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Deal Divas 7

April Contest Winner -- Front Cover

Shopping On Fifth Avenue 

"Everyone knows that New York City’s Fifth Avenue is a shopping mecca.  So yesterday I was walking around on fifth in the forties and fifties past such famous stores as The Saks Fifth Avenue, Cartier, Coach, Cole Han, and a variety of boutiques and chain stores.  It was a very gray day but in spite of all the snow in the suburbs, this street was clean.  But where did I go shopping?  Staples. And what did I need from Staples? The free post-its that I read about on the Refundcents site.  And I got them.  After I left Staples I proceeded to Grand Central Station for my train ride home.  Those who have been to this station know it is truly lovely – the constellations are on the ceiling and there is a multitude of stores and kiosks.  Where did I go?  To Rite Aid.  And what was I looking for? Lays’s Stax – after all they were on sale for $1.00 with a $1.00 Ups reward per package.  I had my twenty dollar coupon from the holiday savings program.  So I bought twenty packages of the chips and a container of frosting, it was on sale for $.50.  I turned in the twenty dollar credit and my out of pocket charge was $1.50. Then the fun began as the register printed one five dollar ups reward and nineteen one dollar ups reward coupons.  It took quite a long time to print all the coupons.  Because this is a city store, there were no wagons, so I carried as many packages as possible and went back twice for the additional packages. When I was done collecting the Lay’s chips, the receipt was printed.  When I got off the train, back in the suburbs, I was very near another Rite Aid.  I was planning to go in and use the ups rewards to purchase more chips but there was absolutely no place to park and it was really inclement weather.  The chips will be dropped off at a neighbor’s house to be included in the next packing of boxes for soldiers overseas.

Pictured is my daughter and the products on bought in the city.  Her hand is placed on the receipt where the ups rewards started printing.  It is over 5 feet long."  Robin Cohen

April Contest Winner -- Inside Front Cover

"What an amazing week it's been! Actually, what an amazing year it's been thanks to everyone at RC. Being a stay-at-home mom I feel the need to chip in financially. Well, I have surpassed "chipping in"! I am officially a Crazy Coupon Mom. I love couponing so much that my 3 year old daughter requests my expired coupons so that she can play "store". Yes!!! I got her started early! My girls are wonderful helpers at the stores and they are such troopers when I drag them to numerous stores to get in on the sweet deals.
This week was my favorite so far. Let me begin by saying that I do not clear shelves. I have 4 local Rite Aid stores and I went to each 4 different days this week. Here is a rundown of our score:
39 Johnson's Baby Products
4 RA Coffee
6 Perfect 10 Hair Color
2 Vaseline Lotion
4 Healthy Look Hair Color
3 HerbaShine Hair Color.....yes, I love to color my hair
1 Youth Code Kit
1 Youth Code Eye Cream
3 Sucrets
2 Jumbo Packs of Huggies
1 Brawny 8ct Paper towels
1 Kotex Liners
2 Stuffed Animals for my little helpers
10 packs of Iced Animal Cookies (clearance for 10cents!)
A few other add ins
I used newspaper coupons, Ad coupons, +Ups from previous deals, my $20 reward, and VV (my account, hubby, mom, and Mother-in-law, I know, I'm spoiled).  I had $238.50 in total coupon savings and $190.86 in Wellness+ savings. That's over $400 in free products!!! I also have over $20 in +Ups left over. Total OOP was $12.71 (tax). Now that I have taught my daughters how to save money using coupons, we are moving on to a much more important lesson, giving back." Hilary Calgie 

April Contest - Back Cover Winner

"This is our first week of couponing!

We hit up Rite Aid and CVS and Walgreens! We never thought we could get FREE items!! We started off with 15 of the $6/2 Motrin and ended up making $2 per box. We used the UPS from those to buy the 15 Tylenol Precise which once the UPs printed made those free, too... and used those UPS to buy 15 more Motrin which gave more UPS!  We found Herbal Essence for 75% off and was able to use a BOGO coupon so ended up being $.52 each. also, the Suave kids was clearanced  and was $.67 each. We also got 8 boxes of Kelloggs BOGO w/ a BOGO and they were all free!! So in the picture are 45 bottles of Motrin, 15 Tylenol Precise, 16 bottles of Herbal Essence, 16 bottles kids Suave, 2 boxes of Just Feet (75% off) a pair of tweezers, pair of cuticle cutters, 6 Renuzits, 6 bags of Halls, 12 bottles of Maalox, 1 bottle Go Kids vitamins,16 bottles of Pantene (75% off and had a coupon off 2!) 1 box of Tampax Pearls,1 box nail polish, 2 Airwick Ultras, 8 Airwick refills, 5 bottles of Wisk (had rain check), 3 packs of dental floss, 10 boxes of Colgate, 20 mini soaps, 1 Lysol auto soap dispenser, 14 boxes of Sinex ($2 MM!) 2 Cottonelle wet wipes, 6 Cottonelle refills, 2 18 packs of Cottonelle TP , 30 packs of RA 4pack TP, 30 boxes RA tissues, 30 single rolls of RA TP, 2 10 packs of Scotts paper towels, 21 boxes of Finish dish detergent, 30 packs of Simply Asia meals, 40 packs of Hormel/Campbells meals, 10 packs of bubble tape, 4 packs Oberto beef jerky, 20 16 packs of Sharpies, 10 single Sharpies, 2 light bulbs,  also 2 Christmas gift cups, 1 awesome Santa for $2.99!!  and 8 different gifts for my son from Christmas clearance for his birthday!

Not including tax we were out of pocket about $90 and that includes $25 in gas driving around all weekend having FUN! Since it was our first trip we didn't have any CVS ECB's so $50 went towards that!! And we have $40 in ECB's to spend and over $50 in UPS left!!! We got our Resolution Reward and have over 250 points toward our 20% discount!! (can't wait) It's awesome getting free stuff or even REALLY CHEAP stuff that we were planning on buying anyways!! TP and paper towels from CVS!!

From Staples we found 10 tire calculators $.50 each and a $299 floor model all in one Printer for $34.00 !!! Had the associate turn it on and all the inks were FULL!! so we've used it to print a BUNCH of coupons!!!!!

In the Picture is our daughter Meaghan and her friend Skye. Puppies not included!!" Sean Snyder

"I’ve had such a great time adding to my family’s stockpile in the last month. I purchased a variety of items and I am most happy with the Johnson & Johnson baby products. I was able to pick up a total of 34 items by visiting a few stores within my area and even after considering that the stores may be out of stock. I got really lucky on Thursday which in California is the last day of the sale; with coupons reset, printed and in hand I was able to pick up another 20 items. It was nice to see that the store had been restocked that very night! Pictured are my daughters who enjoy shopping with me. Here are my winnings from Rite Aid:

34 J&J products that includes 4 Desitin, 4 head to toe body washes, 8 lotions, 4 shampoos, 4 baby oils, 2 baby powders, 5 baby washes and 3 cotton swabs.  $2.99 each X 34=$101.66-three1/$1 coupons -$68 Ups ($2 for each)= $2.66

4 Fish Oil 90 ct. $12.79 each X 4=$51.16-four/$4 coupons-two/$3vv=$29.16.

2 CoQ10 40 ct. $19.19 each X2=$38.38-two/$6 coupons=$26.38.

3 CoQ10 30 ct. $10.39 each X3=$31.17-three/$5 coupons=$16.17

The total for the fish oil and CoQ10 products is $71.71-two/$16 Ups-two/$20 Ups=.29 cent profit

3 Right Guard men’s body wash. $3.99 each X3=$11.97=three/$1 coupons=$9 Ups ($3 for each)=.03 profit

10 Dreyers ice cream (not pictured). $2.99 each X10=$29.90-$20 Ups ($2 for each)-$5 Ups when you spend $15=$4.90 

From Walgreens:

6 Head & Shoulders. $6 each X6=$36-six/$1 coupons-$15RR (receive $5 when you buy 2)=$30

5 Fusion razors. $9.99 each X5=$49.95-five/$4 coupons-$25RR (receive $4 on each)=$9.95

5 Scunci hair elastics. $2.99 each X5=$14.95-$10RR=$4.95

5 Neuragen. $14.99 each X5=$74.95-5/$10 coupons-$50RR (receive $10 on each)=$25.05 PROFIT!

3 Oil of Olay body washes, 5 Oil of Olay body lotions, and 4 Oil of Olay body bars. $3.33 each X12=$40-twelve/$2 coupons-$12 RR ($3 RR when you buy 3)=$4."
Luisa Delgado

"I usually just buy enough for my household and have some stockpiled.

A friend that owns a service station just started giving me her left over Sunday coupons (that used to just be thrown away). It has been a great past two weeks having all these coupons and really stocking up.

Although, I can't ever seem to hold onto too much. I really enjoy being able to pass along my savings to others. Here is a breakdown of final cost after coupons and UPS for each item. I did the best at Rite Aid and paid with all UPS. I did actually get more L'Oreal and J&J after I took the picture so I really did even better than what is listed. In the picture is Cassidy, 33 months, and Madison, 4 months. I saved 96% off the SALE price of items. I haven't figured out what it would be off regular price, but probably close to 99.5% off. I love RefundCents!!!

Shop Rite
26 pasta pd 1.24
24 Snickers pd 2.43
5 tissue pd 2.95
12 toilet paper 0.12 MM
4 Colgate 0.26 MM
Total $6.24 OOP

Gain 120 ct x 3 pd 3.99
Gain 80 ct x 9 pd 1.08
Febreze w/ bonus pd 3.99
Total $9.06 OOP

Rite Aid
3 Gain dish pd 1.71
3 Gain detergent pd 11.97
1 Zantac 50 ct. pd 4.19
2 Ziploc pd 2.00
3 Scrubbing Bubbles pd 5.97
22 Axe Spray/Deodorant pd 16.50
2 Dixie plates (raincheck) pd 0.99
2 Motrin PM (raincheck) 4.00 MM
4 Colgate 4.00 MM
3 Preference 0.51 MM
1 L’Oreal Youth Code Kit 11.01 MM
6 Sucrets 3.00 MM
3 Quantum finish 0.03 MM
7 J & J 0.07 MM
1 Desitin 0.01 MM
2 Chex free
Total 20.70 received 20 UP = $0.70 OOP
Total Sale Price without coupons & UPS $403 Total OOP $16.00 Savings of 96%." Dawn Oakes

"When I first read about the Walgreens diaper deal at the beginning of the week, I didn't think much of it.  I'm still reveling in the amazing deals we got a few years ago from Walgreens when most of us got paid to take their diapers after their sale price, store coupons, and Register Rewards, and then used the W-card to get money back.  And then a few short months after that, there was the deal on the Huggies and wipes, where you paid practically nothing for 2 packs of diapers and a large pack of wipe refills.  Yes, I was definitely spoiled as I had enough diapers and wipes to cover my daughter's entire first 18 months (and more as we're still chipping away at the diaper supply and haven't even touched the pull-ups yet) and they all cost me practically nothing. 
So, when the posts started coming up about the latest Walgreens deal, I didn't jump right on it.  I did happen to tell my expecting co-worker about it, and we ran one day on our lunch hour. We were able to find a stack of the Infant Care booklets in the aisle and each grabbed a handful. She was so excited to get 6 packs of diapers for $15 (our store did not have the wipes with the coupons) and couldn't stop gushing about it.  Later that day I realized that I was probably never going to luck out again and find enough free diapers to cover our next baby's diaper needs. Since we do plan on having more kids, I decided I would rather pay $2.50 now than run out of diapers later and have to pay (gasp) full price somewhere else (well, sale price minus a coupon because you know a RefundCents member would never pay full price).  So, I spent the next couple of days popping in to Walgreens when I could.  After several of the stores tore out the coupon from my pamphlet, I went back to the first store and took plenty more Infant Care booklets so that I could have them for the next time the diapers were on sale.  When the week was said and done, I ended up with around 40 packs of diapers.  A few packs were taken to my mom's house (she watches my daughter during the day while I work) and the rest will be stockpiled in the basement until we're ready for baby #2.
The following week started a sale on Johnson and Johnson products and Desitin at Rite Aid.  I had read about this a week prior so I was able to trade for extra coupons before the sale started.  On Sunday morning, I arrived at my nearest Rite Aid armed with my $20 Holiday Savings certificate, a $5/$20 purchase from watching the Rite Aid videos, a $2 non-pharmacy purchase coupon for watching videos, and a $10 gift card (from a previous Single Check promotion) plus all my other coupons.  I loaded up on J&J products (but did not clear the shelves), some Desitin, 4 Rite Aid coffees ($1.99 - $2 Rite Aid coupons), and 2 of the Right Guard body washes (they each had the $1 coupons on them).  I did two separate orders to roll the UP rewards so my out of pocket was low.  Then I drove to the other Rite Aid that was about 10 minutes away, and bought some more J&J products using the previous store's UPs.  All in all, it was a good couple of weeks for baby bargains!!" Dana Schrader 

"I had been to Rite-Aid earlier in the day and purchased 12 cans of Lays, what an easy deal!   Later that evening Nick was going out so I asked him if he wanted to stop at the store and pick up some chips.  The store is right on his way.  I gave him 8 UP rewards along with a candy bar coupon.  He got the chips and just could not believe how easy it was.  He later called me to ask if I wanted the UP rewards he had received or if he could spend them.  I told him he could use them.  Well I do believe those boys really started to have some fun!  They bought more chips and rolled the UP rewards into even more chips.  They figured out that strategy themselves.  When they arrived back home, Alex (who comes from a non refund type family) was so excited he said, "You are not going to believe what Rite-Aid let us steal from them!"  

They ended up with 22 cans of chips, 2 KitKats, 2 Skittles, 2 16 oz Monsters, 1 18 oz Monster, 2 32 oz GatorAdes, 2 Pez Dispensers and 1 Dreyers ice cream.  They gave away many chips and some candy before they got home so not everything made it into the picture.  Their out of pocket was $5.84. Most of us would have probably bought different items but I think it was amazing that my 18 year old, along with his friend found it so much fun to buy all that food with so little cash.   They definitely were on a coupon high.  They bragged about their great deal along with posting the picture on Facebook for all their friends to see."  Ruth Bucheger

"WOW! What a week! Rite-Aid had an awesome deal on Lays Stax potato chips. They were on sale for $1 a can and for every can you bought, you got a $1 UP Reward. FREE CHIPS!! Luckily, the city closest to me has two Rite-Aids, so I was able to really make use of this deal. Armed with $4 in UP Rewards, I started the chain and by the end of the week I had 30 cans of Lays Stax for tax only!! (There's not that many in the picture because my son and my mother had already got into them. LOL) Don't worry, I didn't clean the shelves at one time. I kept going back during the week, but since no one else was buying them, I did! I'll be giving chips to my grandmother, my boyfriend and my best friend and my mother will be taking a bunch to work. And since I also did the KY deal using two $3 coupons, I still have $9 in UP Rewards left! Whoo-hoo! I love Rite-Aid and I really love Refund Cents!!" Michelle Henderson,  AL

"Enough pictures already! Just open the boxes!"

This is Eli and Roscoe, our dogs. They are kind enough to share the house with us, so I do all I can to repay the favor by finding deals on their favorite treats. Of course, I have yet to buy one that was not their favorite! LOL. These were picked up at RiteAid last week. The Crunch n Clean were on sale for $2.99. I had coupons for $2.00 off and $1.00 off. Then, each box produced two $1UPs at checkout. So, either free or I made money. And the Beggin Strips were $2.99. I had a coupon for $1 off and a buy the Beggin Strips and get a Busy Bone free. This also produced two $1UPs. So, also free. RiteAid is now their favorite store, even if I won't let them tag along when I go coupon shopping.  Samantha J, AL

"I wanted to fill you in on a great shopping day at Walgreen's this week.  At the beginning of the New Year I always purchase a dozen or so newspapers (as I have seen you suggest this in the past). Well, it paid off the last 2 weeks at Walgreens.  With the Blink Eyedrops deal last week I was able to purchase 12 Blink Eyedrops for a profit by using the Blink coupons in the paper from Jan.  I also received $8 RR for each box purchased.  I didn't need anything else that week so instead of rolling the rewards last week I saved them for this week (as I previewed that Unilever would be offering $5 per $15 of participating products purchased). These items are staples with young children in the house, and we go through them like you wouldn't believe! I went to 2 stores that day and did the deal 2 times (hence the 2 receipts)  I used the Skippy, Ragu, Lipton Tea and Hellman's mayo coupons I had saved to purchase: 14 jars of Ragu, 5 jars of Skippy, 2 boxes of Lipton Tea and one jar of Hellman's Mayo.  I also took advantage of the Kellogg's cereal sale and my $1.00 off 3 boxes coupons to purchase :7 boxes of Raisin Bran, and 2 boxes of Rice Krispies.  Special K protein shakes were on sale this week so I paired the sale with matching coupons and purchased 4 boxes of shakes. I also purchased the Veripure hand sanitizer free deal going on this week. I also used coupons to purchase: 2 bags of Halls Cough Drops, 3 boxes of Kotex, 2 jars of Windex wipes, 1 bottle of Flintstones vitamins (which also had a free box of One a Day Vitamins attached), 3 bottles of Suave shampoo on clearance, 4 boxes of Valentine candy, 2 bags of sugar and flour and several filler items such as .99 toothbrushes for the kids, and 5 bottles of Dawn liquid.  My grand total before coupons for both stores was roughly $ 224.78.  After coupons and the $8 RR from Blink Eyedrops, my out of pocket expense was $2.01!  But I received $24.00 worth of RR which actually netted a profit of approx. $22.99!" Amy Osterloh, Dallas Texas

"Not too bad, especially at Publix! Here is what I was able to snag...3-Mentos candies, 1 box Peace cereal, 6 Hartz dog bones, 4 Butterfinger snackerz, 4 Athonos Greek yogurt, package of Pepperidge farm cookies. The grand total, including tax came to $5.56!" Stephanie M. FL

"My daughter Izabella (ALMOST 3) and I started out at Rite Aid today and paid 1.54 after purchasing 2 A&H toothpastes, Dial soap, and baby wipes! Then we went to Walgreens where Izabella thought it was hysterical that our cart was filled with diapers and they overflowed out of cart. I let her help me get them off the shelves which she was just soo excited about!! One coupon took $20 dollars off my total purchase of 10 packages of diapers. They were all marked at my store for 6.99 so I got them for a 2 and some change a piece. Then I did the Purex deal and got 2 3 in 1 Purex for 1.98 a piece!! Izzi kept asking me "Can I hold the money savers (meaning coupons)?" I also went to look at something else that didn't really have a deal this week and my 2 year old turned around and really loudly says, " If we don't have a money saver mommy you're not getting it!!!" The cashier just started laughing her butt off and asked to take my cart to cosmetics so I didn't have to push it around and then she checked me out at cosmetics right away! It was a great day!" Jenny Kilner

"I got all this for FREE!!!!  I live in an area where they don't double coupons so this is a huge success for me.  At the beginning of the year, I asked my Newspaper Delivery person to save any extra coupon inserts they had for me.  Each week I get between 4 and 20 left over papers.  It has really made a difference in my ability to stock pile and save my family money.
Deal#1: Family Fare had Mueller's Pasta on sale for 10/10.  I went to Mueller's website and printed off 10 coupons for $1.00 off.  After the first 10 worked with no problems, I printed 10 more off and got 10 more.   So 20 boxes of pasta free.
Deal#2: The next week Meijer had Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta on sale for a $1.00.  I had 18 coupons for $1.00 off.  So 18 more free boxes of pasta.
Deal#3: Meijer had Gain Fabric Softener on ad for $3.99.  I had 18 coupons for $3.00 off and when you bought 2 you got a $3.00 coupon off your next order, so they paid me $.27 to take it out of the store.  I used the profit to make deal#4 free.
Deal#4: Meijer also had Hellava Good Dip on sale for $.99.  I had 16 coupons for $.75 off, so 16 dips for only .24 each
These are just some of the deals I have gotten this year.  We have a boat, and we use the money we save from using coupons to pay our dock fees.  We call it the boat diet.  So far, so good." Elizabeth B.


"Starting today Rite Aid has $2.99 Johnson & Johnson Bath Products and Desitin Diaper Rash Cream on sale for $2.99 and you get $2 UPs back. Recently there were $1 coupons in the Sunday Paper. Thanks to Refund Cents for the heads up on the sale and RCTraders I ordered enough coupons and got 53 Johnson and Johnson products and 2 Desitins for tax only.  Most of the coupons cost me 10¢ each and a few of the coupons were internet printables. I used UPs I already had and just rolled them, so I still have the same amount of UPs I started with. I split the purchases among 3 local stores since the UPs limit is 19 per transaction. It seems the only thing they are having a shortage of is the Desitin. I only found 1 at 2 different stores. I have a 4 year old and a 4 month old, so I think we are set on bath products for a couple of years.   This has actually been a great month for Rite Aid between the free Lays Stackables, free Edys Ice Cream, free Betty Crocker Cookies, free Betty Crocker Cake mixes and Icings, and free Rite Aid Coffee, my pantry is stocked."  
Amy H - Daughter of Donna A, GA

"We had a great week at WAGS last week. I got a total of 28 packs of diapers at $2.50 a pack. This came just in time as I was down to 3 packs left from the 2008 WAGS deal. I stocked up on sizes 1,2,3,& 4 while I was pregnant in the Winter of 2008 when WAGS had a similar pharmacy coupon that worked on bogo diapers. Pictured is my son 22 months old and I am hoping these will get us through to potty training. I attempted the the wipes deal but the coupon beeped and when the manager came over she stated I could only use 1 coupon not 2 so I decided to leave and stop back by after work. I then just skipped the wipes since I do not need any for a very long while and just loaded up on diapers. I went to the WAGS by my home and by my work and ended up with 28 packs of size 4 and 5. Thanks Refundcents for saving my wallet again!" Jennifer Shipley

"This is my Ragdoll cat Charlie sitting with my haul from CVS. I got 10 Starbucks Frappucinos, 4 Snickers with Peanut Butter, 1 Colgate Maxfresh, 5 Purex 3 in 1 sheets, 2 EOS lip balms, 3 Cesar dog foods, 2 Pepsi 2 liter bottles and 2 Mountain Dew 2 liter bottles. Grand total was 39 cents. I already sold the Purex and the Starbucks to a guy that I met on Craigslist and who I have been selling my stockpile to for months now." Jenny Dean
"I am a former CVS shopper and was very upset when I moved from Queens to Upstate NY and found out they closed the closest CVS. Rite Aid is the main drug store up here and I have to admit, since they started the UP Reward program I have not missed CVS at all.
     My girls and I have been having a great time with the deals at Rite Aid. I was able to roll the toilet paper/tissue UPs into the LAYS chip deal. I started with UPS so I had nothing out of pocket except tax (which was paid for with a Rite Aid gift card that was issued when my $18 in UPS didn't print).
    Last week I was able to get 48 LAYS stax, 18 Chex Mix, 12 Colgate toothpaste, 2 KY and 12 Edy's ice cream. I received the $20 Up for buying the $100 in winter reward items. Also got a $10 UP from the Heart Healthy reward not to mention all the $1 food UPS.  I started with about $20 in Ups and ended the week with $45 in UPS.
    Today I went back with the baby because I wanted to get in on the Betty Crocker deal. So in two transactions we bought 6 betty crocker cake mixes, 6 Betty Crocker tubs of icing (I had 5 $1/2 betty crocker cake mix & betty crocker icing) 2 betty crocker cookie pouches, 6 cheeze it (used $1/2 coupon), 2 wheat thins (used $1/2 coupon) and 4 excedrin PM ($1.99 each and I had $2.50 /1 coupon and got the overage). I left there with all of that plus $46 in UPS and can't wait to get to another Rite Aid tomorrow.
The first picture is of my 3 girls Gracie, Sophia and Cecelia with last weeks deals. The other picture is of Celia's with deals from today ( and the rest of last weeks deals that weren't in the first picture)..We LOVE Rite Aid."
Alicia B., NY

"In this photo is my daughter Ashley, proud of our shopping trip.  I went to different stores to use my Gain $3.00 off coupons.

I purchased 28 Gain Fabric Sheets and 13 bottles Gain Liquid Softener. Didn’t paid a dime for them all.

At Dollar General, the Gain Fabric Sheets were $2.00 so I used even less coupons to buy them since for each item, there were a $1.00 profit. I could buy the big bottle that were on sale for $3.50 and used the profit from the sheets to pay for the difference.  At Wal-Mart I did the same thing:  used the profit on the small box of sheets to pay for the difference in the big one.

At Rite Aid, the Gain was $2.99 so $0.01 profit for each one.

Only Family Dollar adjusted my coupons to $2.75, but still free.

I don’t want to specify all the details, since after all, I ended getting all this for FREE.  Yeah!!!" Angelica Flores

"I scored big time on the Walgreens diaper deal last week.  The diapers were BOGO at $9.99 each and the wipes were BOGO at $2.99 each.  I ended up with 30 packs of diapers and 6 packs of wipes.  In order to have as little money invested in this as possible, I first started with purchasing the Neuragen PN for $14.99 minus $10.00 coupon and got back a $10.00 RR.  I did this 6 times at a OOP cost of $30 and had $60 in RR to spend on diapers.  I ended up getting 24 packs of diapers with these RRs, using the $2 infant care coupon, which made each of these packs $1.25 (the cost of the OOP used to purchase the Neuragen).  I also bought another 6 packs, again using the $2 infant care coupon, and just paid OOP for them as I didn't have anymore RRs - making them $2.50 a package.  In addition, I purchased 6 packs of wipes for a cost of $8.97 and used 4 $2 peelies that I found which made the wipes only 97 cents.  My total OOP for 30 packs of diapers, 6 packs of wipes, 6 Neuragen PN (not pictured) and a few small fillers was $45.97 - or if you just take the total spent and divide by the 30 packs of diapers, that comes out to $1.53 a package and the rest is just gravy!  My friend is having her 3rd baby in a few months (after having twins!) and she'll be paying me back for the cost.  It makes me feel great to be able to help out a friend in need - get her a great deal and have lots of fun enjoying my hobby in the process!  :-)  (That's me in the picture with all the diapers!)" Jessica Daniele, CT

"Week of 2/13: Moneymakers at Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS!

This week I got 25 items for less than cost! This is huge for me because while RefundCents is awesome for getting things cheap/free I don’t always get paid to take a lot of items home.  For most of these deals, I had existing RR/ECB/UPS to start out my transactions.  ere is what I got:


Walgreens (both monthly deals valid til 2/26):

5 Neruagen ($14.99, used $10 Mfg c/o, got $10 RR Back) Profit $25.05

2 Arnicare ($6, used $2 mfg c/o, got $6 RR) Profit $4


Rite Aid:

4 Bags Chex, $1.50 ea, used 4x$1 mfg c/o, got $4 +UPS back, Profit $2

6 Dove Deodorant, $2 ea, used 6x$2 mfg c/o, got $6 +UPS back, Profit $6

4 Colgate (2 wellness cards) $3.50 ea, used 2x$1 c/o and 2 $.75 c/o, got $3.50 +UPS back on each, Profit $3.50



4 Colgate (2 CVS Cards) $3.79 ea, used 4x$1 c/o and got $3.79 ECB back for each. Profit, $4


Final profit, $44.55.  Sales Tax on select items, about $13 so really more like $31.50 plus all these products!  You can see my bobble-head moose in the center of the picture enjoying all the free chex (one bag already missing, Honey Nut – YUM!)" Christy Ghiorso

"First you need a Rite Aid Wellness Card & the 2 $7 coupons printed from face book’s K-y couples website.
Ok fully armed with coupons $2, $4 & $7 off I go to Rite Aid in Lionville, PA.  I walk in & find my new cashier friend who gets a kick out of me with my deals.
I  locate the Personal Hygiene aisle and evaluate the deals at hand.  K-y products buy one get one 50% off.  Yours & Mine $19.99 each Buy one get one 50% off 2 $7 dollar coupons $40 total - $10 -$14 - 2 $4 coupons
Next to that is the K-y Jelly  @ $5.69 each Buy one get one @ 50% off.  Armed with 2 $2 coupons.   Loaded up with 6 total.  I go to the register & proceed to put up the first transaction of the Jelly Total spent $6.83 which netted me a $5.00 coupon for each of 3 transactions a total of $15.00 Out of Pocket 15.89  Saved $12.00 & Wellness savings total $18.55
Next the Your & Mine transaction.  $19.99 each - $10.00 off -$14 coupons & the $15 from the 3 previous transactions total out of pocket 98 cents.  Saved $29.00 Wellness total $10.00. 
I roll the extra $5.00 over from this deal into another yours & mine deal with 2 more $4 coupons & a $5 Wellness for Out of pocket of $16.99.  Wellness savings of $10 & coupon savings of $13.00.  That’s when it got nuts.  Out prints a $20 off wellness reward, bells & whistles go off in my head as I run back for 2 more of the yours & mine & armed with 2 more $4 coupons back to the register again.  This time  out of pocket $1.98 wellness savings of $10 & $28.00 in coupons savings and again a $20 reward prints out, here we go again, out of pocket $1.98 & $10 in wellness & $29.00 in coupon savings and I have accumulated another $15 in rewards to use which I decide to wait until next week.
Out of Pocket cost: $36.83
Total Rewards $95.00
Total Wellness Savings  $51.44
Total Coupon Savings $82.00
TOTAL SAVED  $133.44  Total Earned $95.00 = $228.44 SAVINGS 
Also in the picture is the Bath & Body Works that I received today from the Groupon deal $1.78  for Body Wash can’t beat that either oh & a free candle too." Lynda Harmon 

March Cover Contest - Front Page Winner

"After reading on the site about the upcoming toilet paper and tissue deal at Rite Aid I told my husband we should see if we could stock up. We only have a small Rite Aid where we live, but we were going to be out of town the day the sale started. Pictured with most of the purchases for that day are my grandchildren, ages 2 & 7. My grandson set up the display all by himself. My husband and I shopped in 8 different Rite Aids that day. He was a real trooper about it. We ended up with 81 boxes of tissues, 64 4 packs of toilet paper, 28 2 packs of pilot pens, 2 bags of combos, and a Christmas ornament all of which are pictured. We also purchased 3 Christmas gift bags, a snickers bar, & a sucker that aren’t pictured. Our total out of pocket was $14.15 with $12.41 of that being tax. I started the day out with 87 +up rewards and ended with 124 +up rewards. They paid me $37 to shop. We have 6 grown children and they all like to shop at our house, lol. If they’re not shopping for the actual items they’re wanting to know if I have any extra coupons to share. I love this hobby and it’s one that can be passed on to the next generation. Most of the time my granddaughter is my assistant shopper and even as young as she is, she loves to shop!"
Victoria R., OH

March Cover Contest - Back Page Winner

CVS Comes through again!
"The past couple years my mom and I have been able to pick up toys from CVS after Christmas at 90% off for Toys for Tots.  I got a little nervous when I saw some posts on chat that they weren't going to be marking anything 90% off.  I ran out late one Saturday night to pick up some Pepsi before the sale ended, and saw an aisle marked 90% off with toys! I was able to pick up about 6 things, including a pop-up tent ($1.99), ray gun ($.99), remote control dinosaur ($1.99), Toy Story 3 figurine, and 2 Secret Agent spy kits ($.99).  I decided to check another CVS the next morning that was closer to my house and usually has quite a bit of clearance.  I got there about an hour after they opened and saw three giant carts filled with toys and other Christmas items that were already bagged up.  Sure enough, two other women had got there before me and bought everything! I was so disappointed! A cashier told me they had been to a few other CVS's already as well.  I was able to find a Chia Herb garden ($1.79) and a Clap On ($1.99) as well as some wrapping paper. Later in the morning, my husband and I had a few errands to run.  I talked him in to letting me run in to another CVS that isn't typically very busy to see if they had any toys 90% off.  Well, I hit the jackpot!! There was an entire shelf of toys across from the regular toy section with a bunch of 75% off tags.  When I scanned one of the toys just to see in the hopes they would ring up 90% off, they did!! I grabbed a cart and started loading up.  I was able to pick up dolls for $.99, a couple of trains that blew steam and whistled for $1.49, Action figure sets for $.79, a make up kit for $.99, 15-in-1 game sets for $1.99, and sports games for $.79, among other things.  The toys were divided up between my mom and myself and will be going to Toys for Tots, our family "Down and Dirty" Bingo gift pile for the kids in our family, and a few my mom is saving for presents for some of my nieces and nephews throughout the year.  I am so glad CVS came through again and we have a nice supply of toys to donate to Toys for Tots next year - all for very little out of pocket!!"  Dana Schrader, IN

March Cover Contest - Inside Front Cover Winner

     "During the school year, I am a single mom of one (DD7) and a FT college student in my last year of nursing school. That leaves little time (or money) for much else, so I tend to do most of my shopping during my summer & winter breaks.                  Since DD’s father passed away 2 years ago I recognize I have been indulging her too much and have started trying to teach her about giving to others. So, during my (1) month winter break, we set out on a challenge with two goals: 1) fill our cabinets to reduce the necessary shopping for food, toiletries & school supplies during the school year and 2) gather as many food and toys as possible to replenish our church’s depleted food pantry and bless Toys for Tots (we’ve been doing this for years).  Rite Aid & CVS played a huge role in doing both.
                On our first trip to the firehouse (in mid-December – not pictured) to give to Toys for Tots, we gave 40+ zhu zhu pets (thanks, CVS!), games of monopoly, memory, Hi-Ho Cherry-o, Connect 4 and so on (from springtime at TRU). When we dropped them off, they told us they collect all year round and if we had more later they could take them. This was great because I had decided not to buy during after Christmas sales because I couldn’t afford to give up the room.  The best part of all was that the firefighter that greeted us told DD that anyone who brings in (6) bags of toys automatically gets a tour of the station & engines. He spent an hour showing her everything, teaching what it all does and answering her questions. What a treat! As part of teaching her about giving, we had also decided to give them the Thrifty ice cream we had just bought from RA. (Good thing we did, because it would’ve melted in the car!)
                The picture enclosed shows the items that we donated last week. These went to the church and the fire station. The picture doesn’t show the depth well, but we were able to give

-(33) cans of RA coffee
- (18) cans of soup
- (17) boxes of Special K (thanks to my nursing buddies who printed coupons for me!)
- (33) Hormel completes
- (4) bags of white rice
- (4) BS monitors

School Supplies (they donate care pkgs twice a year to the public school in the area)
- (45) packs of pencils
- (12) rulers
- (5) computer mice
- (12) pkgs of pens
- (10) pks of erasers
- (8) pks of rubber bands
- (8) packs of Sharpies (bonus pks!)

- (9) Animal planet interactive toys
- (7) Dance Diva costume sets
- (2) Piano glove sets
- (1) Toy tool set
The tattoo set in the pic has been set aside as a valentine’s day gift for dd. I’m still working on trying not to be so indulgent – it’ll take a while, but I was so proud of her for helping!" Amy G, CA

 "I used the $24 UP rewards from the first RiteAid trip to purchase 20 more bags of chips, 3 Mac N’ Cheeses,  and 1 Dawn dish liquid. $20 more UP rewards received from this transaction bought 2 Ricola cough drops, 1 Febreeze flameless luminary, 2 Arizona teas, 1 small package of Huggies, 2 Old Spice deodorants, and 2 Crest toothpastes. The UP rewards generated from these items helped pay for 1 more small package of Huggies, 1 Pro Glide razor, 6 Schick Hydro shave creams, and 2 Old Spice body washes. To my amazement, after I paid for these items, the register printed out a very unexpected $20 UP reward! Apparently I reached my “Resolution Rewards” mark! I promptly used this to buy a jumbo case of Huggies for $19.99! Imagine my disbelief when that crazy register printed out yet another $20 “Resolution Reward”! That of course bought another jumbo pack of Huggies. We were in diaper heaven! So this picture is shopping trips 1 and 2 combined. Total out of pocket for everything was less than $20. Not too shabby!" Lee Ann Parkin, CA

Target Success  - Paid $12.92

"After-Christmas sales can be fun and rewarding. This is my grandson, Elijah, peeking through what I collected. After checking several times through the week for Target to mark things to 90% it finally happened. Now, I don’t really care for all of the Christmas decorating stuff so I was out to search for other things that I could use for the whole year. I purchased 24 Glade winter themed candles and refill packs. I used my $3/3 Glade coupons on those. These will be added to my spring garage sale. Then off to the tape isle. I often find normal looking Scotch tape packages every year at Target for very cheap prices. My family gets first pick and some of this I will sell at 50 cents each roll at my garage sale. Here’s what I found: 30 packages of the Scotch pop-up refills for 20 cents each, 13 3-pack of Scotch tape, and 57 single rolls of Scotch tape. I found 6 rolls of Duct packaging tape at 39 cents each. I was able to use $1.00 coupons on most of the tape I bought for quite a bit of overage. I found 5 rolls of wrapping paper that will work for birthdays all year for 19 cents each and some white tissue paper for 30 cents. I found 18 packages of plain napkins that will work for any party for 15 cents each. Off to the regular candy isle. Often there are packages marked with snowflakes or winter themes in with the regular candy. Sure enough there were Twix minis with green holly on the packages, Dove chocolates, Reese's minis, M&M’s, and Lindor chocolates all with winter themed packages. I was able to find 6 packages for 75% off. I had coupons with overage on the candy also. For 90% off I didn’t resist getting 16 boxes of candy canes for 8 cents and some for 24 cents. We will eat just a few of these and did you know people love these in the summer at my garage sale (since they can’t usually find them in the stores). I picked up a set of 12 table knives for $1.49, Kleenex tissues for 24 cents, a clear bowl for 40 cents, and 3 pkgs. of white paper plates for 40 cents each. I picked up 3 cute infant outfits for future gifts or a fall sale also 90% off, a snowflake ornament was 10 cents and a pack of party beads for 50 cents. To top it off, I got 3 Tide single load travel packages with my $1 coupons. Total after coupons, $12.92 and almost half of that was tax. A $373.87 savings just from the % off clearance! This kind of shopping reminds me of a big scavenger hunt since as you can see a lot of things were not in with the Christmas clearance. Oh, what fun it is to shop with a Target cart in toooow!" Susan C.

"Last month, I purchased a $50 certificate for $25 from from Then I learned about a $20 rebate: purchase $50 worth of Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret, Pantene, Herbal Essences and/or Clairol products from 11/23/10 to 12/31/10. So I purchased 1 Herbal Essences Body Envy Conditioner, 2 Herbal Essences Body Envy Shampoo, 3 Olay Body Ultra Moisture Quench Body Lotion, 2 Olay Body Wash Daily Exfoliating, and 2 Secret Deodorant Shower Fresh. Here is a picture of my son Justin smiling above my deal! I mailed the rebate 12-15-10 and received the $20 refund on 01-20-11! Dormzy delivered the products to my doorstep! I paid only .50 cents per item!  Only $5 for all these products! Thank you RefundCents for keeping me informed!" Stephanie Young

Oh Baby, What A Deal!

"Don't you just love it when a great deal comes along at just the right time?!  That's what happened to me when Target put out a coupon for $1 off any 2 Gerber baby food items.  The coupon could be printed from their website and there was no limit to the number of coupons you could print.  At the time, my youngest daughter was 4 months old.  I knew she would be eating baby food soon so with this coupon now was the time to stock up.  Several jars of Stage 2 foods were regularly priced at $.52 a jar so after coupon the jars were $.02 each!  I enlisted the help of several family members to print out the coupons and stop by their local Target stores to pick up some baby food.  Little did I know how much food would be coming my way!  The deal became sweeter for me when I combined several Gerber manufacturers coupons with the Target coupons.  That's when I picked up a lot of 2 packs of fruits and vegetables for more than half off. 
When my baby girl was old enough to eat baby food regularly, I just smiled every time I fed her knowing how much my hobby has saved me over the years. Pictured with my youngest daughter, Gretchen, is my oldest daughter, Linnea, who was 4.  She had a great time sorting the food for this picture and helping me find space in our pantry for all of it!" Karen Swalwell

"What great selection and sales after Christmas.  We bought 2 artificial trees at 75% off from RiteAid (one 4 ½ foot with lights and other one was a 6 foot white one) for only $5.00 each – of course I had UP rewards so paid nothing.  We also bought candles and few other Christmas items but was not thinking about Christmas in July at the campsite.  Last July we had a few Santa decorations outside of camper but this year we are going BIG.  I needed $30 more for the Buy and Save promotion ending January 22.  We went to a different RiteAid and their Christmas stuff was 90%.  They still had a good selection of Christmas items.  While I gathered the items I needed to get my $20 coupon if I bought $100 of the buy and save items – my husband filled the cart with Christmas items.  I told him to wait because I would be getting the $20 coupon which would pay for everything. As you can see in the picture – we got 5 rolls of wrapping paper for $1.00;  Christmas cards – 4 boxes for $2.50;  3 pretty poinsettia wreaths priced at $14.99 each for only $4.50 for all 3 of them;  a 4’ doll which was $29.99 down to $2.99 – a gift for my boss’s daughter for next Christmas; Christmas ceramic ornaments, tree skirts, candy canes, 2 big 4’ plastic candy canes, nut crackers and so many other items.  The original prices of all came to over $200 and we paid $20.00 and with my coupon it meant ALL FREE." Marie Kunz

"On Michelle’s page - I saw the posting on the printing of the $5 off $25 Dollar General coupon and saw Purina Dog Food on sale for $4.50 and with the $2 coupon from Sunday coupon section I could get 5 bags plus needed some sponges to total the $25 and then get $10 from the coupons plus the $5 off.  Maggie, my cocker spaniel was getting lots of dog food for only $7.50 plus tax.   This was my first visit to Dollar General so wasn’t sure how they would be taking coupons but had no trouble at all.  I actually stopped at store Thursday night trying to avoid the Saturday shoppers and didn’t realize the coupon was a “ONE DAY ONLY”.  I had my order all rung up when they said coupon only good Saturday – I said sorry but I don’t want to buy until then.   I got a sponge though and with the receipt spit out another one of these coupons $5 off $25 – Saturday only.  I returned on Saturday and no crowds or lines of people – I was happy cause they only had one register." Marie Kunz

"The Hy-Vee flier had a coupon for a $10 off the purchase of 6 GM cereals. I located my GM coupons and went to the store only to learn that there were cereals priced at $1.60 per box and that a $6.00 Catalina coupon would print with each order. Sometimes, an additional Catalina coupon for $1/5 GM cereals printed. Free cereal, plus overage! I decided to get 100 boxes of cereal for the food pantry, plus what my family could use and filled orders for friends. I bought almost 200 boxes of cereal and never cleared the shelves.  I used the overage  to supplement my other coupons  and to stock up on staple items. With each order, I got one of two free or almost free items. It was a fun adventure!"  Carol, Iowa

Rite Aid TP

"The thrill of possibly getting FREE toilet paper and facial tissue was the only thing needed to get me out of bed Sunday morning. Rite Aid was having a sale with their 4pk tissue, single rolls, and small boxes of facial tissue for $1. Each purchase then generated a $1Up Reward, essentially making it free. As a seasoned couponer I knew that this was a fantastic deal-it's been years since I've gotten toilet paper for free.  I knew this was going a product that couldn't wait to be purchased later in the week, so I set my alarm early so I could be there when the store opened its doors Sunday morning.   It was a pitch black, ice cold, snowy morning when I crawled out of bed and headed up to Rite Aid. I timed it just right, I just had to be patient and wait about five minutes for the store to open.  Once the manager opened the doors, I headed right to the back of the store for the toiletry products. I found the shelves overflowing with lots of 4pks of TP, single rolls, and facial tissue. I loaded up my cart, without clearing the shelves, and headed up to the check out.  On my way up to the front of the store, I saw even more product placed on end caps and a special section of another aisle. I thought, "Well, if I have a nice cashier, and the time I'll come back for more.  It looks like they're really well stocked."  The cashier I had was so friendly!  I told her I would like to do 3 separate transactions and she had no problem with that. For the first purchase I used my $20 Gift of Savings  Certificate so I only had to spend $1.20 in cash out of pocket to cover tax.  Much to the cashier's surprise, at the end of my receipt printed a ton (20) $1 Up Rewards. The cashier said, "HOLY COW! Your receipt is taller than me!" .  The next transaction I purchased more product and used my Up Rewards from the previous transaction to pay.  I had to spend $1.20 again out of pocket to pay for tax. After the third similar transaction I noticed there was nobody else shopping in the store, so I decided to take my purchases out to the car and head back in to do the deal two more times.  I ended up with (21) 4 pk Toilet Paper, (28) boxes of Facial Tissue, and (32) single rolls of toilet paper.  All in all 81 products for $4.86.  I also had a two bonus $3 Up Rewards from the facial tissue to spend in the future.   I made sure to ask my cashier for her name so I could email Rite Aid and tell them how nice and friendly she was.  That put a smile on her face.  Driving home I had a smile on my face and a car full of FREE toilet paper and facial tissue.  Even though I stocked up the best part was I felt good not clearing the shelves for other shoppers.  After learning that the deal changed on Monday I was sure glad I took the time to read Refund Cents and  be 'in the know' so I was able to get in on the deal first thing.  The early bird got the worm (or TP)! Pictured here are Brady and Vivian with my haul. Not everything was in the photo as I forgot that some was in the trunk of my car. Also, the fort we built after the wall fell down."  Dawn Green 

"I want to let you all in on a secret.  I have the best husband ever.  We were celebrating out 39th wedding anniversary, and decided to go to Lincoln for a couple days.  We left on Friday morning (black Friday).  I decided not to get up early for the early sales, as their wasn’t really anything we needed.  When I woke up, I did make a trip to Menard’s while my husband slept in, just to do the few rebate items. Then, off to Lincoln we go! We wanted our small vacation to be as cost effective as possible.  The following explains our weekend:
Stayed at a Quality Inn, 2 nights, used points accumulated from our Choice Privileges Visa. Our stay included a hot breakfast.  Can’t beat 2 free nights in a motel.

Ate at Red Robin, paid, using a $25.00 gift card, compliments of Max Perks rewards, and $4.81.

Ate at Red Lobster, (our favorite place to eat) paid, using a $30.00 gift card, compliments of  Max Perks rewards, and $8.94

Ate at South Street Grill, paid with a $25.00 certificate (which cost us $2.00), and $12.00 

We went to a movie, compliments of Kellogg’s or General Mills 

We visited several Walgreens, Target, a Hallmark store, Walmart, Pet Smart, Bath & Body Works, Dollar General, Herbergers, Office Max, CVS, Harbor Freight, Menards, & Scheels.

We also purchased several Christmas gifts for the grand children, and day care children, rugs for Steve’s bathroom, 6 bottles of wine, and a bottle of Irish Crème. 

The cost of the weekend would have been $2966.01, our out of pocked was $590.46.  I still had $176 in Register Rewards to use at Walgreens, will receive $147.96 back in Rebates, making our final cost $266.50.  Total savings using gift cards, register rewards, ECB’s, coupons, rewards points, etc. was $2699.51.  

 I did not include the rebate items from Menards, as I had no out of pocket expense for them, as I paid for my items with credit checks, but will be back $200.00 in new credit checks.   

On our way home, we picked up our miniature beagle, Daisy, and our 9 year old grand daughter came home with us, as she did not have school on Monday.  What a helper!  She helped arrange everything in the picture, and posed in it as well.    All in all, we both had a great weekend together, and a lot of people will benefit from our shopping trip."  Linda S.  NE

"Here are two of our deals for the last week or so.  My kids, KayLea and Jace have fun building a display and putting away our stock pile.  Jace has thought we should have Mac n Cheese every meal since we started bringing them home. Walgreens had Kraft Deluxe Mac n Cheese 3/$5, with Walgreens coupon from their booklet $1/2 and $1 manufacturer coupon made my 13 boxes @ .17 ea. = $2.12 plus tax.  Then there is the Olay Body Wash at Dollar General.  I saw it posted here on Chit Chat where they were on sale for $2 and use the $2 coupon from the PG and the buy body wash get lotion free coupon.  Thanks to Chat I scored 22 free body washes and 3 free lotions.  I went to 8 different DG in the last 3 weeks and some had it posted on sale and others didn't.  All the while it was ringing up for $2.  Also, to sweeten the deal DG has a coupon spend $25 get $5 off that prints on your receipt.  You can also print this off their homepage and like them on Facebook to have the heads up.  This $5 coupon is random and not every week sometimes it is good only on 1 day, like Sat.  This week it good for Fri only.  My Mom loves this stuff and so will the Red Cross.  Thanks Michele and everyone that post deals on Chit Chat.  I love it when they give the specifics, like what insert the coupons are found in.  Thanks so much, I love getting things for free or almost free."  Jennifer Taylor, Guthrie, OK

"On the day after Christmas, I went to Wal-mart with coupons on gift sets they had before  Christmas, hoping to find them on sale for half price.  I was very excited that they did have some left and indeed they were half price.  I got 8 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor Gift Sets clearance at $4.44, used a $4.00 coupon and got them for .44c each, total of $3.52, plus tax.  That’s a 95% discount.  8 sets at original price would have been $71.04, plus tax, and I paid $3.52, plus tax.

I also got one Venus/Olay Sensuous Skin Care Gift Set that was clearance at $5.00, original price was $10.00, used a $2.00 coupon, got it for $3.00, now the best part,  it includes a free subscription to “Allure” magazine ($9.99 value), but you can request a refund of $9.99 on the magazine instead of taking the subscription.  That makes it a $6.99 profit.

I also got Glade candles and aerosol clearance at $1.15, original price around $2.00,  got 6 of these, used 2, $3.00 coupons good on 3 products each, so paid .15 each for these, total of 0.90, plus tax.

So add the totals, 3.52 + 3.00 + .90 = $7.42 cost, now my refund of $9.99 still = $2.57 PROFIT.

That’s 15 products, $93.04 original price, and they paid me $2.57 to bring them home." Myra Fisher, TN 

P.S. Myra got a newspaper write-up and won a contest for this deal. Her prize was $100 CBL Select gift card good at the mall. Read about it here.

"We had a great shopping day today at Martin’s Foods (a Giant affiliate) who only allows 1 coupon to double per that item. By I managed to get all the items in the picture for $16.22! Total before savings was $57.95, which works out to be about 70% off. Maybe not 90% or 80%, like some, but a very good day for me. I think it’s remarkable because it involves fresh produce, which isn’t very easy to stack deals on." Kristi R.
"My two children and I had fun searching the toy isle at Rite Aid for Darice items.  Over the course of the promotion period, we ended up accumulating 30 items including the sticker shape kits, mosaic animals, pirate ship kits, jewelry box kits and princess kits. The total, with my 20% discount, was $81.30; however, with the $75 in UP rewards, one $5 off 2 Foamies products Value Video & one $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon, I only had to pay a portion of the sales tax for all these craft items. As you see in the picture, we already put together one of the pirate ships, which my son enjoys playing with." Aimee Stevens
"I was able to get 60 rolls of toilet paper for free at Riteaid.  I had to make three trips to the car just to get it home!  We will have enough toilet paper at our house for a while.  My son is more than happy to show off our haul."
Barbara Pizzuto

"My bounty for the far!!!!
Walgreens~ Buy $30 in Maalox get $10 RR.....
Regular strength Maalox was on sale for $4.34.
I bought 7 Regular Strength Maalox $30.38, used 7 $5 coupons in which the store manager approved the $5, not adjusting down to sale price. With my overage I bought 6 Chex Mix (on sale for .99 with in-store coupon).
My final price was $2.97 out of pocket. In return I received a $10 RR for the Maalox and a surprise RR for $3.50 for the Chex Mix. In the end this was a money maker of $10.53!!! This also work on the Maalox/Bugle combination too!!!
Needless to say, I repeated several times!!!
Giant Eagle~ Buy 5 Quaker Oat Instant Oatmeal Packets @ $2 each and  get $3 on your next purchase.
I bought 5 Oatmeals for $10, used 5 $1/1 coupons.
Final price was $5. In return I received a $3 Catalina making 5 boxes of Quaker Instant Oatmeat packets for .40 ea!!!
My store had boxes with bonus 2 pack, so 12 packs of oatmeal for .40!!!!
At the time of this picture I wasn't even done with all my coupons. Pictured are 40 far!!!!
Also at Giant Eagle, Jello instant Pumpkin Pie was clearanced for .99. I had .55/1 off coupons in which Giant Eagle doubled. I cleared the shelf!!! All free!!!
Pictured are my future stockpilers!!! They love seeing what I bring home!"  
Christine Clem
"I read about the Goldfish cocoa crackers on Refund Cents. The post said that they were ringing up a Target for .22 cents. I went out that day and found 24 of them at my local Target (for .26 cents).
    I also ran to Rite Aid when I read about the UPS printing for the Hormel. I got 35 of them for $1.99 each and received the $1 UP plus the $1 Food UP. So I made money on this deal and used those ups to "buy" 
10 Stayfree (used the b1g1 free and got the UPS on both), 10 Tylenol Precise (Used $2 and $3 coupons I found weeks earlier at Rite Aid) and 12 bottles of Tylenol PM. Everything pictured was free (except for NY State tax of course).
    Sophia is wearing a free outfit from JC Penney that I bought with a $10 off any purchase coupon that I got in the mail. Even her haircut was free since she did it herself but that is a whole other story.. You can see Cecelia & Sophia are very happy with Mommy's purchases.. and I am thrilled because I am using all the UPS from last week to get the toilet paper and tissues this week (10 of each and counting)." Alicia B, NY

"My cat Eve gets pretty excited when I come home from shopping. She always thinks the goodies are for her, and usually they are, but not this time. This trip I had one transaction at CVS. I purchased 1 Snickers dark, 6 finish gel packs, 1 Lysol wipes, 1 single dove bar, 1 Reeces pb cup. Total before coupons came to $51.31. Using Manu. coupons and CVS extra bucks, my total came to $12.03, PLUS another $12.48 printed out for next trip!!!

At Walgreens I had 2 transactions:
#1-1 Pantene shampoo
1 Pantene conditioner
1 Gummy vitamins
before coupons total was $18.46, after coupons, I paid $6.49, plus $7.00 in RR's printed for next visit.

#2- 1 Pantene shampoo
1 Pantene conditioner
1 Gummy vitamins
2 Stayfree pads

Before coupon total was $32.58, after coupons I paid $7.11, plus $7.00 in RR's printed for next visit!" Stephanie in Fl.

"Since I didn't have to gear up for or restock groceries with the rest of Atlanta due to last week's snowstorm, I went to RiteAid instead! I started with about $20 in up+ rewards and ended up spending about $15 out of pocket for taxes. Including the $20 resolution reward I finally qualified for, I now have $112 up+ rewards plus 18 RiteAid brand 11oz coffees, 20 Motrin pm, and 36 Tylenol Precise packages. I would have taken a picture including my kids like everyone else does, but in this case I am the DD :)"
- Samantha G, GA ; daughter of Paige G, SC
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