 boxes taco shells, 2 RediWhip, 1 bengay, 1 immodium, 4 first aid products, a variety of doggie and kitty treats, 1 Maalox, 2 packages of razors, 4 Hormel Compleats, 1 200-ct Equal and 1 box of Advil.   
I didn't even have to wait in line to check out and had no trouble with the coupons.  I was talking with the cashier and asked her if she had done her deals yet.  She said she didn't use coupons as it wasn't worth the effort.  I just shook my head, looking at the bags of stuff for a savings of 75%.  Some people will never understand.  I look forward to the next double coupon week at K-Mart." Kathy Lucas Gainesville, FL    

"I could not believe my eyes when I left 4 stores and spent a total of $32 and some change for the day. At Albertsons I took advantage of the of the buy 10 items from a certain group and you get $5 off your bill and I only purchased items I had a coupon four. My bill was $22 for 30 items. At Super one I was able to by 12 boxes of Hamburger helper for 88 cents each then the store let me use 8 coupons for $75 cents off a purchase of  3 boxes and 4 coupons for 80 cents off a purchase of 3 boxes. I used register rewards at Walgreens to pick up diapers and cold meds and I am expecting a $5 rebate from. And picked up a few children cold items at Rite that I had a coupon for and I expect a full refund  for. My most expense item was the 2 packs of razors that I paid 99 cents for. Rite Aid had them on sale for $2.99 and I had two $2 off coupons." Stacy S.

"Here is my trip to Kmart! I got over $700 in items, and paid about $35 out of pocket after double coupons! INSANE! Thanks so much for the site...LOVE IT!" Amy Thomas

3 Trips to KMart:
"Total of all items shown $276. Actually spent $7.15 and most of that was the high price of the dog food that the coupons didn't cover. I have also included my picture as I am the one taking the picture of my savings and have no way to get myself in it. <G>
      They are really being fussy about doing the doubles and each time you enter the store you have to stop at the customer service desk and show them the letter that was posted on Centsible Chat before you start shopping. So I have made several copies of it and keep them in my car, and purse. Ours is not a Super K-Mart and it has very little food. The checkers do not know how to run the coupons right and I have had them run them twice through the cash register, add them up with a calculator, add them up in their head, and double scan each one. Most all of these methods gave me all the overage I shouldn't have gotten and when I pointed this out they were very rude that I was trying to tell them how to do their job so I just shut up and let them do their thing. This is why you'll see 2 magazines - but not the 2 pops I drank that I had to throw in so they wouldn't owe me money

2 - Always Pads
5 - Beggin Strips for dogs
6 - Bic Disposable Razors multi packages
4 - Calgon Bath Beads
2 - Dog Food - 4 lb bags
3 - Dove Shampoo
8 - Dove Body Wash
2 - Glade Carpet Cleaner
5 - Good Life Dog Treats
5 - Herbal Essence Shampoo & Conditioner
10 - Holiday Candle Holders
2 - Johnson & Johnson First Aid Gauze Pads
4 - Kotex Lightdays
2 - Pert Plus
8 - Pure Protein Bars
2 - Reach Toothbrushes
1 - Resolve
4 - Revlon Nail Polish
10 - Revlon Implements (tweezers, emery boards, nail cutters)
3 - Rolaids
12 - Sure Deodorant
4 - Tums Smoothies
6 - Tylenol Extra Strength
3 - Wholesome Goodness cat food
20 - Wiskas Temptations for cats"
Kathy Hardie

"In this picture is my son Alex, who I hope is taking note on how to save as I am still learning. I did this in 2 orders at CVS. First order was 1 Swiffer Sweeper on sale for $7.99. I had a $1 coupon, 1 Swiffer Duster on sale $6.99 and I had a 'buy Swiffer Sweeper, get a free Duster'. One Swiffer refill on sale for $6.99 and I had a .50 coupon. Two Colgate Total Toothpaste and I had a $1 coupon on each. The Swiffer had a 'buy $10 worth, get $5 Extra Bucks', and the Colgate was giving $2 Extra Bucks each, limit 2. Total out of pocket was $20.49 on the 1st order and gave me $9 Extra Bucks. The 2nd order was 1 Lysol Toilet Cleaner on sale for $2.50, had a .75 coupon coupon on it. 4 Soft & Dri on sale B1G1F, had four .50 coupons, and 3 Softsoap on sale for .99 and I had three .35 coupons. Used the $9 in Extra Bucks and total out of pocket was $1.60, so I got all this for $22.09. My savings was $44.96. I am still learning but this little deal made me happy." Yvonne Byrd

"Ya gotta loves these deals! These were over the last 2 weeks.
Crest Pro-Health Rinse & Toothpaste
: These were not bought at the same time. I got the Crest Rinse last month (Sept) when WAGS had the RR for 4.50.  Cost was 4.50 EA - 1.00 MFR Coupons. Plus 27.00 RR    FREE   plus 6.00 profit.  
Got the 5 Crest Toothpaste last week at WAGS (Oct W/E 10-11-08)  1.99 sale 5 Wags Coupons 1.00 off &  5  1.00/1 MFR Coupons.  FREE Plus .05 profit.
Ziploc Deal: Ziploc Deal from last week at Wags.  I was a little nervous about trying Michelle's theory out about the Coupons on the quantity you are buying  & using the coupons, but tried it anyways on a few items.  It worked...  I had B1G1 FREE Ziploc Bags (up to 2.19).  They were on sale for  2/5.00.  Ended up going back & doing it again. No problem. Had to go to 4 WAGS for 27 boxes total & get 2 rainchecks for Quart Freezer.  OOP with tax 8.79 for 27 boxes. 
12 Quart Storage
3   Quart Freezer
2   Snack
2   Sandwich
4   Gal Freezer
2   1/2 Gal Expandable Bottom
2   Gal Storage

My Return for Rainchecks Items 
Not to many deals I wanted this week.  Did do the B1G1 FREE Cartridge refill I use alot of ink.  It's a better deal than the 25% off coming next week. And the Mars Candy 2/5 & 1.00/2 Coupon & Rebate in ESC 1.00
This week went back to WAGS for my Raincheck items.  ( 10-17-08)
6 Ziploc
4 Windex Wipes
2 Sunmaid Raisins 
Had the  
5/25  Walgreens Coupon
3.00 RR
6 B1G1 (up to 2.19) FREE Ziploc
2 2.00/1 Windex
2 1.00/1 Windex
1.00/2 Sunmaid Raisins
1.00/2 Mars Candy 
1 Treat for me Bailey's Irish Cream Candy REG 1.49 sale .99 
Total 5.72 OOP!! This is my other Kitty.  Pink Twin. She looks like she is saying """Egads Mama how do you do it???? """  ( Her mouth is open) We have 2 blacks Kitties they look exactly alike no way to tell them apart except with different color collars. Green Twin will be introduced soon enough I am sure!!! Could not get them together to take both of them."
Estelle L, Boston, MA

 "I just wanted to share my picture of the great deals I scored at Rite Aid (October Rebates).  I did it in (2) transactions at (2) different Rite-Aids.  Some of the items are duplicate because I got medicine for my mom and family.   All in all I spent about $100.00 out of pocket and will get it ALL back.   What a great time of year to stock up on cold, flu and cough drops. My  14-year-old son, Evan, just had to be in the picture.  I am hoping to teach him some of my refunding & saving tricks."
- Tara S.

"I got these deals at Walmart today.  I bought 12 Johnson's Buddies @$0.97 each, 10 packs of Kotex pantiliners @$1.00 each, 2 packs of Scotch tape @$0.94 each, a small box of Milk Duds @$0.96, a pair of scissors (I forgot mine in the car!) @$0.97, 12 Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom bottles @$0.75 each, 2 Mr. Clean Spray Bottles with bonus Magic Erasers Free with 2 BOGOF c/o's, and 2 Large Bottles of Mr. Clean Refills with bonus Magic Erasers @$2.50 each.  I ended up having to do all of this in 4 transactions because of the current over-the-counter drug laws (only 3 Tylenol Colds per transaction).  My total before coupons was $45.20, and after was only $6.20!  I already know that this winter my family will be clean, healthy and living in a tidy house!"  -Meghann Heilala  Brick, NJ

Skippy Peanut Butter for $0.51 EACH!!
"I've been slow getting back into 'full coupon mode' after having a baby a few weeks ago.  However, the deals at Rite Aid and Walgreens this week were enough to get me out the door first thing Monday morning with all six kids age 7 and younger, my coupon binder and the block format list for both stores.  Thanks to the early ad previews from Michele, I traded for Skippy and Hellaman's mayo coupons that weren't available in my area.  After grabbing up all the great FARs at Rite Aid, I called both my local Walgreens from my cell phone to see how much Skippy they still had (no need dragging kids into a store with no product)  One store was already out of stock, but the other reported that they had lots.  Hurray!  When I arrived, I was thrilled to find 36 jars of Skippy on the shelf which meant that I could stock up for my family and still leave plenty for the other coupon moms out there.  I had enough coupons for 18 Skippy.  Here's what I did:
1st Transaction:
4 Halloween pencils @ 4/$1:                    $1.00
9 Skippy Peanut Butter @ $1.67 each:      $15.00
- 9 (.60/1) SKippy coupons              :      -$5.40
- 2 ($5) catalinas from the Oral B promo:   -$10.00
                                                            60 + tax (used a gift card )+ $5 OYNO catalina
2nd Transaction:
9 Skippy Peanut Butter               : $15.00
- 9 (.60/1) Skippy coupons          : - 5.40
                                                $9.60 + tax (used gift card so $0 OOP for me!)
                                                  + $5 OYNO catalina
All together I got 18 jars of peanut butter, 4 pencils and 1 margarine tub for $20.20 + tax which I paid for with gift cards so no OOP.  I also received $10 in catalinas that I'll use later this week towards more cheap Walgreens diapers.  If you factor in the catalina savings, the peanut butter were $0.51 EACH!!!  The picture is of my 4 years old daughter Savannah dressed up as the Peanut Butter Princess.  Thanks RC!" Nike Ben Peterson

"This is my first posting and I am so psyched about my deals! As you can see, my 2 year old daughter is impressed and has already broke into the 6-pack of raisins. When a friend called me to say she had located a KMart that accepted the double coupon deal, we drove about 45min to get there. It was so worth it. My register total before all sales and coupons was $145.20. After all coupons (including a $5 off $50 coupon I printed from the KMart website just for signing up for email alerts) my total paid was $34.79 ($8.38 of which was tax!) One of my favorite deals was the Hershey's Bliss bagged chocolates- on sale for 2/$5.00, I used a $2.50 off 2 coupon...and the cashier doubled it!!! Making both bags free. The other awesome find was 2 Biore products marked down on clearance for $1.50 each. With my $2 off 2 coupon, I got both for free and made a $1 profit. Besides the terrific deals, my friend and I had a fun "Ladies Roadtrip" and got to know each other even better...priceless!" Yvonne N.  NY

"Here are some pictures from my deals this week. I have gone in several different stores at several different times so as not to clear out every item completely. I have
15 total PERT shampoos FREE
24 Oral B toothbrushes FREE
3 razors for .99 each
2 diapers packages for $13 total.
My little boy is pretending to brush his teeth in the first picture, and the second picture he had fun practicing counting his numbers. What a great object lesson for him!" Jill, MO

"The first picture is from when I went to Walgreens for the Pert Plus Deal! I got 36 bottles in all. I used the $2.50 coupon and the $1.50 ESC, profited .51 and $1.01 per bottle even on some of them. I will end up with $24 back on top of it from getting the FAR items with my overage!

"The second picture is from Walgreens when they had the great catalina deals a few months back. I got the Cover girl items with the free blush coupon and free Cover Girl item coupons plus the $1 off any CG item coupons.

"The third picture is from my first trip to KMart when they were doubling up to and including $2 coupons. I went back again and got just about as much as the first time. All of it for about $12 out of pocket!

"The last picture is from Walgreens when they had the huge diaper sale!! I got over 100 packs of diapers and pull Ups for very little out of pocket." Amy Thomas

"By the time I figured out Kroger  was part of the Powerade deal I had 4 days left to get going. I made 3 trips & 7 transactions. Missing from the picture are 3 Whiskas, 5 Powerades,1 bag of ice, 2 packs of gum, 2 boxes saltines, 1 case of beer, 1 pair of scissors, 3 packs of stuff pork chops. My husband asked me “Don’t we have enough Powerades?” My response was not if it’s free. I have 3 kids & they love Powerades. Plus I mailed in for a $6.00 rebate for the beer & meat. Total was $179.38.I had $114.42 in coupons & paid oop $64.96.Now to figure out were to put them all." - C Garza

"I wanted to share a couple of Walgreens trips that were just great.  
Trip #1 - This is my son Josh in the picture with all of our great deals. We got:
2 boxes of Puffs facial tissue @ $1.59 ea
6 Gatorade @ $1.79 ea
L'Oreal Facial Cleanser @ $6.99
4 Canisters of Quaker Oats @ BOGO 2/2.79 
2 Xcel Laundry Detergent 2.99
After the Walgreens in ad coupons (Puffs, Gatorade, Detergent), rebates
(L'Oreal), RR (from previous week) and manufacturer (Quaker Oats) 
we ended up making $6.56 Profit!!!!! We had cleaned up on the RR the
previous week with the cold meds that were on sale and a few
other items that we needed. It was a very good day. The lady in front of
me had been asking what RR were and the person behind me was
interested as well. So when all was said and done the person behind me waspretty much in awe of our deal.....I said "That's how RR's work!" I try to teach people as much as I can with the time I have in line. They just can't believehow much I can save on these deals!"

"3 Charmin 6 pks on sale 3/$10
6 Pert Plus on sale for $3.49 each
2 Xcel Laundry Detergent $2.99 ea
2 Puffs Facial Tissue$1.59 each
2 Quaker Oats on sale BOGO 2/$2/79 
SubTotal $42.89
3 $.55 Charmin Manu Q's
6 $1.50 Pert Manu Q's
1 $2 Pert EasySaver Q
1 $.50 Quaker Manu Q
1 In Ad Q Xcel Detergent for $1.99
1 In Ad Q Puffs 2/.89 
Total after Q's $14.99
Once again I got many questions while in line. I'm slowly but surely
educating people in my area! lol 
The best part of the whole experence is that my sweet little Joshie
just loves his the coupons to the cashier. He gets so excited
and says "HERE WE HAVE TOUPONS!" He doesn't say is "C" too well.
He provides comic relief for those cashiers who have had a rough day"!Thanks, Heather Greenwood Sacramento, CA

K-Mart freebies "Here's what I came home with. TOTALLY FREE:
32 bottles of shampoo (Pert, Sunsilk, Dove, Suave) 2 Pert had TMP forms on them
(6 of the Pert are extra large bonus size)
9 sample triple packs of trial size shampoo (Sunsilk)
9 hair sprays (Sunsilk)
2 Large bottles of Cascade dishwasher liquid
2 bag of Busy Bones for my dog
4 bags of Pedigree good bites - Brandy-dog
1 Electrasol bonus box (26 tabs) for the dishwasher
1 Colgate toothpaste
1 Colgate toothbrush
4 Pledge furniture sprays
1 Kotex pantiliners
     I can't list how the coupons worked out but I know I should have owed something. Some of the items were $4.29 and doubling a $2.00 coupon would have made me owe .29¢. Some of the $1.89 items she insted on doubling the $2.00 coupons to $4.00 so I had a profit. Had to buy a paper and pop because she was doing some of the coupons wrong but she refused to let me help her. She says she does it everyday for a living...LOL." Kathy H, OR

"MEOW!  CATs (or CATALINA coupons) are the best!  This picture shows most of the great deals I have been getting at Jewel.  The little girl is our goddaughter, Ashley.  She's my shopping buddy since she was a baby.  It's nice to have a buddy as our girls are 12 and 8 already!  
There are so many Catalina deals right now, it's almost impossible to keep them straight.  As I found them or somebody posted to the boards, I wrote them into a note book.  There are some items NOT in the picture as I gave a bunch of things to the food pantry, family and friends.  I also already opened 12 packages of Fruit Roll ups and put them into a bag for Halloween.  Jewel had Edy's Dibbs on sale B1G1F." - Jenny Pape, IL

"My daughter Bria is showing off the deals I got at Walmart and Target. At Walmart, the J&J Buddies Bars were free after coupon (got 12 total) and the Gillette Fusion Razor gift packs were a $1 after coupon.  They come with the razor, extra cartridges and shaving gel.  Got 6 total.  My OOP was $8.xx.  Great yard sale stuff!" - Heather, Griffin, GA

This is the stuff I got at Kmart during their Super Double coupons.  Before coupons it was $166, and after $38.  The actual checking out process was horrible, but I won't go into details. The Pert and Gillette shampoos were free, Kids Crest was .50 each, travel size Pantene was free, travel size Secret was free, Revlon nail polish was .20 each, Trident gum was free, J&J first aid bandages/tape was either free or very cheap,  Suave deodorant was free, Lysol was about .40 each I think, Tylenol and Advil PM was .79 after coupon, Tums were free, Easy Mac was free, and some other *personal* things (condoms) were $2.00 a box after coupons.  The KY was .29, Caltrate was $2 after coupon.  All in all I did good, but I wish they were better prepared for the super coupon checkout process!" - Heather, Griffin, GA

"Thank you - I could not have done it without you. Both my grandmothers either are or were members of your site for YEARS! They are the ones who taught me refunding for the past 15 years (I'm 33 so I had a good head start!) You and the other ladies have saved us so much money for my family and MANY others - and I am able to spread it on and refer people as much as I can. I'm about to teach our ladies in our church a few tips on how your site works and how they too can save like I did. I just want to show them that it CAN be done and we thank you for it!  There are some things missing that I already gave away - 2 more Purex detergents, 2 cases of Powerade Zero, 4 toys and a few other things I can't remember :) Thank you SOOOO much!"
Anne Myers - IL
(not Ann M from IL - it's so close)

"I have recently joined Refundcents and this is one of my first deals.  I purchased 25 packs of diapers over 2 days with the $5 off $20 purchase, buying 5 packs at a time.   I have also signed up for the W card and will receive 10% off all the diapers.  I ended up paying about $2.XX per pack of diapers.  I have also found some of the larger packs on clearance and paid about 10 cents per diaper, which is also a great deal.  Last Sat I went again for the $5 off $20 purchase and saw more diapers on clearance, I got 5 packs for $10.  This is a picture of my youngest son Maxwell who just turned 1 year with most of the diapers, and my dog Tyson with glowing eyes in the background.  I also have a 2 1/2 year old still in diapers.  Thanks Refundcents!!!!!!" Jessica Sloan, MN

"These kids like displaying Mom's good deals!  All the Powerade was free because of the $1/2 coupons and it was on sale for .88 each and it was also double dollar at Chief (also called Rays)  plus we got 4 $4 off your next shopping trip for buying 24 Powerade drinks.  The Campbell soup was on clearance for $1.66 and had $1.50/1 coupons attached to each can. Ronzoni pasta-free, Glade plug ins were in a clearance bin for $1.75 with a coupon attached for $1.75 off.  The only items we paid for were the Glade carpet powder.  It was on sale for $2.55 and I had $1/1 coupons that were doubled to $2.  Good job Isaiah, Lucy and Paul!"
Laura- Defiance, OH

How to get paid $100 per hour! 

"I read about K-Mart doubling manufacturer's coupons in other parts of the country.  I looked at my K-Mart ad and saw nothing about it.  I hoped someone would mention if they stopped in, locally, and found out they were doubling coupons.  K-Mart was notorious for changing their coupon and gift card policies from day to day and region to region.  I just didn't feel like fighting with them after the gift card fiasco a year or so ago.  All was quiet in the Augusta, GA area.  Finally, I asked if anyone had heard if our K-Mart was doubling.  The answer was that ALL K-Mart stores were doubling and you had to request it.  Unfortunately, I discovered that on the last day of the promotion, and I had to go to work that day. 
So, I armed myself with the printed copy of a letter sent to a shopper spelling out the nationwide promotion and my coupon file.  I felt I may need this copy in the event this K-Mart would not honor the promotion.  I only keep the coupons I use on a regular basis in my coupon file.  All the others (there are thousands!) were in boxes at home.  K-Mart normally has higher prices than other stores I shop, and I didn't expect to find many bargains.  I felt even if the coupons were doubled, I would pay more than at another store.  I did not take a lot of coupons with me.  I had 30-45 minutes to shop prior to going to work.  There was no plan.  I was flying by the seat of my pants.  I did have 10 Electrasol tablet coupons I wanted to use that expired THAT day! 
The K-Mart policy clearly pointed out that you could use only four like coupons in one transaction and 75 total coupons per person.  That sounds like a lot ....until you start finding great deals!  I had a shopping cart full when I went to the register.  My most precious find was the Electrasol tablets for only 29¢ after coupons.  I was happy with 4 boxes!  After at least five days of this promotion, cashiers STILL did not know how to double the coupons!  I discovered they were allowing more than 4 like coupons in one transaction.  OH!  Electrasol....I'll come back and get the rest of you! 
It took 15 minutes to check out!  I think it was worth it, though.  I got overage with some coupons!  For those of you that are new to the coupon world, that means we paid to take the item home with us!  I ended up with $116.39 worth of groceries, cleaners, etc. for $16.85!  I saved $99.54 in 45 minutes.  That is a savings of 85%!  That is like making $132.72 per hour!  Well, my fun had ended.  I didn't have time to go back for the rest of the Electrasol.  I had a real job to go to." Marnie Williams

Gentlemen, Start your Engines... and Drive to KMart!

    "I remember, not too long after I started couponing and refunding, one of the other newbies asked “what are Super Doubles”? An older, and wiser couponer replied that Super Doubles were the couponing world's equivalent of saying “gentlemen, start your engines” to a race car driver. The adrenaline rush, and excitement can only be fully understood once you've experienced it. So when I first heard that Kmart was holding Super Doubles I could hardly contain myself. Not only were they doubling coupons- they were doubling up to, and including $2. I've got to admit that I'm pretty lucky to live in an area where double coupons up to $.50 every day are fairly easy to find. We even have one store that doubles one like coupon up to $1 every day, but $2 doubles is completely unheard of! So I pulled out my trusty coupon box (it's the black object in the picture under the cleaners and air fresheners in the picture just in case you were wondering) and started sorting. Then I called my local store, only to have my hopes dashed. The woman that I talked to told me that they NEVER double coupons- she wasn't even nice about it. Heartbroken, and with a list already started I watched as the lucky ducks in other parts of the country participated in Super Doubles. I just couldn't bring myself to throw that list out in the hopes that it would eventually come to SE Michigan. As much as the anticipation of watching Super Doubles move around the rest of the country had almost killed me, it also provided me with the benefit of having learned from those that had gone before me. I had slowly added to my list as other people found deals around the country and new coupons came out, and learned a lot of tricks to make the checkout process go smoother (like having the checker select 2 products from the list that comes up for any coupon that is off of 2 items).

     On September 30 I saw on Centsible Chat that Super Doubles had been confirmed as close to me as Port Huron, MI (about 45 minutes away). I called my local store, and Eureka! They were participating! My co-workers thought I was absolutely nuts because I could barely sit still for the rest of the day mentally going through my coupon box and compiling an even longer list than the one that I had already started. I tried to explain to them that if we weren't so busy at work right now (I'm an accountant, and we had to close the books for the quarter) I would have been taking a day off work just to go shopping. After all, it takes time to get all of the toothpaste, shampoo, and various other goodies that I periodically bring in for them. Normally I clip any coupons that I'm not using immediately throughout the week while I watch TV in the evenings. That Tuesday I left work as early as I could, and asked my husband to help me finish clipping all of my coupons from the prior weekend just so that I would be ready to hit the ground running the next day.

     I was so excited that I could barely sleep thinking about it. I have a 24 hour store about 3 blocks from my house, but they had told me that the doubles didn't start until 6am (I later found out that they did start at midnight after all). My plan was to browse the store beginning at 4:30am, so that I would be hitting the registers just as the promotion was officially beginning. You'd have though I was a kid at Christmas by how fast I jumped out of bed that morning, rushed through a shower, grabbed a Special K bar, and headed out the door. I had to be to work by 7am, but if all went well as long as I was out of the store by 6:30 I would still be able to make it. When I walked in the store and opened up my coupon box a very nice cashier that was walking by noticed and said she would be waiting for me up front when I was ready. She had apparently checked out someone earlier in the night, and learned how the register system worked then. I hit the air freshener area first, then hit up the pet area before heading over to health and beauty. By that time I had 60 items in my cart, and starting to run out of time. As promised the cashier that had seen me walk in was waiting. She was so nice that she even asked me for my $5/50 coupon that was in the weekly flier (I had it sitting on top of my box, but had forgotten to tear it out) to make sure that I maximized my savings. On that trip alone I saved $150.16, and paid $22.76 out of pocket. A savings of 87%- less than $.38 per item on average! I also walked away with 4 $1 off any one item catalinas, 2 $.75 off any one item catalinas, and a catalina for a free package of cat treats that I didn't even know I had coming until they all printed out. The amazing thing was even $'s off catalinas doubled on my subsequent visits!

    Well, that was it, at least for now Kmart had redeemed themselves in my eyes. Between October 1st and October 5th I went into various Kmart stores in my area a total of 6 times. I got 276 items including shampoo, conditioner, styling products, lotion, razors, cat food, cleaning products and air fresheners worth $831.08 Only about half of the things I ended up with fit in the picture with my daughter Joy. I paid $148.74 out of pocket for everything. Many of these items my family (especially my cat) will enjoy. Others I will use in gift baskets at Christmas, donate to charity, or save for my Spring yard sale. Now it's just a matter of watching and waiting for the next time someone declares Super Doubles, and I can once again start my engine!" Nora Cash

"Here are my boys, Will and Alex, showing off what Mommy brought home. I suppose there are better and certainly more experienced divas out there. However, for only becoming familiar with Walgreens in July, I think I did pretty good. Maybe I should be called a Newbie Diva. I spent out of pocket  $98.16 and did this in 5 separate transactions. Here is what I received:
$20 Register Rewards (2 $9 JF, 2 $1 Mitchum)
$10 rebate for Garnier products
$12.36 rebate for L'oreal product
$4.99 Chemistry product
$11.98 BioOrganics products
= $59.33 plus 10% more for adding it to a gift card I forgot one Soliel coupon for $3.00 and the register would not accept my Huggies coupon from the activity book. I was too tired to push it, so I told them to skip it. So, I paid $38.83 for the items pictured. One of the items you can't see is a Thomas the Train DVD plus Percy train that was on clearance for $2.50. Talk about a great filler item. And not pictured was the Walgreens activity book that has a page of coupons. I've continued to read Centsible Chat and the Comprehensive guide to Walgreens Shopping and have gotten even better deals. My boys think mommy shops a lot and no I don't take them with me. I can't do "University math" with them talking to me. Thanks to all of you that post and especially Michelle, Taylor, and Sheena!"
Julie McClain

Here is what I got for $3 OOP when I went to Kmart on Sunday.  I had been to Kmart earlier in the week so I had a number of $ off of next purchase coupons. (These printed from the Renuzit pearls and Glade -I think the gel refills).  My total started at $106 for the first transaction.  With coupons it came down to $18.55.  The cashier reminded me about the coupon in the paper (which I had forgotten in the process of taking care of my 2 month old as I prepared and executed my shopping.)  After the $5 coupon from the paper and $12 in 'good on your next purchase' bucks my total was $1.55 OOP.  I did a second transaction where the total started at $47.00.  So I grabbed the Whoppers to bring the total over $50 so I could use another $5 coupon (and so I could placate my husband about being gone all afternoon while he was home with the 4 older boys).  Coupons, including the $5 one from the ad, brought the total to $16 which I paid with 'good on next purchases' Kmart bucks.  I had to pay $1.47 OOP but only because the Kmart bucks I had left were both for $2 apiece.  I came home with $10 in Kmart bucks and $5 off $50 and a $7 off $70."  Shannon Edwards 

Anyone have some ice?
"The register receipts totaled a little over $1200. I paid less than $100 out of pocket. I ended up with $120 in receipt coupons, $275 in gc, loads of hot dogs, Wheat Thins, Crystal Light, sliced cheese, salad dressing, etc., etc., and of course KOOL AID!! Many neighbors are still enjoying this great deal with me from Kraft and Shaws."
Simone 'n Giada (18 months), CT

"I did the powerade deal for about 2 weeks.  I even had my husband going with me.  Shame on me but I didn't keep track of my spending nor did I do an official count.  My husband can drink them as fast as I can buy them!  Here was the deal.  Giant Eagle had them on sale 10 for $10.  If you bought 10 in one transaction you got an automatic $5 off.  Then if  6 of the 10 were Powerade Zero you got a catalina  for $4 off your next order.  So after initially spending the $5 and tax on the first order I paid $1.30 with tax for all of the others!  I would say I got over 250 in all.  Sorry the picture isn't so creative but I didn't have anywhere else to put them." Thanks, Melissa Kalich

"Here is a picture of my son Tai and his friend Tia with my purchases from KMart... and you'll never guess what I paid for all of this!  Our KMart wasn't one that announced the Double Coupon Days, but the manager talked to the corporate office and because I knew about the promotion they let me double my coupons.  It felt like an early Christmas present from KMart to me!  There were plenty of items in stock since nobody really knew about the double coupons here.  At checkout, I watched my total start at over $210.00 and slowly watched it dwindle down as they scanned each coupon and then doubled the value.  My final purchase price came to................ $28.33!!!  I couldn't believe I had saved nearly 87% on my total purchase.  With the double coupons I got the following items FREE: Endust, Greased Lightning, Sunsilk Products (some were bonus packs!), Dove Shampoo, Pert Plus, Ziploc Vacuum Bags, Old El Paso Taco Shells, Resolve Carpet Cleaner, Colgate, and Revlon Eye Liner.  I also paid less than a quarter per item for: Revlon Nail Polish, Bumble Bee Tuna, Renuzit Spray, and Glade Carpet Powder.  This was the first time I've ever been able to double any coupons and it was even better than I thought it could be!" Lindsay Auran

"This is my daughter, Jonna, showing you my Walgreens bounty from this week and last week.  We have a very small store here in Claremore, OK, and the shelves are almost always empty.  So if I am actually able to do the deals posted here on RC, I am very grateful.  Last week, I was able to switch back and forth between the Crest Pro Health Rinse and the Nabisco Cookies.  The mouthwash was $4.49 and produced a RR for $4.49.  I then took that and purchased 2 pkgs. of cookies.  I was thrilled to learn from the postings on chat that the cookie RR would print even without the milk!  I used the cookie RR to purchase more mouthwash, and so on and so on.  Some of the cookies didn't make it into the picture because they were already eaten!  This week, thanks to a heads-up from RC, I was able to use about 9 coupons for Pert Plus shampoo.  Combined with the EasySaver coupon, I actually got an overage off of every bottle that I bought.  The overage helped lower my OOP cost on the cereal bars and toothbrushes that I was switching between.  The toothbrushes were $4.49 and produced a catalina for $4.50, I then used that to pay for the cereal bars that were 2/$5 and produced a catalina for $2.00.  I also used some of the $3 RR I had left from the cookie deals last week.  The Dawn dishwashing liquid was B1G1F with store coupon, plus I used a manufacturer's coupon for 50 cents off and another for 25 cents off.  My OOP cost for all of the items pictured was about $15 before taxes, plus I got at least that much in RR to make up for it!" Jenna Scott

"McKyeli and Dylan are proud to show off  "Another Saturday Adventure"
It all started when I told my husband we needed a freezer to keep up with my stockpiling.  He finally agreed!  I had stocked up when our area was lucky enough to get the FREE Sara Lee bread coupons.   With two little ones and packed lunches everyday, we seem to go through a lot of bread.  My good friend, and fellow couponer called to tell me that Albertson's had their Sara Lee bread for B1G1F.  Could I really use all my coupons and score on Free bread?  What else is there to do on a Saturday?  Finding deals and using coupons.. Of Course!    My husband and I and our two children went to Albertson's for our first trip.  I grabbed 8 loaves.  (We can use 4 like coupons at a time)  That was when I saw the Powerade display.  Buy 10 Powerades Get a 24 pack of Dasani water for FREE.  I had $1/2 Powerade coupons in my binder.   So I grabbed the Powerade and Water.   The cashiers were all amazed.  They suggested we split up so that my husband and I could each do an order.  So we went back and duplicated my order. 
8 loaves of bread (B1G1F coupon)
10 Powerades at .69 each ($1/2 coupon)
Free water
OOP  $1.90  
At the end of our two trips to Albertson's we ended up with: 
40 loaves of Sara Lee Bread
40 Bottles of Powerade
96 bottles of Dasani Water 
OOP $ 7.60 Before Tax 
And all the Powerade lids score points on My Coke rewards
The freezer is stocked full of bread for all those packed lunches, and my husband is more than happy to take Powerade to work everyday!  Thank you to Michelle and Refund Cents for keeping my updated on all these great deals and tips! Marlisa M  Keller, Texas

"I've loved the POWERade ZERO deal and my house is overflowing with them.  Our Bi-Lo has them for $.75 each, so only $.50 out of pocket after the $4 catalina coupon!  These are great for my diabetic nephew (bottomless pit) and for my mother who uses EBT.  She's been able to stock up on the drinks and use the $4 catalina coupon on household items that food stamps do not cover.  As you can see, my son also found a new use for them - water towers for his trains!" Angie K. Cleveland, TN

"Here is my son, Evan, he was so excited to see all the PowerAde’s that we were able to get.  We got over 120, plus the ones that my husband has already taken to work to drink.  We were able to get them for about $.14 once we paid for the taxes and whatever money was left over.  We hit every Food Lion, Bloom, and Giant store that we would go by.  Tomorrow is the last day so we are going to be hitting the stores for more in the morning." Carissa Grayson, VA

Free KoolAid and Snacks, Anyone?
"Our mom had a field day at Meijers when KoolAid Singles were $1 a box. She had coupons for free Crystal Light, free Wheat Thins and free Oscar Mayer Beef Franks when you buy 3 Kraft items - then KoolAid! Now we have yummy crackers and drinks for a long time! Thanks Mom!"
Isaiah, Paulie and Lucy from Defiance, OH

My Awesome Walgreens trip on 9/26/08!

Today was one of the overlap days from the September to October Easy Saver Catalog. It was also one of the 2 days to use the $5/$20 coupon that I received in my email.  I worked on getting the best deal for a few hours this afternoon using the RefundCents & Walgreens website. :) Full price for the order was $125.02, sale price with all coupons was $35.82. Rebates from the transaction was $41.98, $6.59 mail in for Scrubbing Bubbles, $14.84 for the September ESC & #21.45 for the October ESC. So I ended up making $6.16 on the deal. Talk about savings!!!! My husband took a picture of me & all my items from this shop. I bought:

2 Walgreens Pomegranate juices - reg $4.79 = sale 2/$6
1 Hefty basics trash bags 40 pk - reg $4.99 = clearanced $2.49
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber - reg $5.69 = - $1 coup, - $1.50 ESC MIR & - $5.69 Man. MIR = - $2.50
4 Glade jar candles = reg $2.99 = -(4)$1 coups, $4 ESC MIR = $3.96
4 Glade Plug in Scented Oil 2pk refills - reg $5.49 = sale $4.49 - (3)$1 ESC coups, (3)$4.99 peelie coups - $2 ESC MIR, - 1 item, she didn't ring up (found out once I got home) = - $6.50
4 Glade Scented Oil Candles - reg 5.99 = -(4)$2 coups, - (4)$2 ESC coups, - $8 ESC MIR = - $.04
4 Altoids mints (red can) - reg $1.99 = 2/$2 InAd coup, - (4)$1 peelie coups = $0
3 Garnier Fructis Shampoo/Conditioner 25.4oz - reg $6.99 = - (3)$2 coups, - (3)$3 ESC coups, - $10ESC MIR = - $4.03
1 Pert Plus 2 n 1 - reg $4.29 = sale $3.49 - $2 coup, - $2.50 ESC coup, - $3.49 ESC MIR = - $4.50
4 Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator - reg $3.99 = - (4)$1.50 coups, (4)$1 coups - (4)$1 ESC MIR = $1.96 Used the $5 off $20 purchase coupon & donated $1 to the Walgreens Walk/Diabetes drive = $35.82 She left off 1 of the Garnier Fructis shampoos & we couldn't figure out why it was only taking $6 instead of $9 off. I am glad I paid attention, I wouldn't have been able to do the rebate if I hadn't. But I did miss 1 of the Glade refills and lost out on that overage also. But I had a great time." Thank you, Amanda Wilson - TX

"This is everything I got today during the overlap days at Walgreens.  My dog Greta had to get in the picture, she always checks out everything I bring in to see if there are any treats, LOL. My total was $81, and after the Two-day $5 off $20 purchase coupon, all my Easy Saver coupons from Sept. and Oct., and all my manufacturer coupons, my total was $26.92. Plus, I will get $16.49 back in rebates, for a grand out-of-pocket total of $10.43 for everything! Not too bad, since I have only been doing this for a couple weeks. I think I am finally getting the hang of it, thanks to this awesome website! I have saved sooooo much money! Thanks everyone!" Deanna Melton Tennessee

"This is Emily the youngest and Alison the oldest sitting in a house made of tissue boxes. Our Kroger has had 120 ct Kleenex on sale for .88 each. I traded my Coke points and some other things for 249 .50/1 coupons. I did take three trips to get all of those boxes of Kleenex home, but it was well worth it. I made 1 trip each week so I could get other shopping done at the same time. My kids have been having a great time building things with them." Christy H.

CVS & CoverGirl Deal!!!

Had to share this one this was a BIG one!!! 2 Weeks ago CVS had CoverGirl  Outlast Lip Color B1G1 FREE I had 60 CoverGirl MFR C/O B1G1 FREE. 
I went to 5 stores in 1 day & used 10 C/O's at each (total 20).  Did not want to deplete the shelves at any of the stores.  On Saturday went back to 1 store the shelves were fully stocked used 10 more coupons.  Got 120 total CoverGirl Outlast Lip Color.  The MSR was 9.99 Each.  Total 1,198.80... FREE   (Total OOP 14.00 for 60 coupons on eBay.) 
The picture did not get all but there are 10 more in the front. 
I have already given about 20 away to family & friends!!  I will use the rest for Christmas Gifts, Grabs, Swaps & a Yard sale we are having in the Fall.  & maybe sell some on eBay to get the 14.00 back?  I know that you want a person in the picture.  But when one of my Kitty's "Bugsey" The DIVA,  jumped up next to them I had to take her picture.  My DH & I always say she looks like she has Mascara on her eyes.  She really thinks she's the Beauty Queen!!!" Estelle L, Boston, MA

"My cat Chandler has to see every deal I bring home even if it is not for him.  I was so excited to get in on the Robitussin and Scrubbing Bubbles/Windex deals.  I went to three different Walgreens many times throughout the week.  The total before manufacturer coupons, RR and the $10/40 coupon was well over $300.00.  My oop was somewhere around $55.00 and I  received $144.50 in RR and I will also be sending in for $11.79 in rebates.  I bought 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower
Cleaner, 3 Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubbers, 11 Scrubbing Bubbles Wipes, 6 Scrubbing Bubbles Foam, 15 Windex, 3 Windex Wipes, 5 Shout, 21 Robitussin, 6 Oust, 13 Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator, 6 Tylenol PM, 6 Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Warmers, 2 Glade PlugIns Scented Gel Warmers, 1 Pert Plus, 1 Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash and 2 Sunsilk. I absolutely love this hobby!" Roxana H, TN

"My daughters and their soccer teams are going to benefit from this wonderful deal.  Our local Bi-Lo was participating in the RR deal that was chainable.  It was only limited by the stock available and the number of separate transactions I felt comfortable doing.  I completed 15 separate transactions over a couple of days to 5 different stores.  I ended up with 9 of the 8-packs of regular Powerade, 84 of the 32 oz Powerade Zero's, 4 of the 32 oz. regular Powerade, 9 packages of Martha White Muffin Mixes, 2 cans of Alpo, and 1 can of Chef Boyardee for an out of pocket cost of $13.64 and had a $4 RR left, so really a loss of only $9.64 for a more than ample supply of Powerade for the soccer teams.  Everything that was not Powerade Zeros simply served as fillers.  The cost of 6 Powerade Zero's was 4.50 (@ 0.75 each).  I used 2 coupons from a tearpad for $0.75/3, so initial cost was 3.00 and produced a $4 RR (and produced a $1/3 coupon).  So, for each sequential order I used a $1/3 coupon and a $0.75/3 coupon for a total of 2.75 (so I had to have fillers so that I could "roll" my RR).  It was great fun.  Thanks to Refund Cents for the original tips." -  Courtni H., SC

"I don't know what my mommy is going to do with all of this Kotex, but I'm excited that she got such a good deal on it!  She got all of the small boxes for free from WalMart with a $1/1 coupon out of the Sunday paper.  The medium packages were regularly priced $3.12 but she got Wal-Mart to compare the sale that Reasor's was having.  This made them $2.19 minus a $1/1 coupon from the Sunday paper. Final price: $1.19 each!  The large packages were purchased at Walgreens.  After the B1G1 half price sale, the easy saver coupon, and the coupon from the Sunday paper, they were all half price or less.  Now I know why Mommy digs around in those big recycle bins every week!" Jenna S.

"Cheyenne and Chloe are excited to show off their mom's latest good deal!  The toothpaste was on sale at Walgreens, plus there was a "super coupon" in their sale ad for $2.00 off each tube.  Combined with a coupon from the Sunday paper, each tube was only 25 cents!  The other things pictured, except for the mouthwash, were all recent free-afer-rebates from Walgreens.  The mouthwash was $4.49 OOP but I received a catalina for $4.50 off my next purchase, so technically it was free too!  I love RC and all the good deal alerts!" Jenna S.

"All of these supplies should have cost me $100 and I got them all for FREE. Each item was on sale, I had coupons for every item, and got Register Rewards for each deal. I paid a few dollars out of pocket, but the Register Rewards were profitable equaling everything to be completely FREE! Gotta Love it!" Jill, MO

"My deal of the day was going to Wal-mart where they had on clearance twin packs of Butler Gum toothbrushes for $1 a twin pack. I had 10) $1/1 coupons so instant slam dunk of 20 toothbrushes by paying for only the tax on them after they were already free from the coupons!!! :)
After counting Register Rewards earned and rebates coming I will have paid only $30.11 for all of the other things in the photo. There's medical gloves and diapers behind him. I'm not overly happy with my Wags deal because if my Gift Card actually had the $32.00 on it that I went into the store thinking it had, I would have made a profit of $1.89!!! Then I'd have something to brag about...I didn't bother to read the email that said the rebate was coming in 5-10 days. I thought it was already loaded. Oh well. Lesson learned and still a decent amount of loot:) which would have cost $192.56 and given me a heart attack if I'd have paid regular price!" - Melanie A.

When sending your Deal Diva picture and story, please include a person in the picture.

"Even though I am have subscribed to Refund Cents and visited Centsible Chat for the past year, I am still a newbie couponer.  Working and going to school has kept me from applying myself to the art of couponing.  Well, my classes finished last month and I decided it was time.  With several decent coupons burning a whole in my envelope, I decided I would go to Walmart.  The subtotal for my bill was $99.27, after coupon were added the new subtotal was $76.92!  The pictures shows my free items from the trip- the Friskies Party Mix and Mighty Dog Food are for my critters to enjoy.  Entering Pawpoints from Fresh Step cat litter resulted in getting a coupon for a free bag.  The Kraft Singles were free after buying 3 Nabisco products.  The Sure Deodorant was BOGO.  The Land O'Lakes half stick will be free after I send in the Try Me Free rebate.  It was so exciting watching the total come down.  I am now officially hooked!" Dawn Miklich from PA

"The first thing I did in this deal after printing my 3 online coupons, was to call the store manager of where I planned to go.  I verified that they accepted internet manufacture coupons.  The manager said that they did.  I was off. My first trip was a simple one, just to be sure it would all work. I had my coupons and the flier in my hand.  I got the three Robitussens. This cost me $3.98.  Sure enough, the register reward for $10 popped up!  YEA!   I was so excited.   I took everything out to my van and came back in the store, coupon box in hand.   My second order was 2 containers of Scrubbing Bubbles wipes, 1 container of Scrubbing Bubbles spray, 2 bottles of Windex and 2 bottles of Shout spray to get the next $10 register reward.  Upon inspection of the ad, they had B1G1 free on Sunsilk styling products.  Ah-HA!  I had 2 $1.50 off Sunsilk coupons.  At the register, I handed over my manufacture coupons first, I had one coupon for EVERY item.  Then I handed her my register reward from order #1.  Hmmm, it beeped, neither one of us could figure out why it wouldn't work.  I said, why don't we add in this tube of Chapstick and try again?  Sure enough it worked!  You can't have more coupons than items. That order cost me $5.87!  Plus I got another $10 Register Reward.  My total out of pocket was $9.85.  Total saved with manufacture coupons $17.75, Walgreens savings $17.79, used one $10 register reward.  I still have my second $10 register reward to use for my next deal.  I so love the Walgreens deals!" 
Dawn DeGroot WA

"My daughter Katelyn, age 14, has been helping me with my coupon hobby for several years now.  As we walked into our Super Target last month, I was telling her about the Planters Peanuts coupons that I had printed off that day.  I mentioned reading on Chit Chat, that if we bought three packets of Kool-Aid, we would get $3.00 off of a can of Planters!  Since we both love cashews and mixed nuts, I thought this was a definite deal we should do!  I went to the grocery section and found the cans of cashews and mixed nuts that were priced over $4.00 a can, ugh.  Then on to find the Kool-Aid packets, though these were 5/$1, this deal wasn't as great as others I had found, it was going to average over $1.60/can!  I picked out two cans of nuts and 6 packets of Kool-Aid and put these into my cart.  And to think I still had a dozen coupons to use! 
Luckily, my coupon savvy teen, was still thinking about the Planters coupons when we walked to the back of the store...there she found a much better deal!!  Target had a section of household staples and some food items labeled Limited Time Value, these Planters cashews and mixed nuts were in larger cans and each can cost $3.00!  She kindly pointed out to me that she had found a better deal!!  Well, I had to agree, sixty cents for three packs of Kool-Aid and a free can was a much better deal!!
We loaded up 14 cans of Planters and returned my two more expensive cans, picked up a total of 42 packets of Kool-Aid.  Here is Katelyn at Grandma's showing off her great deal and collecting some more coupons that Grandma had printed off for us as well!  We left a few cans with Grandma and have given Planters to other friends that save coupons for me.  But we still have "plenty of Planters" to go around! 
Katelyn's favorite couponing deals come from her American Eagle All Access Pass.  She frequently gets coupons from AE and Aerie, but she also carefully shops the clearance racks to find bargains that will enhance her wardrobe and as well as earn points on her Pass.  These points add up and if she can get 200 points in a quarter, she gets a coupon for an additional 40% off of her entire order!  So four times a year, we do a big shopping spree at AE using her 40% off coupons and then the rest of the year, the little shopping trips just help to add a few items as needed to her wardrobe and to her point totals...if you have a teen, this is a great store savings program, I'm always amazed at checkout the number of parents who don't use this!
Thanks to the many deal finders on this site, you certainly help the rest of us keep living within our means!" Carrie B. Fredericksburg, VA

Went to Weis yesterday before the sale ended and this is what I got:

1 Cheerios $4.19
2 Success Rice $1.79 each
2 Herbal Essences Conditioner $2.50 each
2 Silk Soy Milk $2.50 each
10 Dawn $1.00 each
8 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits $1.00 each
3 Progresso soup $1.00 each

- $4.19 Cheerios (free coupon)
- $1.00 Success Rice (.79 total)
- $1.00 Success Rice (.79 total)
- $2.00 Herbal Essences (.50 total)
- $2.00 Herbal Essences (.50 total)
- $2.25 Silk Milk (.25 total)
- $2.25 Silk Milk (.25 total)
- $1.00 Dawn x 10 (all free)
- $.70 Grands x 8 (.30 total each)
- $1.10 Progresso ( .63 total each)

Grand total I paid $7.98.
Shelf price $36.77
Savings of $28.75
Debbie Leikel, Pa

"I've been a subscriber to Refund Cents for a few months now. I subscribed about 10 yrs ago and just recently started couponing again. This is a picture of my son Carter with my deal I made this morning at Walgreens. I went to four different Walgreens. I bought 45 bottles of Robitussin, 15 different transactions of 3. Each bottle was $3.99, I had a $3 coupon off, for a total of .99 each bottle. Each transaction printed a $10 Register Reward per the ad.  I also used a few Register Rewards from the John Freida deal a week or so ago, but I didn't count that in my totals as I purchased other items. Total OOP for the Robitussin $44.55, and earned $130.00 in Register Rewards!!!! I purchased a Visa gift card with $30 of that money. I plan to keep some of the Robitussin, make "cold" gift baskets with soup and tissues this winter, and put some in the Missions Closet at church! Julie C.

I’ve always been in awe of all of those Deal Divas out there.  I never thought I could get it all together to do the same.  This week the opportunity finally presented itself. I split my orders into 2 (our Walgreens won’t let you do 2 transactions) so I had to go to 2  different Walgreens so I could use 2 of the $5 off $20 .    I purchased:
4 packs Dixie Ultra Plates (2/$3.49-.35 coupon each=$1.40ea)
4 4pks Duracell Batteries
8 bags Dove Chocolates (2/$5 – 4 B1G1F coupons)
1 24 pack Bic Permanent Markers ($5.99-$1 coupon=4.99)
2 pks shoe laces (clearance for $1.09 and $1 coupons=$.09ea)
1 expand-a-file coupon organizer (for the car)
3  2pks Scunci barrettes (clearance for $.82ea)
2 pks Mentos gum (clearanced for $.65-$.55 coupon=$.10ea)
4 8pks Energizer batteries ($5.29-4 $1 coupons)
2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal
18 bottles Dove Shampoo/Conditioner
($2/4.99 – 18 $2.00 coupons=.49 ea!!)
1 pair sunglasses
I had a couple of gift cards from transferring prescriptions to Walgreens (3@$25 ea!).  My total OOP was $6.86! Thanks for the lessons and encouragement! Debby Rhodes

"We went a little over budget this week, but only a little. Our weekly budget is $55 and we spent $57.40. We will be sending for a $10 rebate on the steak and a $3.99 rebate on the Smart Start Cereal, along with sending in our labels for a free jar of Rinaldi Pasta Sauce. Missing from the picture is one loaf of bread and one package of hot dog buns, as they were eaten already. We got a couple of great deals this week. We got six loaves of wheat bread and four packages of hot dog buns for $6.89! This is great as we go through bread pretty quickly around here. We also bought several boxes of cereal that were marked down from $4.99 to $1.01 due to the boxes being damaged. It was fantastic to see the original total at the grocery store go from $131.76 to $47.86.  This is our best grocery shopping trip to date!"  -Kristin Brutsman

.09 for all this!

"Here is my best deal so far and I have been with RC for roughly 2 months.  Done in 3 different transactions.  
1st T- Did the Ragu Sauce and Skippy PB deal, 3/$5, when you buy 6 get $4RR.  I bought 4 Ragu $.50/2 c/o twice and 2 PB $.60 c/o twice and 1 Deerfield 6pk raisins $1.00.  Total was $11.00 before c/o, $8.80 after, use $5 RR from previous deal, oop $3.80.
2nd T – WLG Q-tips 30c for .19 X 2=$.38, GM Cheerios 14oz cereal $1.99 x 2=$3.98-2/$1.00c/o = $1.98, SB Scrubber $5.79-$2.75 c/o=$3.04, WLG big roll TP 2/$.89ea WLG ad c/o for 2/$-.39 off ea =$1.00 for 2 rolls, Ban Deod on sale BOGO $3.49, bought 2 for $3.49-2/$1.00 AYc/o=$1.49 for both, Van Camps pork & beans 15oz size can WLG ad c/o for $.39 ea=$1.17, Prep H travel pack wipes 10ct for $3.99 x 2=$7.98-2/$3.00(website c/o)=$1.98-2/$2.00ESC=$-2.02.  Total before c/o and previous RR was $23.29, total after was $1.79 and use GC to pay for $0 oop.
3rd T-Kitchen Gourmet 3cup rice cooker $9.99, SB Scrubber $5.79-$2.75c/o=$3.04, 4 Skippy PB and 2 Ragu, 3/$5.00 x 2=$10.00-Ragu c/o $.50/ 2=$9.50-Skippy c/o $.60 x 4=Total $7.10, 3 Prep H travel 10ct packs @$3.99 ea=$11.97-3/$3.00(website c/o)=$2.97-ESC c/o $2 off x 3=$-3.03, Jane Pwdr FAR for Aug $4.99, Ban Deod on sale BOGO $3.49, bought 2 for $3.49-2/$1.00 AYc/o=$1.49 for both, 2 Wylers S/F drink mix 2 $1 ea=$2.00.  Total before c/o & RR $48.23. Used $5 off $20 WLG c/o, $5 RR from another deal, all above c/o & ESC c/o, total after $17.07, used $15.62 from GC = $1.45 oop. 

Total cost
of all 3 transactions $82.52 (more if none of this was on sale). Used 3 $5 RR and 1 $1 RR other deals. Total out of pocket for all 3 transactions $5.25 oop.  Yes, I used $17.41 from GC, but sending in the rebate for the SB Scrubber $5.79, submitting for WLG rebates, $1.50 off of 2nd SB Scrubber, $4.00 off of Kitchen Gourmet rice cooker, FAR for Jane pwdr $4.99 = $10.49 plus 10% GC=$11.53 for a total in rebates of $17.32.  I will actually pay $.09 for all of this.  I owe a lot of my success to everyone on RC and want to Thank All of You." Sandra H.

"My King Soopers store had the Kleenex Tissues on sale 10 for $10.00. Fortunately I found $.50 Kleenex coupons at the Safeway store in the Olympic Coupon Booklets making all these Kleenex FREE when doubled. My grandson, Sam, is in the Kleenex fort he helped build. I got 125 boxes but have already shared some so only 118 boxes are in the photo. Of course I had to make a few trips to the store, but it was still great fun to see all these boxes add up." Barb Espinoza Lakewood, Colorado

"Here are some of my recent stockpiles all for FREE!
Some of these were done last week, and some done today 9-1-08.
The Garnier Fructis I bought for the rebate this month.  Lucky me, there happened to be attached coupons on some of the bottles for $1 off each.  I spent the initial $20 needed, used the coupons from the August rebate booklet, and a $1 off manufactures coupon on each to make them end up being FREE (actually a $1.06 profit).
The arm & hammer essentials are FREE per on-line rebate form.
The Glade sprays were FREE after being on sale and using a manf. coupon and Walgreens coupon.
The Oust were FREE with BOGO, then $1 off coupons, and the $1 each per rebate last month.
The Crest mouthwash were also FREE today.  They were on sale for $4.49 and each printed out a $4.50 RR.
The Excedrin express gel caps are FREE this month per rebate, and the other Excedrin's are on sale this week for an amazing $1.99 with the $1 RR printing out to make them only $.99 each...but I had two- $2 off Excedrin PM coupons that they took so that was the missing $4 off that should have been OOP. 
Thus...everything FREE!!!!!" Jill, MO

"I went to Walgreens for the B1G1 Free Glade Scented Oil Warmers.  The cashier told me I could not use the B1G1 Free manufacturers coupons.  I asked to see the manager.  He also told me I could not use them because I was getting 1 free from Walgreens.  I then remembered that Michelle had noted that in the weekly flier it said to look in Most Sunday papers for MFR coupons.  I showed this to the manager & he could not refute what was stated in the flier.  I got 32 Oil Warmers total $156.29 totally FREE.
That is my Beanie Baby in the picture he has 1 yellow eye & 1 blue eye.  The blue eye turns red when the light catches it just right.  He was so proud of his MaMa & the GREAT bargain I got.
The manager told me no more and I said it was the last day of the sale & I would not be back.  He said no I left no more for anyone else & I said that the other manager was out there right now putting 30 more on the shelves.  He just smiled & said I have never seen anything like this.  I asked what he meant by that & he said that someone comes in the store & walks out paying nothing!!!  I said that's not true I bought other things that were on sale & he said Yes he knew that & that I  used coupons on those, too!!  He laughed & walked away!"  Estelle in Boston MA

"I wanted to tell you about my wonderful experience at Walgreens last night. I had several coupons and wanted to take advantage of the overlaps and FARS. Here is a list of the items I purchased: 
6 Oust Air Sanitizers $3.99 ea - coupon BOGOF & $ 1/1
6 Glade Oil Warmers $4.79 ea - coupon BOGOF & sale BOGOF
6 Glade plug in oil refills $3.89 ea - coupon BOGOF, sale BOGOF & $1/1
1 Glade Fabric & Air Spray $ 3.89 - coupon $1.50, aug wags $1/1 & july wags $1.50/1
1 Preparation H 10 count Portable Wipes - $4.49 - coupon - $2/1 & wags $2/1
1 Chemistry Shampoo - $7.99 - FAR
1 John Frieda Shampoo - $6.49 - coupon $2/2 & wags, buy 1 get 50% on 2nd
1 John Frieda Conditioner - $6.49 - coupon $2/2 & wags, buy 1 get 50% on 2nd
1 John Frieda Mousse - $6.49
1 John Frieda Boost - $6.49
1 L'oreal Advanced Revatalift Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate $16.49 - 25% off & coupon $4/1
3 Peter Pan Creamy Peanut Butter $3.49 ea - coupon .55/1 & wags 3 for $5 
I was nervous because the clerk wanted to do the $10 coupon last and I asked her to do it first. She said sure no problem. She was very nice but examined every coupon, mind you it was 11 at night and the store was pretty empty. The total I guess dropped to below the $40 before taxes and it voided the coupon. She called the manager to assist her. He was very nice and took it off anyway since it was only a difference of a few cents to bring it back up to $40. 
Total $127.26
wags coupon $10 off $40
plus I should have received $9 in Catalina (didn't get, will have to call about that) plus $15.99 in rebates (August & September)
oop $31.58 - rebates = $6.59 
I am trying to stock up for things things to sell for a yard sale. We are in the process of adopting a child from another country so any extra money is wonderful. Thanks to everyone for their wonderful tips on all of the great deals." Jennifer

" Here's my 4 year old posing w/ Mommy's new stash. Is she eyeing the candy or the lip gloss?
The things I went to CVS for today were already gone. But I found a jackpot! In the clearance bin were Physicians Formula Lip sheens marked down to .79 each. I had 3) $5/2 coupons='s $15.00. So I grabbed the clearance basket and went to find a manager. I asked if I could buy 19 of them which would = 15.01 and use all of the coupons. Yes! Awesome! There where still plenty left for others too. I also threw in 2) nutmeg spices clearanced at .10 each and 6 tumblers also .10 each, 1 candy bar .50 and 1 breath mint for 1.50 (should have chosen a cheaper item here, cashier said I needed it but I don't think I even did for the total to take the ECB, not gonna complain though) and then paid with a $2 ECB and $1.75 out of pocket for all of it!! Original pre sale price for all of it would have been: $165.45
My 9 year old daughter had gone along with me so she was eyeing some of the lip gloss:) We'll keep some and then pass a bunch along around Christmas for stocking stuffers for teens on a giving tree. My daughter always says "Mom, you never pay full price for anything" Watch and learn baby girl:)! Watch and learn! And then do... :)" - Melanie A., IL

Darci Tryles

"Tonight I went to 3 Walgreens and this was the latest deal- The OOP was $41.59.  I bought the John Frieda Luxurious hair products

 5 transactions of 2 products- cost was $10.61(-$3 JF coupon)$7.61  X 5 = $38.05. Earned five $9 Register Rewards

I then purchased 2 $20 dollar Walgreen Gift Cards, 8 packs Jolt Gum .80 each had $1 off 2, and two Baby Ruth Candy Bars=$1.77

I used the Gift Cards to Purchase another 5 sets for $38.05 and then purchased another 2  $20 gift cards, 8 packs Jolt & candy=$1.77. Earned five $9 Register Rewards.

I did a partial repeat and when I ran out of coupons I ended up with:
28 Packs of Jolt Gum
9 Hair Spray
6 Mousse
4 Root Boost
3 Shampoo
2 Conditioners
$40 Gift Cards
$18 RR left
So a profit of $16.41 plus all the products!!!  As you can see it gave my husband something to smile about!!!!" Lynn in Louisiana

The Great Eskimo Pie Caper
"Our family loves to have frozen treats in the freezer so when I saw that Giant had a special deal on Eskimo Pie Popsicles, I knew I could fill up our freezer for next to nothing. The Eskimo Pies (12 to a box) were on sale for 2 for $4.00.  I had a coupon for $1 off of one box.  In addition, if you bought 4 boxes Giant would give you a coupon for $4 off your next shopping order.  So I went the store and got my 4 boxes, used 2 coupons (wish I had four…) and counting the $4 of my next order coupon I ended up paying just $2.00 for 48 Eskimo pie popsicles.  That is less about 4 cents a piece for each yummy treat.  What a great deal!"
ShawnMarie M.

"Here is Jeremy age 2, Kaley age 9 months, and Draven age 6. All are showing how happy they are to receive 48 free 12-packs of Coke. This was a year of collecting Coke points at home and finds of lids that had been discarded." - Jim Morgan


"When I got wind of the PowerAde .75 off 1 and $1 off 1 bottle coupons from Chit Chat, I was sooo excited. We drink about 2 cases or more a week of PowerAde and/or Gatorade. With my husband coaching 2 soccer teams and our son playing...well, they are quite thirsty as you can imagine.  
I ended up trading for about 70 coupons and I used them at Winn Dixie and received a Bonus 24 pack of Dasani Water with every 10 bottles I bought. Then onto Publix where each bottle had a Publix coupon attached for buy 10 bottles get 5 bottle free. Well Oh yea....not only were my bottle free (on sale for .99 each) but I was to get 5 free for every yep I was there when the store opened. Albertsons here I come. I actually found this deal by accident. I went in for some free Scott TP and they had a area up front on clearance. They were clearancing the Pink and Purple PowerAde's for .79 each. I had many $1 coupons left so for every bottle I earned .21 toward my purchase. They had 2 coupons attached to the Dasani and I ended up getting 2 cases of water from Albertsons as well.  
All in all I ended up with 70 32oz bottles and 6 cases of Dasani 1/2 liter bottles. and I paid NOTHING for them, except what I paid in trades for the coupons. Thank you so much RC Boards and Chit Chat for the help." Tanya Senseney

"My cousin and I decided we were going to have a crazy night out, so we went to Walgreens at midnight!  We wanted to go couponing so we gathered our binders and headed out.  We were ready for a crazy night on the town!!!  They were having a deal on Ragu Pasta Sauce and Skippy Peanut Butter.  We bought 4 Ragu and 2 Skippy and after coupons, we paid 7.00 OOP.  We got a $4 RR and used it on 2 Scott 12 Roll Packs, we paid 9.03 OOP and got $3 RR that we will use for our next big night out on the town! We also bought 12 Ragu and 6 Skippy in groups of 6, we paid $7 OOP, we got $4 RR for each for the future damage we will do. Pictured is my daughter Desiree with everything her crazy mother and cousin brought back from our wild night!" Christy and Angela, TX

"When the Powerade $1/1 coupons appeared in the Sunday paper my friend Melissa and I knew we needed as many of these coupons as we could get.  We were able to gather over 200 coupons – now it was just a matter of finding the best way to maximize the potential for free Powerade!  Our local Albertson’s ran a sale the following week – 10 for $10 and receive an $8.00 Catalina coupon for every 25 participating items purchased.  We decided to stop at the Poulsbo store and to our surprise a tag hanging on the shelf advertised “buy 10 – get 5 free!”  WOW – even better!  We were able to do multiple transactions of 25 and use 25 coupons on each – leaving an overage of $5.00 on each transaction for the 5 free bottles plus the $8.00 catalina.  Altogether we ended up with over 200 bottles of Powerade and $13.00 in our pocket for each transaction with the Catalina coupon and overage.  These will come in handy as we are both returning to college in the fall and have many hours of lecture ahead of us.  Here is a picture of our future couponers… Melissa’s daughter Chloe and my children Michael and Karen.  They had so much fun stacking the bottles for the picture!" Vicki Easley

"Here's a picture of my son, Tai, with a whole lot of FREE items I picked up at CVS.  This wasn't even all of it - I gave the second half of this loot away to friends and family before I took the picture!  The Loreal Vive was B1G1 at and I used B1G1 coupons to make those FREE.  The Pert Plus Botanicals was $2.99/bottle and I used my $3 off coupons making those FREE.  The Schick Intuition Razors were $3.99 and I used my $4 off coupons making those FREE.  Combining great coupons with great sales is so exciting!  I've only been couponing since June, but I have gotten so much help from and have had some very successful shopping trips.  Thank you for the fantistic site that directs me toward fantastic deals!" - Lindsay Auran

"Huge thank you to everyone at Refundcents!  I saw on Centsible Chat Thursday night at 9.30 pm that Walgreen's catalina machines were printing double register rewards on the Kelloggs/Keebler deal. I called my husband and told him and he said "go for it" .  I jumped in the car and raced 3 blocks to my Walgreens (they close at In 30 minutes I did the deal four times. Then I drove 12 miles to the 24 hour Walgreens and stayed for an hour.  On the off chance Friday morning  I was at another Walgreens when they opened. I am lucky enough to have 4 Walgreens within a 15 minute drive so I hit them all.  My kids built the castle you see using :
2 Keebler Fudge Cookies
4 Club Crackers
5 Cheese its
10 Rice Krispi Treats
20 Nutrigrain Bars
29 Pop Tarts
Total spent after Register Rewards---CAN YOU SAY "SALES TAX"
The hillarity of watching my four kids work on this castle---PRICELESS" 
Joy Myers in Mississippi

          "Recently, our Harris Teeter grocery store tripled coupons. This is an EVENT for me and my family; not just a shopping trip. Teeter triples between three and four times a year it seems and I always look forward to it. My husband is kind enough to help me go on the morning of before work. Our Teeter opens at 6 AM so we set our alarm clocks for 5 AM so we can get first pick. I saw a lot more people in the aisles than I normally see and wondered if the depressed economy made more people come out.

    In the pictures you see me posing with my pantry goodies after I put the cold stuff up. There were many items free and many items we love that we got good deals on. I got $ 325 worth of groceries for $ 55. The best deals were on Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner,  Uncle Bens Rice, Hefty Paper plates, Utz chips and more. The rule of thumb is to use a coupon on a sale item for the best deal.

    I'm loving it! This hobby has its benefits." Emily

"Tonight my husband joined me in my new hobby!  We went to Kroger for the Mega sale.  We did purchase in groups of 10 so 10 transactions- a little time consuming but my Kroger will only double a coupon on 3 like items in a transaction so we bought:
21 Warm Delights  (.50/pack)
20 Irish Spring triple packs (.30/pack)
20 Softsoaps (.35)
20 Ken’s Bottle Dressings($1)
7 Ken’s Spray Dressings ($1)
4 Fruit by the foot (.50/2)
4 Cookie Mixes(.50)
3 Betty Crocker Frostings(.55)
1 Cattlemen’s BBQ Sauce (.75)
Our OOP was $31.62
And our savings was $210.55   That is 87% savings. Thanks to all those that give advice and share your stories!!!!!"  Lynn in Louisiana

"Here is our little guy, Laiken, buried in a pile of wipes. 
Today I decided to work on building up my stockpile of wipes.  We have two in diapers, one of which is potty training, so we use a lot of wipes, especially flushables.  At Wal-Mart we bought thirteen 16-ct. Huggies wipes, priced at $.98 each.  With our $1 off any Huggies bath & body, we got all of them free!  Too bad they didn't have more!  We also purchased 20 packages of Huggies Clean Team flushable wipes, priced at $1.64 each.  With our $3/2 Huggies Clean Team coupons, we got these for $.14 each!  These will go great with our $.99 per package diapers we will be buying tomorrow and Saturday." - Kristin Brutsman


This was my 3rd deal at Walgreens. My trip included 4 Pullups, 4 Bandaids, 3 Bottles Liquid Mallox (1 with bonus bottle), 3 Bottles Mallox Chewable Tablets, 1 Bottle Benefiber 76 count capsules, 1 Intuition Razor Kit w/ Bonus Dove Shampoo & Conditioner, 4 Packs Quattro Razors (1 with 2 bonus razors), 1 Bic Soleil Shimmer, and 1 Skintimate Shavin Cream (not pictured because it busted open and I need to take it back and exchange it).
How did I do you ask? Not too bad, after all said and done only $12.67 out of pocket after $5 RR from the Pullups.
Here is how I did it.
4 Pullups @ $5.99 each = $23.96 - July $5 off 2 Diapers ($10) - Aug $5 off 2 Diapers ($10) - $2 off 1 Diaper ($8) = $ -4.04
4 Bandaids @ 2 for $2.79 = $5.58 - $1 off 1 Bandaid ($2) = $3.58
3 Liquid Mallox @ $5.49 each = $16.47 - $2 off 1 (3 manuf = $6) - July $2 off 1 ($6) = $4.47
3 Chewable Mallox @ $3.99 each = $11.97 - $2 off 1 (3 manuf = $6) - July $2 off 1 ($6) = $-0.03
1 Benefiber Capules @ $3.19 (clearance price) = $3.19 - $2 off 1 (manuf) - July $2 off 1 - Aug $2 off 1 = $ -2.81
1 Intuition Razor Kit @ $9.49 = $9.49 - $4 off 1 (manuf) - July $2 off 1 - Aug $2 off 1 = $1.49
4 Packs Quattro Razors @ $7.99 each = $31.96 - B1G1F (manuf 2 = $15.98) - July $2 off 1 ($8) = $7.98
1 Bic Soleil Shimmer @ $6.99 = $6.99 - Aug $2 off 1 - $4 off 1 (manuf) = $0.99
1 Skintimate @ $2.49 = $2.49 - In ad coupon $0.50 - $0.55 (manuf) = $1.44
Total Before In Ad Coupons , Easysaver Coupons and Manufacturer Coupons = $112.10 (not including tax)
Total After all In Ad Coupons, Easysaver Copons and Manufacturer Coupons = $13.07 (not inclding tax)
Total After RR = $8.07 (not including tax) 
Casey B, Colorado

"Here is a pic of my small Walgreens deal today using the $5/$20 coupon. I was in the store less than 45 minutes to put this together.
1) Pert + on sale for $3.79 - $2 c/o = $1.79 There is an ES rebate on this for $4.29 (profit!)
2) Dove Minis on sale 2/$6 - B1G1F c/o = $3.99
3) Hershey Bliss 2/$7 - B1G1F c/o + $3.99
I did the Hershey Bliss twice.
4) Coke Zero $1.19 - $1.19 Try It Free c/o
Then minus the $5/$20 which made the out of pocket $4.27!
Total coupon savings was $19.71" - Jan Basham

"CVS has the candy deal where you buy $10 worth, you get $5 ECB, limit 5. On that list was B1G1F Lifesaver bags. Well, I had coupons for B1G1F Lifesavers so that made 2 bags for free.
So 48 x $2.19 - $105.12
- 24 bags that were free = $52.56
- 24 coupons that made the other bag free = $0
Tax oop was $1.06 which I put on a gift card that I had gotten from MyPoints. The best thing.... I got back $25 in ECBs! Woo Hoo! The pictures is of my two kids that are happy about all the free candy they got. But I'm going to be using this at Halloween!" Nicole


"First of all an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to all who continue working out all the awesome deals. When I read about the Walgreens diaper deal I just had to get in on it. I am not pregnant nor do I have a baby in diapers, but occasionally I make diaper cakes and also like to have extra gifts on hand. I have a great Walgreens and the cashiers were wonderful. I only had an hour to make the most of this deal, a few of my transactions were only .29 cents for 3 packs or diapers and a razor pack. The young ladies were amazed at my deals and even held my bags for me while I continued to shop. My grand total is 33 packages of diapers and 17 packages of various name brand razors. My OOP was less than $20.00 and I still have $55.00 in RR to spend. In the picture you will see my beautiful daughter Annelisa holding my receipts and RR with a huge smile. She loves to help me use coupons. To the  right is my handsome son Noah and his friend Cole on the left. When I got my haul home my wonderful hubby asked "Where are you going to store all that stuff?" My response: SURPRISE honey.. you're building me more closets. And with deals like these I definitely need more storage space. My linen closet, daughter's closet, and every cabinet with any kind of space is overflowing.  This deal was so fun and regular price would have been over $350.00. I can not wait for the next overlap extravaganza. Thanks again to all the deal finders for passing along your wisdom !" -- Jessica Winebarger, FL

We Went NUTS for a Bargain!
"We stocked up on Planters products recently when Walgreens had such a string of good deals.  By combining the great sale prices with the internet printable coupons and the register rewards on each transaction, we were able to get about 25 cans of Planters Nuts and 25 bags of Planters Trail Mix, all for free.  We went to several stores on several different occasions, each time picking up four  to six Planters products.  The trail mix was on sale for $.99 with an in-ad coupon.  I was able to use a coupon for $3 off Planters products if I bought four, and a $1.50 register printed out with each transaction.  The next week I discovered Planters nuts on sale 2/$5.  I used another $3 coupon (thanks to those who posted multiple links to these coupons—I printed 10), but this time the register reward was $6.50.  I also submitted for the  EasySaver rebate of $5 back on a $15 purchase of Kraft products.  By the end of the month we had this great stash of nuts, which doesn’t include all that we ate throughout the month.  Thanks, Refund Cents!" Jaimie F., MO

My 2 1/2 yr. old son is pointing at all mommy's loot. Went Wednesday and bought 12 packages of diapers, and scored $20.00 in RR. Went back Friday hoping to do even better, but was a little disappointed to find my first Walgreens would only let me buy 3 packages of diapers. Plus she only would give me 5.00 off the 3 packages with the first coupon, but then she took the other two so it worked out. I tried to buy the Lamisil but the coupon beeped. She price overroad it to $0.99, but then I couldn't use my $4.00 off coupon or my $2.00 off coupon because they wouldn't price adjust. I also got Walitin allergy meds,  and Lysol neutra air for a total of $8.65. So on to my next Walgreens I went, and I scored big time. I got 8 packages of diapers, 2 clean and clear products, 3 Maalox Jr. chewables, 2 Pantene shampoo/cond., Similac formula with iron, Bic Soleil razor, and  2 L'oreal natural match haircolors. Total out of pocket $0.68. 2nd order 8 packages of diapers, 2 Pantene shampoo/cond., 6 cans of Campbell's Tortilla soup (not pictured). I already gave away 5 packages of diapers, the soup, the Neutra air, and the allergy meds. Friday I spent $15.52, got $15.00 in RR, getting $8.00 back from Pantene, and $3.00 from Neutra Air. So I profited $10.48.  I Just want to thank my MOM, without her I wouldn't have been able to do all this. She taught me everything she knows, and introduced me to this site. So thank you lots and lots Mom, I appreciate everything you do. Thanks to everyone else for all the great information they put out there. It's really great to be a part of this site. Thanks again, Jaime, TN

"I know this isn't a huge haul but I was so pleased to be able to take advantage of the overlapping deals at Walgreen's for July/August!  I went in with confidence and had to ask the manager for the new Easysaver booklet but he gave it to me without any trouble.  I then matched up all the EasySaver coupons with the list I printed from refundcents along with the manufacturer's coupons I had already gotten together.  I paper clipped the coupons I was using to my list and went through the store.  I took all of the items to the cosmetics counter and the cashier didn't blink an eye at all of my overlapping coupons!  The register also accepted the two Easysaver coupons as well as the the pharmacy coupon!  My total before coupons was $159.62.  My total after coupons was $42.41.  I earned $6 in register rewards, 1 movie ticket from the Easysaver rebate and $7 in Easysaver rebates making my overall total $17.41!  Thank you, Refund Cents!" 
Jessica J., NC


"My Mommy got all this shampoo for FREE using coupons.  She bought the L'Oreal Vive at Walgreen's and CVS during their Buy 1 Get 1 FREE sale using her Buy 1 Get 1 FREE coupons.  She got the Pert Plus using the $3 off coupons when she found it on sale for $3 at Homeland.  The Herbal Essence was on clearance at Homeland also and she used the $3/2 coupons.  The Suave shampoos are $1.09 each at Homeland and they double coupons up to $1 so when Mommy uses her $0.50 off any Suave or the $1/2 Suave she pays only 9 or 10 cents a bottle.  My brothers use the Suave shampoo as bubble bath.  Now all I need to do is grow hair so I can help Mommy, Daddy, Alex and Lee use all this shampoo.  There are 29 bottles of it!!"  Jesse (4 1/2 months) son to Karen Perea

"This is my second big deal at Walgreens. The 2 little girls in the picture are our daughters Katlyn and Rachel. I got the following things: 4 Reynolds Wrap, 1 Bottle Water, 7 Johnsons Lotions/Baby Wash, 1 Thera Breath, 1 Chocolate Bar, 1 Excedrin Back & Body, 2 Zantac, 2 Sure Deodorants, 2 Carmex, 5 Double Pack Erasers, 4 Packs Highlighters, 12 - 6 Count Pens/Pencils, 4 Double Pack Pens, 1 Markers, 1 Bic Razors, 1 Package Combs, 2 Glue Sticks, 3 Colored Pencils, 3 Crayons. I did all this and the Diaper Deal together, so total for all of this and my 58 packages of Diapers/Pullups after coupons & rebates is a PROFIT of $48.46."
Casey B.

"Our local Walgreens is a bit of a drive for me, but I wanted to take advantage of the diaper deal after hearing all the great stories on RC. I went with a friend and a total of four kids (under 4) packed in my minivan. My friend and I took turns going into Walgreens to buy our 3 packs/purchase. We both got 9 packs and left the rest of the stock for other deal-getters. I went back into the store to use some of the RRs I got with the diapers. Another two purchases scored 2 aluminum foil packages, 2 bottles of Pantene, 2 bottles of insect repellent, and lots of back to school items that were on sale including 3 rulers, 3 packs of pencils, crayola markers, and paper clips. For everything, I paid $20.95 including tax. I still have one $5 RR and will receive $6.99 in rebates. This was a pretty good shopping trip for only $8.96 OOP!" - Amy Spence


"This picture is mostly from last week! All of the Vive pro gloss shampoo and conditioner were FREE, as well as all of the bottles of Neutra Air freshener, I just paid tax!! For 4 bottles of shampoo/conditioner and 4 bottles of neutra air, my total was $1.12 for all 8 items! These were all bought at Rite Aid last week when they had their B1G1 free sale and I had B1G1 free coupons for the Vive and Neutra air.!! The Powerade was on sale at Giant Eagle last week, when you buy 10, you get 5 free. So I had 10 coupons for $1 off one bottle, they were on sale $1 each. So I took 15 to the register, got 10 free with the coupons, and the other 5 FREE because I bought ten, total 15 free The peanuts were bought, there were a total of 18 cans, some have mysteriously disappeared....:) with the $3 off of planters nuts coupon, they were all free, and I bought the .10cent koolaid, 3 per can of planters, so for .30cents I got a can of nuts and 3 koolaid packets. Now I need some recipes to use up the 98 or so packets of koolaid that I have as I also found the FREE wheat thins coupons when you buy 3 kraft products attached to the wheat thins at Giant Eagle and ended up getting 15 boxes of those, for .30cents each box and 3 koolaids to go with it.  The planters were also bought before the 13th of July, so I did mine in multiples of 5 and got the $6.50 catalina as well, huge profit!  I was able to buy toilet paper and other paper products that we will surely need in the months ahead. Excellent deals lately!! Then the rest is from CVS. The xtra gum was free, I got it on Saturday, so I was there to do the Sally Hansen nailpolish and decided to get some gum as well. The sally hansen nailpolish was on sale for .99cents each. I had a printed $3 on 2 nailpolish coupon, so I bought 3 nailpolishes, the register took off the whole $2.97, making 3 free nailpolishes. The Air wicks were on sale for $4.99, and there are coupons you can print for $4 off of 1, making them .99cents each. The cvs face wipes are the monthly deal, they are $2.99 for the month, there are $2 printable coupons to use on each pack, so I paid .99ents each, then you get a .99 extra care buck back for each one, making them all free! The pads are were from the monthly deal so those were FREE as well. All the chocolate you see I had to throw in as I was checking out because my total was -$3.xx and I didn't want that to happen so I grabbed the closest things I could find to get my total ABOVE ZERO! It worked out this way on both purchases thanks to those $3 off of a $15 register cpns, so I took advantage of those.  Thank you RefundCents!" - Beth Conley

"This morning we made a trip to Walgreens to pick up a few of their terrific deals for the week.  The 20 ft. rolls of Reynolds Wrap were on sale for $.89 and I had coupons for $1.50/2.  We bought 20 rolls for only $.14 each!  Here is our little guy, Laiken, holding his treasure.  He just LOVES to get deals with his momma!" - Kristin B.


"My son, Victory, loves peanuts and cashews and I love a coupon bargain challenge.  My mouth watered at the great Planters nuts deal everyone was talking about on Refund Centsible Chat.  But I live an hour away from any Walgreen's store, so I had no hope I could join in the savings fun.  I simply can not justify the fuel cost and my time driving out of town to join in the Refund Centsible Chat bargain finds.
Luckily, one day my husband needed to travel to one of the neighboring towns with Walgreens, so I quickly put my plan into motion.  I called the Kraft phone number advertised on the web site and asked how many internet coupons I could print off and use.  The Kraft customer service employee told me I could use all the coupons I wanted to print off, but only one coupon per Planters container.   I went to my husbands office and printed off a huge pile of the Kraft Planters internet coupons.  This coupon was on the Kraft web site and advertised “Save $3 on Planters Nuts when you buy 3 Kraft Products.”  I was overcome with excitement at being able to join in the other Refund members savings fun.  I love the thrill of finding great bargains and saving my family money.
When I went into the Walgreen's store I quickly grabbed my cart, tried to curb my growing excitement, and keep from running over to the huge supply of Planters nuts on the shelves.  The Planters salted nuts were two for $5.00 and the whole cashews were $6.99.  I wanted to spurge and buy some cashews because my son really loves the big whole nuts.  I do not buy the cashews often as they cost a lot more than the regular nuts.  I grabbed two of the lightly salted nuts and one whole cashew can.  I had read about a $5.00 rebate from Walgreen's EasySaver Catalog if you spent $15.00 select Kraft Products, so I picked up Kraft Shells and Cheese.  The Kraft Shells and Cheese were on sale and another special treat for my sons.  The Kraft Shells and Cheese, like the cashews, are usually an expensive product we do not purchase.  At the check stand my cashier quickly scanned my products and coupons without any problems.  I had expected the cashier to take off the $2.50 sale price of the Planters nuts instead of the $3.00 coupon price.  I explained the price difference to the cashier and she said she took whatever the machine took without beeping.  I used my Mastercard credit card for payment, earning cash back for my purchase.  My family makes sure we always pay the credit card in full each month so no interest charges are made.  I had read on Centsible Chat about a $4.00 off your next purchase Catalina coupon when you purchase three Planters items.  (I later re-read the information and understand I could have purchased up to six Planters items for a $6.00 Catalina coupon.) I waited breathless until the golden $4.00 Catalina coupon rolled off the machine and was placed in my outstretched hand.  It was all I could do not to grab the $4.00 Catalina coupon off my next purchase right out of the machine myself.  I grinned and skipped out to my car and quickly unloaded my bounty. 
I turn right around and return to the Walgreen's store and attempted to purchase another three Planters products but the cashier refused.  The cashier made up her own rules and said I could only use coupons on one shopping purchase.  I was so happy to be sharing in the fun with other Refund Centsible Chat members so I simply smile and left and traveled on to my next Walgreen's store.
At the next store I purchased my three Planters products and used the coupons.  The cashier even commented how great the ending price was when the total came up on the screen.  I tried to explain how to find internet coupons and offered her a Refund Cents magazine I keep with me in my coupons folder. The cashier refused my offer and said she did not have time to bother with coupons. 
I used all my printed $3.00 Planters internet coupons in one day.  I just wanted to yell and cheer as I was busting with excitement and joy at the fun of all the Planters products I was able to get.  It was also the last day to receive the special Walgreen's Catalina coupons for money off your next order.  Because I do not live near a Walgreen's store, I decided I should use my stack of $4.00 off your next order Catalina coupons.  Guiltily I poured over the wooden picture frames.  Pictures are my passion and I love to have nice frames to display them all over my home.  I picked out a great matching set of various sizes.  My original checkout clerk had taken a break, so a store manager was poised at the check stand.  The manager spent over 15 minutes on the phone checking with other people, and I believe, tried every reason she could that I could not use all the $4.00 Catalina's.  Finally she said I could use the same number of Catalina's as the number of items I purchased.  I did not argue with her.  I read all the problems other shoppers have with different stores and using coupons.  I was simply grateful to have the opportunity to use any of the Planters internet coupons and earn any Walgreen's Catalina's.  I did not think I would really win any arguments with the manager so I just agreed with her and told her thank you and expressed how grateful I was to be able to use the Catalina's.    I purchased all the wooden photo frames I wanted and grabbed some large Walgreen's brand band-aids on sale that I knew my family could use, to add up my number of items I was purchasing.
In total I purchased 42 Planters peanuts and 21 Planters cashews.  I earned 21 $4.00 off your next purchase Catalina coupons.  By using 63 $3.00 Planters internet coupons I saved over $199.00.  I tried to check all the expire dates on the Planters cans, only purchasing cans expiring in 2010.  I shared several cans with friends, and donated several cans to my favorite local charity.  I then carefully placed my stockpile in clear containers with lock lids and put in our storage which is dark and keeps a cool temperature. Thank you to Kraft and Walgreens.  And my biggest thank you to Refund Cents and all the great sharing friends on Centsible Chat."  Bernetta Stewart

"Here is a picture of my shopping today, not including more shampoo and razors we donated to the food pantry on the way home. Thank you to everyone posting the deals!! Thank you to Dela for the email with detailed how tos. I really appreciate the how to basics here, even though I have been couponing for a long time- what a thrill to have a great day of shopping!! Having the double dip chart available saved so much time and made it easier to catch all the HOT Deals. I went with a very tight budget and came home with change to spare. All these items are from Walgreens and Krogers. The Perfect 10 hair color was a freebie from attending the Dallas Proctor & Gamble expo. This bumped up my 'before coupon' total enough to be able to use a $5.00 off Entertainment book coupon. I am sending off for two free manicures, as well as the Sure and the Pert Plus refunds! I have a husband & two teen sons that all shave so the razor deal, the mens body wash, Cutter, and Brut septic stick was perfect for my family. My two younger children and I enjoy the scented shampoos & conditioner.
GDA - the BOGO Suave body wash was marked down on clearance to $1.61 at my Kroger. There is a BOGO coupon and coupons for .50 off any (1)Suave that can stack.
Walmart today they have bags of frozen Tyson boneless chicken marked to 5.00.
There is a $1.00 off any Tyson chicken on the database from a display Kroger had out a couple months ago. I just by chance had those in my purse when we went in to get school supplies.
Thank you Refund Cents!!!!"  Mary G., TX

Totally Nuts

"My kids and I really went ‘nuts’ over the Kraft/Planters deal.
By combining the internet printed coupon along with the Catalina deal at
Meijer, we were able to get 18 canisters of various nuts and 54 packets
of Kool-Aid, with a retail value of $68.76 for an out of pocket expense
of $25.98. Afterward we had 3 Catalinas worth $6.50 off your next order
–Total $19.50-so all together this stash cost us $6.18.

Thanks to all of the posters on Centsible Chat who kept posting
different web addresses to print the coupon off of I was able to get 18
coupons for “Save $3 on Planters Nuts when you buy 3 Kraft Products” by printing out the coupons from my desktop computer and my laptop
computer. The kicker was that one of the qualifying products was
Kool-Aid that Meijer sells for $.20 per packet. At the same time there
was a promotion running from Kraft that you could get a Catalina for
$6.50 on your next order when you purchased 6 Planters products.

With all my coupons in hand the kids and I went to Meijer and did 3
separate transactions. Each transaction had 18 packs of Kool-Aid, 6
Planters Nuts, and at the end I would give the cashier six (6) $3 off
coupons. Everything went smoothly and we walked away with quite a haul.
We were getting low on nuts anyway, so this was quite a blessing. On top
of that my kids LOVE nuts for an afternoon snack. Thanks to this deal I
discovered my 1 year old loves almonds. I never would have guessed! (He
is not pictured as he is napping).

Thanks to RC and the Centsible Chat community for all the links to print
the coupons and the heads up on this great deal! Here is Patrick and our
cat Franklin showing off our haul of Kool-Aid and Planters nuts."
Dawn Green

"I had been waiting for just the right sale to use up my 12 $3 Planters coupons and boy did I hit the jackpot!  Meijer had the Planters nuts on sale for $3.00 per can and along with that their Kool-aid Singles were also on sale for $1.00 per box.  So I quickly drove the 25 minutes to the nearest Meijer with coupons in hand.  I purchased 9 boxes of Kool-aid Singles and 3 cans of Planters per trip with a total of 4 trips to use up my 12 printable coupons.  I also was lucky enough to have $1/1 Kool-aid singles coupons as well so EVERYTHING was free!!!  But that's not even the best part!  For each set of 3 cans of Planters I also received a $4.00 catalina off my next shopping order!   So at the end of my 4 orders I had spent ZERO (no tax on food here in Michigan) and left with $20 in catalinas to use on my next trip!  Well worth the gas and time, and my daughters eyes lit up at the sight of all that kool-aid as well as my husbands when he saw all the cashews and peanuts I brought home." 
Jennifer Waltke, Michigan

"I made two separate runs on this particular Kraft promo. I used the Planters Peanut IP on both runs, as well as the Kraft free cheese from the Parade mag in the Sunday papers. My first trip netted me 2 jars of peanuts, 5 mini mallow bags, 2 mallow cream jars, 10 pkgs of kraft cheese, 8 bottles of kraft bbq sauce, 5 tubs of cool whip, and 20 boxes of mac'n cheese for a grand total of $4.00. On the second trip I utilized all of the same coupons along with the Weber marinade coupons, wild harvest ip's, deli fresh blinkies, lunchable juniors blinkies, best foods coupon, starkist catalina for a free pouch that a guy dropped in the recycle bin on his way out right in front of me! (I don't think people look at these), jello snack blinkies, and barbaras puffins organic cereal coupons. My trip cost me $13.05, this time I was able to acquire 12 jars of peanuts, 1 heartland organic pasta, 2 bags wild harvest organic tortilla chips, 36 boxes of mac'n cheese, 3 boxes of organic peanut butter cereal (very yummy), 2 oscar meyer bun length hot dogs, 2 jello snack packs, 10 pkgs of cheese, 1 jar mayo, 2 pkgs deli fresh roast beef, 2 lunchable juniors and a package of 12 hamburger patties! Thank you all for teaching me new tricks and spotting the deals!" - Diane Smith, NV

Nice story about RC'er Christy Howell, which was posted on the website ---

Turning Coupons into Cat Food: "When Steeleville  Illinois resident Christy Howell heard we needed help she did what she does very well, start collecting coupons. Christy can work magic when it comes to turning coupons into tangible product. She set to work on the internet asking coupon traders and collectors from all over the United States to send her Purina coupons. In the end, Christy had drawn coupons from as far away as Alaska and had accumulated enough that the Kroger store in Marion had to special order  300 pounds of the new Purina product Healthy Life to cover her coupons. Thanks a million to Christy, wish we had a million of you. You will always be our undisputed coupon queen. Shown receiving the food for our shelter is Sam Lattuca"

And here is what Christy says:

"I had gotten 45lbs  of cat chow earlier at 4 different stores before I got the idea to see if Krogers would special order it. So I called and spoke with Donnie. He's a manager at the Marion Krogers. He was very very helpful. He worked with me to get the cat food ordered and then he called to let me know when it arrived. So my hubby and I got in the car and drove for an hour. We went in and I was so scared that they would give me a hard time, but it went so smoothly.  It did take a while to check out but while I checked out my hubby and Sam and the store clerk got everything loaded up.  So I paid for 292 pounds of cat food at the Marion Kroger store which came to $662.15 and $51.87 was tax. I had a $20 gift card from filling a prescription and a $1 off your next order in addition to the 292 free healthful life cat food coupons, so I only paid $30.87 in tax .  The total amount donated the the Marion Regional Humane Society was 337 pounds of cat food which will last them only 2 weeks.  I'd really like to thank Sally for a cash donation and Cathy, Carolyn, Felecia, Connie, Linda, Janice, and everyone else who helped me to collect that many coupons. This was so much fun I can't wait to do it again." Christy

"I wanted to share. My sister has always been a no fuss kind of gal, always bought off brand stuff and never really messed with coupons. Well, I traded for some coupons off and was armed with lots of coupons and I dragged her with me. She was in shock and now has vowed to never pay full price for anything again! We have over 40 bottles FREE and she was teasing the kids about their clean heads! Love the pic and the joy this program has brought to my life and in turn is touching others! Thank you and I can't say that enough!" Melaine In Texas

"My Hubby works long hours so its always a rare treat when he and I get to go to the store by ourselves and makes it really special when he gets to witness what refund cents is saving us!
2 different stores and 3 transactions!
2 gallons of milk
2 pkgs, of biscuits
2 pkgs of cinnamon rolls
2 pkgs. of gravy mix
24 dz eggs( not pictured)
1 pkg of sharp cheddar cheese(not pictured)
25 bottles of powerade
16 bx of crackers
1 swiffer wet mop starter kit
1 box of dove icecream bars
1 box of m&m icecream bars
Melaine Brown, TX