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Deal Divas 9

"While many teenagers are asking their parents for expensive clothing, my daughter Caroline asks me to take her to the thrift store.  Caroline says, " Mom, I can get so much for my money."  Here Caroline is pictured with a thrift store purse she got for $3.00.  Her shirt was 50 cents. You can not see her cute sandals, but they only cost $3.00.  I am glad I am teaching Caroline thrifty habits.  A few weeks ago, we were out shopping.  I offered to get Caroline something to eat.  She said, we have plenty of food at home.  I can wait." Dawn Hunt  
"Here I am wearing one of my $2 JC Penney sweaters. As you can see I got quite a few items and lucky for me they were all only $2 each. A few of the items aren't pictured because they are already in my laundry bin but in this photo there are two dresses and a silky shirt hanging up behind me as well as about 18 dressy tops, tee shirts and sweaters spelling out JCP on the table and a few bulky hoodies and sweaters draped over the chair back (right in front of me). I bought a total of 27 items and feel like I have a whole new spring, summer and winter wardrobe. The lines at the dressing room were too long for me to try things on so I'll be donating at least five of the items but I'm sure that the local women's shelter will be glad to receive some new clothing too. It's always nice to shop, save and share!" Phyllis W, MD
"Open wide, Ahhhhhhh."
My local grocery store, Meijer, had a deal on baby food just in time for the star of MY show, starring Baby Sophia, to start eating it! When I bought 20 jars of Beechnut baby food, I would get a catalina for $4 off my next order. I also had manufacturer coupons of $1 off when you buy 8 jars, $2 off any 16 and a few of the really good ones, $1 off any 4 jars to use. I would combine the coupons to bring the count up to 20 jars, example: using one $2 off any 16 c/o  and one $1 off any 4 c/o or using three of the $1 off any 8 c/o, etc. During the same week, Meijer had eperk coupons, which you load to your shoppers card, $4 off any $16 purchase (one time use only). Combining all these factors and doing the deal multiple times, as it was unlimited, and using as many coupons that I could print out off the Beechnut web site. I ended up with a total of 232 jars of Beechnut baby food, which would normally cost over $100.00, for under $18.00! Less than 8 cents a jar. I'm happy to report that the star of our show is enjoying her new role as taste tester, while her manager is finding it easy to stick to the budget!"
Reporting from Michigan, Aimee Stevens
"Today was the best day ever at Rite Aid so far for me and my 3 year old daughter Izabella! I had many transactions but it all worked out for the better as you can see from my picture!
Let me just say I had $2 ups reward to start with from last week. I bought 2 Vaseline lotions and 1 Tena pad. I had 2-$1 Q for Vaseline, a $5VV and $7 coupon for the Tena. I paid $2.24 oop and got back $4 up. Next transaction I bought 1 Brainstrong, 4 Colgate toothpaste and 3 toothbrushes. I had the $2 coupon for Brainstrong 4-.75c coupons for Colgate and the $4 up. I paid $28.22 and got back $31.50 in ups.
Third transaction I bought 14 Xtra laundry detergents and 2 Dial For Men soaps(had $1/2 Q from used the 20ups and paid $2.19. The Xtra detergents gave me enough to get the $20 Buy and Save up reward. So I took my 2nd card and got 3 more Colgate toothpaste, 5 Simplify, 2 more Vaselines,1 Fantastik spray  and another bottle of Xtra. Paid with 20 ups and owed .31cents!!!! Got back 14.50 in ups and used them to get 7 more bottles of Xtra fluffy fabric softener and paid 1.00 and some change in tax!!! Yippy for Riteaid! With the amount of ups I got back and the amount spent I got so much more for free!!! YAY! My daughter and I did the coupon dance and even got our nice cashier to join in!" Jen Kilner
"I was so proud of myself on this shopping trip. I got all that you see for $10.08 at my local Food Lion and my store does not even double coupons. I have 5 cases of Coke, 3 cases of Sprite, 1 Diet Coke, as well as 3 Dove B1G1F deodorant packs, Scott 12 pack tissue and I Prell Shampoo. The Prell is the only thing that I did not have a coupon for. The Coke products were all free item coupons from Mycokerewards. The Dove were $2.99 a pack after $1.00 off coupon. The Scott Tissue was on sale for $6.99 but I had a $1.00 off coupon as well when I scanned my MVP card I got another $1.00 coupon that I could also use. I also had a $5.00 off of $40.00 and $4.00 OYNP coupon.
The total before coupons and MVP was $85.40
Coupons and MVPS came to $75.32
For the Total OOP to be $10.08
One of my Coke coupons did not come off but I was not upset about it I was happen to save all of that. The babies in the picture are 2 kids that I baby-sit so their grandmother can work. She got the Diet Coke to take home. The Sprite also came in handy that weekend since the whole house got hit by the stomach bug that was going around."  Susan Edmondson, NC
After Christmas Chocolate Score!
"As you may know deals can happen without being planned.  I came upon this deal by accident.  I had a $3 coupon from Toys 'R Us that I received in the mail for a birthday gift for one of my kids.  It was about to expire so I went in to see if there was anything I could use.  It was after Christmas and there really weren't any toys that I saw that I could use as gifts.  I almost walked out of the store without using my coupon.  Then I saw that TRU had their Holiday candy marked down 90%.  My mind started thinking, I walked over and started looking.  I found the 3.7 oz Hershey Kisses in a plastic candy cane holder.  Regular price $2.49.  That meant they were on clearance for .25!  Although there was plenty, I only picked up 12 of them so that I would have no out of pocket expense.  My bonus is that there was no tax!  I saved $29.88.  WOW!"
Maria Sciuto
"I scored an amazing deal on Huggies santa diapers at my local Stop & Shop grocery store.  The packs were clearanced to 75% off the regular price of $9.99, so $2.50.  Each package had coupons inside for $2.00 of Huggies diapers. I had coupons to start so I bought a few packages at a time and went out to the car and pulled the coupons out of the packages I purchased.  I was able to get 20 packages of diapers for $10.00 and I saved $150.00!  The diapers have a cute design of Santa's jacket and belt on them, but the print is very light and you can't see it through my daughter's clothes so no one knows the difference." Tia Quinn Middleboro, MA

"Pictured is my son Justin who is showing off this weeks completed 3 separate deals at Walgreens. 1st deal was 4/$12 with $4 RR at checkout, for a list of products that just so happened to also qualify for the Black History Month spend $10 get $5 Rebate Offer on Palmolive-Colgate products. So that is was drew me in but I found that the 1st deal wasn’t the one I would be using for the $5 rebate. My first deal continued with 6 bars of Irish Spring, body wash and two Colgate Totals. My coupons totaled $2.00 and I had a RR of $10 from my last Walgreens visit. (I do not recognize my RR until I actually use them). 1st deal, paid only $1.02 out of pocket. 2nd deal was to take advantage of the $5 rebate mentioned above. The deal was 2/$4 for Speed Stick and Lady’s Speed Stick deodorant (limit 6), which is my luck when I saw the ad because not only was I in dire need of stocking up, but they are Palmolive-Colgate products which qualify for the $5 rebate. I bought 3 regular Speed Stick and 3 Lady’s Speed Stick, and had $2.00 in coupons. Subtotal before taxes, $10 exactly! On my way home from work, I decided the 1st deal was so awesome, that I stopped at the Walgreens by my home and got another round this time using my $4 RR from the 1st deal and $2.00 in coupons. Total came to $5.84 with tax. Plus, at the register I received $4 RR for my next trip. Total Walgreens spent today minus the $5 rebate (because I don’t count RR until I use them) $12.70, which means I paid $.91 for each product!  Thank you Walgreens!" Stephanie Young 

"The girls are proud of their Winn Dixie haul!! Soft Soap was on sale for .99 had .40 c/o that doubled. Colgate was .99, had .40 c/o that doubled. Palmolive was .99, had .50 c/o that doubled. Valley Fresh chicken was b1g1 for $3.49, had 1.00/2 c/o. Found Fancy Feast beef sliced on clearance for .30, had 1.00/20 c/o. Found Whiskas packets in 4pk on clearance for $1.15, had 1.00/2 c/o. Amazing how far you can stretch $11.00 huh!!" Sherri Johnson

"Publix had Beechnut baby food on sale B1G1 for .55 each. I had printable coupons (8) for $1.00 off 3 - (5) for $2.00 off 16 - and (4) for $2.00 off 20. We scored 184 jars = $101.20 - 50.60 for B1G1 = $50.60 - ($26.00)= $24.60 total out of pocket. My youngest is 17 years old but my little great nephew Easton will make good use of these. Girls and hubby had a great time stacking them for the picture. Thanks Refund Cents!!" Sherri Johnson

"I have had so much FUN at Wal-Mart with their $10.00 Faux Canvas coupon!  My wonderful nine year old son, Victory, was so proud to pose with some of my canvas prints which we have purchased using this coupon..
Years ago I ordered a canvas print from from an advertisement on Michele's Updates on   It was a 12 x 12 size which was free and I only paid shipping cost.  It is very nice quality but I felt it was too small in size.  (This was my first experience with canvas prints and with this online company so I did not want to spend very much money.)  I would recommend the quality of, but their items are costly.  My order also took several months to receive.
When I first saw the advertisement for the Wal-Mart canvas coupon, I immediately dismissed the coupon because it was from the Wal-Mart company.  I do not like the Wal-Mart stores and I very rarely shop there.  I have a history of negative experiences using coupons at Wal-Mart stores in general.  I have went into a Wal-Mart store and made a purchase maybe once in the last year.
After a couple days thought, I read and re-read about the Wal-Mart coupon and decided to try using it.  I simply love to take pictures of my family and I have hundreds of pictures hanging on the walls of our home. 
I easily opened an account at, uploaded a picture, and ordered an 11 x 14 faux canvas print to pick up in a local store.  I printed the $10.00 coupon and went into the Wal-Mart store with a carefree attitude.  I had in my mind if the checkout cashier was at all negative that I would simply smile, turn around, and leave the store.  I did not expect to be able to use the Wal-Mart $10.00 coupon at all, but I was not going to purchase the faux canvas print without the coupon.  The 12 x 12 and the 11 x 14 faux prints were $19.95 at full price.
At the Wal-Mart photo department the cashier easily found my order and rang it up.  I did not look at the canvas, because I did not want to like it and then not purchase it.  I smiled and handed the cashier my printed $10.00 coupon and imagine my shock when she smiled back and immediately punched in the discount.  It took me longer to scramble searching for money in my purse to pay than it took the cashier to take off the coupon.  I asked if she had seen many of the great $10.00 coupons and she replied yes, and a lot of people were using multiples of them.  I was again surprised!  I spoke with her more and the photo clerk said the head of the photo department said anyone could use all the $10.00 coupons they wanted.   Of course only one coupon per purchase, but she said I could go home and order another faux canvas print but simply one per order.
I walked out of the Wal-Mart store smiling and still in surprising shock.  For the next few days, I ordered several more of the faux canvas prints.  My oldest son is 18 years old and has a birthday coming up in March.   He selected his favorite picture of himself and asked me to make him a canvas print for his birthday gift.   I hinted to my husband’s parents about their favorite picture and made them a canvas print to save for a Christmas gift.  My youngest son just finished a football season with the Snoop Football League by winning their National Championship game in California.  The team had a professional photographer take pictures of the team and the individual players.  A lot of the parents celebrated by purchasing professional prints of their sons in their football uniforms.  The prints were very costly, and our family did not order one.  I selected a picture I had taken of our son in his football uniform and ordered an 11 x 14 faux canvas of it.  My son was overjoyed at the canvas of himself!  The faux canvas cost me $19.95 minus the $10.00 coupon plus tax.   I know one of the other football parents spent over $150.00 for a canvas print of their son.
I really looked over the Wal-Mart faux canvas.  It is very thin in quality.  The "frame" easily bends and creaks.  When you hang the canvas you need to be careful to make sure the sides are straight and not bending.  The colors are nice but not standout bright or bold.  Then I compared the Wal-Mart faux canvas with my older canvas.  In my opinion, there is no comparison of the quality of the material and colors of the two prints.  The canvas is much nicer in appearance and in touch.  I would not display canvases from the two different companies next to each other so the comparisons could easily be seen.  But taking all these opinions and the price in mind, I would recommend the Wal-Mart faux canvases.  The Wal-Mart canvas is not of the professional quality but they also do not cost a professional price. The Wal-Mart canvas is nice and my children really like them.  They look really nice hanging on the wall next to regular wood framed pictures.  The canvas pictures are a nice fun change from the regular wood framed pictures hanging on the wall in our home.
I am thankful to Michele and the great fellow contributors of RefundCents.  RefundCents has made a positive influence on me & my family’s life.  I have learned so much about coupons, refunding, and saving money.  My family has so many really nice material things that we would not have without RefundCents... one example is these canvas prints.  We are also able to donate a lot more to Goodwill because of the extra coupons I use." Thank you!!! Bernetta Stewart

Winner - Cover Contest Jan/Feb 2012

"The spirit of Christmas was in abundance at the Ponchatoula, LA Senior Center on December 8, 2011 as it served as the home of Santa’s Senior Workshop for the Council on Aging participants! My precious 83 year old grandmother was my inspiration for the event. Having her presence with us is the greatest present of all, but she insists on giving gifts, although we’ve finally convinced her to limit it to those who are under 18.   Christmas is such a special time of year, but it can also be very stressful, especially for many of our senior citizens who have limited budgets.  They want to give, but financially, they just can’t afford to.  I combined two of my biggest hobbies, bargain shopping and volunteering and came up with the Santa’s Senior Workshop idea.  I gathered all appropriate gift items from my personal stockpile, mostly from Target’s 90% off Clearance, such as fleece throws, games, beauty items, and purchased some other things from the Dollar Tree, Rite Aid and CVS. I also provided wrapping supplies purchased after Christmas last year.  I enlisted the help of our local high school’s Key Club and Interact Club, which my daughter is a member of.  The morning of the big event, I set up the items in a boutique like setting, with classical Christmas music playing in the background.  I gave each of the 39 participants $20 in pretend money to shop for those on their lists.  To make things simple, we had a $1, $3, $5, and $10 table.  It was truly heartwarming to see the teenagers show such concern for the participants, helping them find the perfect gift, whether it be for their 3 year old great-grandchild, or 90 year old sister.  The participants then moved to our wrapping station, where though chose just the right gift wrap, bag, bow and tag.  Most elected to have the students help with the wrapping rather than tackling the task themselves.  It is truly better to give than to receive, but helping others give it absolutely wonderful!  I was so surprised at how excited and appreciative the participants were and incredibly impressed at how respectful and helpful the high school students were.  I plan on expanding the Santa’s Senior Workshop to other centers throughout my parish next year, which also serves as a great reason to continue bargain shopping.  During Christmas, the elderly are often overlooked.  I urge you to reach out to those in your community to make their holiday a little brighter.  It doesn’t take much, to make a big difference in someone’s life!" Martha Thompson


Winners - Inside Front Cover Jan/Feb 2012

"My sixteen year old daughter just recently started driving, I went on the third shift around the same time. This makes sharing the car not a big issue however with a extra driver running around, going to hang out with friends is rather expensive.

Since the driving thing is all new to her she has kept the roads hot. She has been running all my errands, waking me up and bringing me food just so she has excuses to drive. It all has worked out until I realized the cost of the food and gas. So the next day I sat her down and explained to her that this week had been great, but I could not continue to afford the extra gas. I told her she would need to figure out where all she needed to go each day and consolidate trips and when she got places with her friends she would need to hang out there and not just ride around looking for things to do. She said she understood and she would try to be more careful with her spending.

The next day she asked if she could use the car to drive herself to cheer practice, and to pick up a few things to take to camp. I told her that would be fine.I went to bed she got her stuff together and was out the door. She returned that afternoon with us some lunch and a big smile on her face. She reached into her bag and pulled out some CASH and said "Here Mom will this help?" I said where did you get this money....?? She said "I found a DEAL!" 

She had went by Walmart a few days earlier and had noticed some low priced travel stuff and she had remembered seeing some coupons for items of that brand when we cut up our inserts.She said she thought she would try it and see what happened. So she gathered up the coupons and with a few items in hand she went through the check out. At the end of her transaction the cashier handed her some money and her receipt and told her she was a couponer too and what a smart shopper she was.
She said she then went back through the store and gathered up her items and proceeded to the check out line again. This time the manager was called over and verified the transaction. He looked at the coupons and looked at the items and said everything looks good and walked away. She said it was a Happy Day at Walmart!
 In all she got:
 21 ---- 6oz Dial Hand Soap with Moisturizer @ $ 1.47
 23-----2.25oz Dial Travel Bars @ $ .97  
She used 44---- $2.00 off Dial Coupons
She got back $11.13 for 21 Hand Soaps and $23.69 for the 23 Travel Bars
for a total $34.82 cash back
 Who knew that sixteen year olds actually pay attention. I don't think I could have even worked a better Deal. I think that from now on she will be know as the "Coupon Queen" in this house.         
Pictured You will find Mercedes still Smiling ...... Money, Car Keys in Hand.... with her Stock Pile.. Zabrina Bruce, AL


"Lilly helping mom get ready for new baby brother!

We have 3 deals pictured.

First, from Target. Huggies slip-ons big packs 19.99 reg on sale for 19.79 -$2 target coupon -$3 mfcX2 -$6 -$10 Target gift card wb2 $29.82 plus tax like $5.40 per jumbo pack

Next from Target. Luvs big pack 16.99 -$2 store coupon X2 -$10 gift card wb2

$19.98 or $9.99 each plus tax qty 8 $79.92 plus tax like $3.33 per jumbo pack

Finally from Luvs value pack $44.56 reg $37.99 -$11.40 Amazon Mom discount and Ship and Save disc $26.59 each qty 6 154.59 plus tax like $4.29 per jumbo pack

Total value pictured $532.38 for $264.33. Total savings of 50% and still cheaper than walmart brand diapers. At between 9 and 10 cents per diaper.

Not a free deal but still feels good to have a diaper stock pile."

Anna Rempe, KS

Winner - Back Page Jan/Feb 2012

"I only have one CVS, Walgreens. Rite Aid so this is from one trip to each. I had well over $150.00 of stuff. I paid $14.00 and got back $21 to spend later. I know some of you do better by breaking down into separate orders, but the store was busy and I hate to hold up the line. I am proud of myself. I don’t get to go often." Janice Wilkinson

"I had 25 coupons for $1 off any Johnson & Johnson Red Cross product.  Fortunately, the little first aid kits qualified!  I have been able to purchase these at CVS in the past, but the price went from $0.99 to $1.49 at most stores, so no longer free.  I went to multiple Walmarts, but they were all out.  Finally, on my way to a Christmas celebration, we stopped at Walmart (to look at some clearance Lego sets), and they were stocked!  Since the coupons expired the next day, I purchased all they had (22).  They were $0.97 each, so $0.03 overage on each one.  The coupon stated only four coupons could be redeemed per transaction, which made it a little trickier since I had $0.12 overage on each transaction.  However, I purchased a banana or cucumber on each order, so stayed healthy while using my overage!" Lisa Samson, OH


"This is a picture of my grandson, Elijah and part of my display of Nabisco snacks. One of my favorite local stores had a mega deal where if you bought 10 particular items it would automatically take 50 cents off of each item. Well, I had gotten lots of things through this deal for almost 2 weeks and had passed by the Nabisco display every time seeing the sign of 50 cents each. I thought that was the price after the 50 cents was taken off. But that was not the case. Apparently the store made a mistake and didn't care to fix it because when you bought these Nabisco Go Paks (reg. priced .99-$1.49) in groups of 10 they were FREE! I got some for all of my grandkids, friends, and some people I knew in the store. One time I had 30 Nabisco Go Paks at the self check out without buying anything else and the total was zero. I didn't even have to pay tax. I did have some coupons for the Kraft macaroni bowls so they were free too. A few people knew about this before me so all of the Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies were gone. There were plenty of Teddy Grahams, Ritz Bits, and Nutter Butter Bites. They even restocked the display till the last day of the sale. I think I ended up with over 300 of these. If you could count to 10 you could do this deal, almost too easy!" Susan Campbell

"I didn't have a human subject available but I thought since some of my 'haul' is for her, my Keesie Tinsel would do!!
The 4# bags of dog food were $1 a bag after the $4 coupons!!
All of the Uncle Ben's on the lower shelf were free with the sale, coupons and the catalina. Most everything else in there was next to nothing or free.
BUT the best bargain was the shelving unit itself. When Borders went out of business we decided to go the last week and see if there were any can't pass bargains, who knew it would be the DVD shelves!!!??? We got two for $50!!! One for our DVDs and one for all of my overstock dry/can/bottles. It works perfectly keeping them behind glass is dust free and I can see what I have without opening a door!! It looks like I'm out of Ketchup!!!
Of course miss Tinsel has her own cabinet further to the right with her snack hall from the last BOGO on Beggin' Strips at Kmart." Carla Ohio
"I joined Refundcents several years ago because money was tight and we needed any help we could get.  The money that we have saved since joining is unbelievable.  As with many other families this year money was very tight at Christmas.  With all the
help from Michelle and her website my fiance and I were able to have a great Christmas for our family.  At the end of November
a local community center had an indoor yard sale.  We purchased a spot to sell our stockpile items.  We made just under $500 and used this money towards Christmas presents.  Our stockpile would not exist if not for the deals posted on  I have to give a shout out to my fiance, Jon.  He is a super help when it comes to lugging the stockpile around when we have sales.  He also never has a problem going to a store for me with a list and coupons in hand.  He is the best! 
     Here are a few of the great deals we used to buy presents. The Cabbage Patch Kid our daughter, Dani is holding was free by redeeming my points from the Huggies reward program.  The shirt she is wearing of our favorite football team ( Go Steelers! ), was very cheap by stacking codes when ordering online from Kohl's. The calendar our son, Ethan is holding is one of six that I ordered for family members from Picaboo. Total price for all six was $25 by combining a BOGO sale at Picaboo and a $100 gift certificate that I purchased for $25. ( I still have over $20 left on the gift certificate for future use. )  We bought Ethan a pair of Nike sneakers that were a great bargain at under $15 by combining sale and promo code at  We also have a 14 year old daughter, Tyler. She of course has expensive taste when it comes to clothes.  We were able to buy her quite a few nice articles of clothing from Aeropostale by taking advantage of Black Friday Deals and coupons.  Whether it be a sale, using coupons and online codes, sending in rebates or buying through Ebates, all our purchases had some type of deal involved.  Deals that we would not be aware of if not for Michelle and Refundcents.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!" Sherry Logsdon

"My local Meijers was offering Santa Bucks again!  Yeah!  We always do well combining these additional savings, on top of great sale prices.  This particular week the ProJamz Guitar & Microphone were both on sale for $19.99.  The regular retail prices were $32.99 for the Mic and $39.99 for the Guitar.  I was able to combine the Santa Bucks coupon for an additional $4 off each (with separate purchases).  This put my out of pocket at $15.99 each before tax.  I was able to purchase 3 guitars and 2 microphones for my children and my niece and nephew.  The BEST part is that with each purchase of the Guitar and Microphone I received a $20 OYNSO coupon at the register!  So for $85 OOP before taxes I was able to get $185 worth of toys AND have $100 left to spend on future purchases.  What a great deal!!!!!  It takes a little work, but the deals definitely pay off.  I this case, I NEVER would have bought these as gifts - but boy do they love them!" Shawn Byrne
The Best Things in Life are FREE!

"I've been getting Carolina Pride bologna and jumbo hot dogs for 50 cents after sales and double coupons for the past few weeks. My freezer is stocked and my kids are almost tired of eating hotdogs and bologna. However, I did pass some on to my family members. 

It's that time of year again for me to go on my annual FREE SPREE. My day started off with getting two 12 packs of 7up sodas and a Reeses peanut butter cup for 57 cents. Then, I headed over to Walmart and did some more shopping. My daughter Tameka, coupon princess in training, is always anxious to help gather my groceries, especially when there's a free box of Capri Sun in the deal for her.  

After gathering my groceries, I headed to the checkout. The cashier greeted me and proceeded to ring up my groceries. I gave her the cents off coupons first, and warned her the rest of the coupons were free. I wrote down the price of each item to speed up the process as usual. However, she didn't take my word for it and looked it up anyway. I waited patiently while she contacted the manager to see if I could use two $5.00 off coupons at the same time which gave me $10.00 worth of hotdogs. The manager told her yes, and she continued to ring up the rest of the groceries.  

My "loot" included, 1 Schick Hydro razor, 1 package of Sister Schubert's Dinner Rolls, 1 bottle of Miracle Whip, 2 packages of Idahoan mashed potatoes, 1 box of Capri Sun, 1 box of Domino sugar, 1 box of Toast 'Em pastries, 2 24-packs of Aquafina water, 1 12-pack of Fanta orange sodas, 1 12-pack of Mello Yello, 1  box of Foster Farms corndogs, 2 cans of Swanson Beef Broth,  and 7 packs of Bar-S hotdogs. My total was $51.74, and I paid only 74cents. 

This is competition for me. Every year I try to beat my total from the previous year. I'm happy to report I did indeed beat my total from last year.

So, the best things in life really are free, if you know how to get it!"
Trina Mike, Okatie, SC


"It was an awesome day in the clearance aisles today!  Started off at Walgreens and bought Kiss nail artist nail polish.  The single packs were marked $1.59 and the 3 pack kits were $2.89.  To sweeten the deal there was a Wags coupon for $1 off each  one!  I got 6 single packs and 4 of the 3 pack kits.  Then I stopped at CVS, and the deals were unbelievable...TONS of beauty stuff 75% off!  I ended up buying 2 Sally Hansen quick care clean-ups, 4 Sally Hansen perfect manicure kits, 2 nail clippers, 5 eye shadows, 1 Smackers collection kit, 7 mascaras, 1 styling gel, 1 lip gloss, 30 nail polishes, 3 bags of gummy bears, 1 Life Savers Storybook, and a bubble tape.  I had 3 $10 gc from previous deals, 26.49 in ecb and $11rr.  I spent $12.89 oop for $391.17 of merchandise.  I am on a good deal high!  Needless to say my daughters stockings are going to be overflowing:)   We will also be making some gift baskets up to take to the women's shelter to spread some holiday cheer."  Stacy V.
"A little while back, I had found some tearpad coupons for Oreo's .50/1 single serve packs. They didn't expire until 3/12 so I had been holding on to them hoping for a deal. I couldn't locate the single serve in any of my grocery stores that double, but sure enough Rite Aid came through and eventually had them on sale Buy One Get One free.  They are regularly $1.19 each so the BOGO made them $1.19 FOR two. I was allowed to use a coupon on each package at 3 different stores over the course of the week.  I ended up with 42 packages. at .19 for every 2 packs.  I should have paid about $4 total for them, however somehow one cashier made an error and I paid $2.85 total for 42 packs. Only .06 a piece! My daughter was always asking me to buy them-but I rarely would at full price-Can you see how happy she is now?  Normally she's not allowed sugary sweets after 6pm-but on the evening of her 'photo shoot' she got a well-deserved treat-she picked the cakesters and it was a fluke package that was overstuffed with cream...MMmmmmmmm." Laurie D

"My husband doesn't request too many 'specific' things, so when he requested I get more of the Lipton natural Teas I wanted to oblige; but I couldn't even think of spending the $1.59 each shelf price!  This past summer I had gotten 4 dozen or so for only .09 a piece with a .59 sale and .50/1 DND coupons--but being that it is now winter I didn't foresee a really good deal in the near future for these-but I kept my eyes peeled. I had managed to collect coupons for 40 bottles, some were from the Sunday paper at $1 off 2, and some were tear pad .50/1.  Then the other day I saw the deal I was waiting for. 
Superfresh had a promo for a free $10 gift card when you buy $30 in Pepsi products -and Lipton is a Pepsi product and was listed in the fine print of the offer. The Naturals were also on sale for .99 each.
I bought 31 bottles at .99 each= $30.69.  I used 31 coupons to bring the total down to $15.19 (.50 saved on each)  I paid the $15.19 Using a $25 Visa gift card I won through one of the instant win games listed on the RC website. The cat machine spit out the promised coupon for a $10 Superfresh gift card. I took the coupon over to customer service and got my $10 card.  In essence I paid $5.19 for 31 bottles or .16 a bottle. Using the gift card to pay actually made them 'feel' free to me and I was able to fulfill my hubby's request happily and painlessly! As always, my 10 year old daughter Juleah was the willing subject for the photo." Laurie D

"Here is what I gathered on a trip to Walgreens.  Skinny cow bars:  180; 60 Sweet tart chews;  10 nestle crunch bars; 6 chew spree bags, 18 laffy taffy; 15 boxes of turtles, 18 skinny cow clusters; 3 butter fingers; and 48 sweet tarts long packs.  I purchased these using 75/3 coupon found in the December Walgreens IVC book.  It averaged out that I was paying 25 cent a pack for the skinny cow products, and 71 cent for each six of the sweet tart products I purchased by purchasing them in lots of six and using the $1 coupon it generated to purchase the next six. I did go to several stores to make these purchases to make sure I left some on the shelf.  Someone may be wondering what will I do with all this candy!  Well my plans are to use some for my gift bags at church and some will be used for my grandson pictured to share with his class.  Oh yea, we will eat some too.  Wonka, Wonka!" Barbara Thomas

  "This is my grandson, Carson, & I showing off the $300 +  plus of products I recently got for about $40.00.  My daughter received coupons from Gerber for the formula plus we had a catalina from Target for another $3.00 off two cans, making the formula less than $1.00 per can.  I also submitted rebates for the Renuzit candles and the dog food which is hidden.  I did a speech on couponing for my public speaking class and used this display as my visual aid.  I got an A on this speech.
 I did even better the week of November 26 through December 3.  I got over $60.00 worth of goodies at CVS for .81 plus I got two Old Navy gift cards.  I got 2 Tide, 2 Gain, 3 Oral B toothbrushes, 4 Dawn, 4 Glade spray, and 4 Pantene shampoos.  I had $2 coupons for the Tide, $1 coupons for Gain, $3 coupons for the toothbrushes, $3 coupons for the Pantene, .25 off Dawn, and $2 off two Glade products.   My extra care bucks from Thanksgiving Day also helped make that haul possible. I can also submit my receipt for the cookware promotion (rice cooker and tamale steamer). Thanks to a tip on Centsible Chat, I got six CoverGirl nail tools for free at Family Dollar.  At Target, I got 4 Curel hand lotions for $2.00 after receiving 2 $5 gift cards.  I got the $10 gift card for spending $50 as well.  I went to a local party supply store and found a lot of great deals on Christmas decorations and paper goods, including napkins for .25 per pack and $1.00 grab bags with over $25 worth of goodies inside.  I rounded out my shopping at Lowe’s where I found a poinsettia marked down to $3 and a large (over 2 feet tall) tropical plant marked down to $1." Cheryl Raup

"Clean clothes and dishes for the New Year for less! I had several of the $2/1 Tide and .50/1 Dawn coupons and made it a goal to go to CVS everyday to take advantage of the spend $30 get a $10 gift card. After 6 trips, I ended up with 22 bottles of Tide and 20 bottles of Dawn, not all are pictured here as they have been stored in our laundry room. Tide was on sale for $5.99 each and Dawn was on sale for .99 each which came to a total of $151.58 minus $44 in coupons for the Tide and $10 for the Dawn and then I received the 5 $10 gift cards. My out of pocket was $47.58 plus tax and I chose the gas cards. I made a trip almost every day of the sales week due to the limit of 4 like P & G coupons per transaction which was fine with me since I have a CVS close to home and another close to my workplace. Not only will my family have clean clothes and dishes for the New Year but we have added the savings to the pot for the cruise we will be going on in February. Pictured here are my little helpers Maggie and Maria who are enjoying helping me “decorate” the Tide and Dawn tree." Luisa Delgado

"What a great deal at Walgreens! After reading a fellow RCers deal I printed my two Delica One Touch coupons and headed out to Walgreens. The Delica One Touch was $19.99 (mf coupon was good up to $19.99) and there was also a $10 Wags coupon in the monthly coupon booklet. I was able to get all my goodies for under $3. I would have spent more than this on the milk alone! One toy will be a gift for my 2 year old and the other is being donated to a family in need. Since one of the gifts is for DS I couldn't put him in the pic so it's just the goodies in this one. Thanks RC!" Amy Stewart, KY
"My son and daughter saw me trying to put everything away and decided to get in on the action.  We found 80 of the Dana fragrances thanks to the OP here. We also found several of the kids bath sets and got 24 sets of the Schick razors and we still made about $20 dollars from four different stores. I had fun finding the sets and wish I could find more I had only a problem at one store but it tends to be a little on the coupon unfriendly side. The other stores were like good for  you." Heather S. 
"This is my 8 year old son, Justin.  Christmas was the best this year because of some awesome deals I received in September.
I was shopping in WalMart and they announced over the speaker that all clearance toys were an additional 75% off.  So I headed over to the toy department and was immediately engulfed in the madness.  I found the following deals
4 packs of Play Doh $.20 each
2 multi packs of Transformers $1.75 each
1 single transformer (not pictured saving for birthday) $1.75 each
2 Cars 2 toys (only on pictured) $2 each
1 Lego set $1
2 board games (only one in pic. other is for birthday) $3 (marked down for $14)
My best ever, never find it again deal was the large transformer in the front, I actually got 2 of them, one is put away for the birthday.  They were all the way at the end of the aisle, by themselves, the price tag at the bottom said "Transformer $11.98" so I took them both and took them to the worker who was marking items down, told her the price tag price and she marked them down to $2.75 each!  I was practically dancing down the aisle.  When I got to the register, the cashiers were having to manually enter the marked down price, my jaw hit the floor when the original price rang at $42.68!!  But the manager and I went back to the back and I showed her the price tag on the self, and she said that I could have the big ones at the $2.75 price. I had to give her a hug I was so excited." Cathy Rogers
"Hello, I'm Leo, the newest addition to the Finch Family!  With my brother Kevin, we joined granny Boots to make for 3 indoor-only furkids.  We 3 cats go through one 10# bag of kitty litter a week. Imagine how happy our owner was to find litter on sale at Family Dollar.  Using her human coupon skills, she combined a $1.00 coupon with the sale and paid a little over a dollar a bag.  My favorite?  The Crave kitty treats which were completely free with coupon.  RefundCents Rocks!  Purrrrrr......." Angie Finch
"In this picture is my son, Zakk (on the right) and his best friend, Jacob (on the left). I went to CVS and all of this retails for $490.69. I received all of it for FREE. I was able to use extra bucks and roll them to the items giving me more extra bucks until I could get the gift cards for $10.00. I did this enough times that I was able to get all of this stuff using my $50.00 worth of gift cards. I still have $20.00 left on the card! The boys had a great time putting this together so they could take a picture of their "Product Pyramid". Nice to know that teens appreciate stuff free too!
I received the following: 
 30 - 12pks of coke products
  8 - Zhu Zhu Pets
  3 - 4pks of 9 Lives cat food
  1 - bag of Purina cat food
  1 - bag of Purina dog food
  5 - bags of different brand chips
  3 - kinds of different dips
 18 - bags of Hersheys candy
 12 - Gatorades
  6 - Monsters
10 - purses/totes
 2 - bounce fabric softeners" Karri Hickman
Coupons are not just for groceries.
"Here is a picture of the love of my life, it took me 47 years to find him. When John and I first met he was a Lt. on our local fire department and for years I had cooked for the local fire and police department extra goodies to show my appreciation for all their hard work. By using coupons and refunds I always had extra cake mixes and cookie mixes at my house so I would bake them up and drop them off on my way to work at the daycare. John always said when I came into the fire station he could smell my perfume and baked goods. After John and I got married a few years ago he went with me to the grocery store for one of my mega shopping trips for home and for the daycare. He just watched me wide eyed wondering how we were going to pay for everything. I smiled and said "Don't worry it's all good." At the end of our trip we had two baskets full of groceries...As the checker rang and rang.. I could see John looking worried the final total 657.26..John said in a wispier "Honey we don't have that kind of money in the bank right now."  He had seen my coupon books but he had know idea really what my hobby was about. I pulled out my hand full of coupons and shoppers card and the price  started going down down down... total bill 249.71. John was shocked he had never seen anything like this before... I said " Oh yes you can use coupons on everything if you really look, I work full time and don't do as well as some of my other friends."  John was amazed, he told everyone about his new wife's way of saving.... Well I decided what could I do for my new husband that would make him happy..He had saved my heart after 47 years, he helps me in my daycare business, and he helps me take care of my son who has a broken neck. Allot for a man to take on with a new wife. John's life long dream had been to fish professionally and although he had fished on his days off at the fire station he had never had the chance to do it full time. Well after 25 years of fighting fires I convinced John to retire and fish professionally. I told him the only fire he had to put out now was mine. We bought a boat and started getting tackle together, John would laugh he would go to look for tackle and I would hit the refund board for deals on the tackle. I knew we would need a new truck to pull the boat, but with the expense of the boat I wasn't quite sure how to make that happen for my honey. Then I got a coupon if the mail, on a new truck the coupon was for 1,500.00. I had never seen a coupon that big...I called to local dealers and they said only a few were sent out and I just got lucky..I said "Ok God help me make this work."  I found out if you bought a new car or truck that year you also got back $3,000.00 on taxes...I talked back and forth with both dealers till one dealer said if I would come in that day he would give me back $5,000.00 on our trade in. My mind started working then.... We bought the truck for 42,000.00  but I told the dealer, that I wanted low interest and I wanted a year warranty past the first year warranty, and since they had a shop on site I would like free oil changes for a year.. He laughed but agreed to all of it, I also got free on star for a year and free XM Radio for a year (never hurts to ask)  So here is how we did....$42,000. Truck Dealer gave us $30,000 for our old truck $5,000 for trading in the truck that day, (I then pulled out my 1,500 coupon)  and the next year we got a 3,000 tax credit so grand total for new truck with free oil changes for a year XM Radio for a year, On star for a year, and extra year on warranty and a few other extra bells and whistles was $2,500.!!!!!! All the sales men laughed and even gave my husband a T-Shirt!!  I was so happy to be able to work this deal out for my sweet husband he is always doing for others and never asked for anything... And oh yes the tackle bags and rod in the picture... .Refunds. So you see there is a lot more out there you can do with coupons rebates and refunds if you just look. You can see us now on the road with our new truck, boat and of course my coupon books! Happy Couponing"   John and Cindy Cromwell

"We found it truly pays to be organized. Found Bauer advanced in a bin next to front register for $1.99 had $1.50 coupons making then .49 a box and the Up2U gum was unadvertised sale at the register for 10/10 had $1.00 off coupons making them FREE. Being able to locate them in my file made it Awesome!! Thanks refund cents for all the organization tips!"
Sherry Johnson





"Scored 9 Sonicare toothbrushes reg $40 for 19.98 and had the $15 Sonicare coupons and there's a rebate for $10. Lysol hands free with bonus was 6.98 had $3.00 coupons say yes to carrots and blueberries face wipes clearances at 2.08 with $2.00 peelie coupon on pkg got 45 of them all Glade and Airwick clearance and had coupons for all. Had lots of fun and everyone in the family will be getting a new nice toothbrush!! Thanks refund cents for all your advice." Sherry Johnson

"We scored
30 jars of pasta sauce
20 puffs tissues
4- applesauce
4 aunt jamima pancakes
4-6pk Deerpark water
6-3 liter Deerpark water and some spices and organic Tomato sauces had coupons for everything most was already B1G1 so we made out like bandits!! Was a lot of fun. Thanks refund cents for all the great information!!" Sherry Johnson

"My 9 year old son is quite the shopper!!

Jon Jon started w/ $1.50 in ECB...he now has $12.49!!

We used coupons and he did 10 transactions. He too paid around $5 in tax, so he got all these great deals as well." Julie B. (Kingdom Klipper) Ohio

"Thank you Purina. Purina had a fantastic coupon $2 off 1 bag any size Purina One cat food. It was in the Sunday coupon booklet twice in the past 3 months. Thanks to the RC Trading board, I was able to get 35 coupons the first time it came out. I called Giant Market to order me 35 small bags (16 oz) which were priced $2.26 a bag. Out of pocket would be $9.10 plus tax. I sold these bags at my local flea market so a profit of $20. Happy Days." Marie Kunz

"Looks like we are set on breakfast stuff for a while! My moms really learning the art of couponing and we think she "Rocks" thanks Aunt Sherri and Refund Cents for teaching her how to strrrrrrrrettcchh our money to fill our tummies." Sherri Johnson


Christmas Card Deal Diva!
"This year I was determined to save as much money as possible on Christmas Cards. I’ve never done the printed card thing, in fact it has been a few years since I sent out a letter at all. Inspired by seeing (and ignoring) lots of deals last year, this year I vowed to take advantage of every opportunity. I had 83 people on my Christmas card list.
It started with Snapfish. For shipping costs in 3 separate transactions over the course of about a month, I got 5 custom folded cards, 20 4x8 flat cards, and 20 5x7 flat cards for a total of $18.  From there, I got 10 free cards at Rite Aid, and 20 from MyPublisher through 2 separate deals, and 20 cards through for $1.49.  Now, the RA cards didn’t come with envelopes, so I learned a little lesson there, but I still had 85 cards with envelopes and the 10 RA cards I included with other gifts I was wrapping, etc, when possible.
I slipped a very short letter into each of these envelopes, just a cute summary and message that I printed  4 to a sheet, cropped, and taped to the back of each card. (Tape: free from coupons. Printer paper: free after office rewards. Ink: purchased with office rewards.)
Then I had to mail all these cards.  Several years ago I picked up some clearance photo stamp boxes for  $6 a box. Most of my codes got lost during my move last year and I was heartbroken…until in November I reorganized my underwear drawer and found them safely stashed there! I waited for a sale on photostamps and got 100 stamps using credits from 3.5 codes…the rest stays on my account for next time.  So that made for about $20 in postage to order 100 custom stamps, plus $20 in cards, to mail the  85 cards and have 15 extra stamps!  I don’t even care that in January I’ll have to add an extra stamp…they are too cute to matter!
Last but not least, at some point last year I used Vista Print for return address labels. I don’t remember the deal exactly, but I still have sheets of them…so that did not really factor in to this year’s price. We’ll probably still have these leftover when we move in 9 months! (PS: They’re great for wrapping gifts…)
So Summary for 85 mailed cards: $20 + $16.40 (not counting leftover stamps) = $.43 per card!" Christy G.
"The CoverGirl Makeup deals are mind-blowing!  Every product bought is going
to brighten (literally) someone's day.  Perfect time to stock up for Christmas.  I plan to give it all away to friends, family (daughter pic), and those hardworking volunteers at our local shelters & non-profits.  Can't wait to make up fun baskets!  Thanks CoverGirl...and thanks Refundcents for the great advance tips!"  Angie in MI
"My granddaughter is delighted with the CoverGirl booty we have accumulated this past month, as is every female in the family. We purchased a total of 18 blush and 32 eye shadow (8 disappeared before the picture was taken) all for free using the $8/2 coupon. The blush was purchased at Rite Aid when they were running the promotion "buy $30 of Proctor & Gamble get a $10 up". My daughter and I both did a transaction which included other items to use up the overage from the CoverGirl coupons. We both received a $10 up and as an added bonus the CoverGirl codes for Taylor Swift merchandise. We were able to get 4 keychains, 4 bracelets, and 5 journals, which will make nice stocking stuffers. The eye shadow was purchased at Walmart. By using the CoverGirl coupons and the Schick razor coupons together and doing several transactions I was able to get quite a bit of overage. The overage I used to purchase 4 -16 pound bags of cat food and 1 - 7 pound bag of kitten food all for free. I will mail off 3 of the $10 P&G beauty rebates this week. One for myself, one for my daughter, and one for my sister who is always giving me coupons. I love deals like this." Vickie
"First I have to say Wow what a deal this was I have enough cosmetics products to last my sister, my mother and myself for a very long time. When CVS had the $10.00 gift card deal if you bought $30.00 in Covergirl products toward the end of the coupon I thought this is great and then realized that CVS was running a buy 1 Covergirl product and get 1 more at 50% off. Now this was a deal that just kept getting sweeter. This is how my deal went. I bought the Covergirl products from Walmart and CVS. I purchased a total of 128 Covergirl makeup products which included blush in a variety of sizes, concealed makeup, lipsticks, makeup remover lotions, eyeliners, mascaras and shadows.
Here is the price breakdown of what I spent:
$739.12 cost of makeup
-175.80 was buy 1 get 1 for 50% off at CVS
-512.00 coupons used for $8.00/2
- 5.00 CVS coupon for $5.00 off $20.00 skincare purchase
- 7.80 CVS 10% off coupons for joining beauty club
$ 38.52 ($31.20 Tax and $7.32 Out of pocket expense)
- 70.00 in gift cards
- 3.00 ECB
$ 34.48 Profit and 128 Covergirl products
To top the whole deal off I used my CVS card and my husband’s card and ended up with 4 American Express cards for $10.00 each and 3 CVS cards for $10.00 each.
October has been a great couponing month." Terri Gonzales Nevada
"I wanted to share my success with the $8/2 coupons. I made an initial investment of $8 for the coupons. I used four at Kroger, yielding about $6.80 in overage to use on groceries. The next 4 coupons were used at Rite Aid. I ended up with about $3 in overage to use on other items, and I received $10 in UPs. The last two coupons were used at CVS. I received $3 in ECBs, and had over $20 credited to my beauty balance ($5 in ECBs on the way). On top of that, I was able to submit Kroger and Rite Aid coupons for the $10 P&G rebate. All this time I've been buying makeup, when I could've been getting it for free! Thanks Refundcents!" Brandi Franklin TN
"Nothing like waiting until the last minute to 'work' a deal. I finally had time to redeem my $8/2 CoverGirl Coupons on the very last day they were valid. My daughter and I went up to Rite Aid to take advantage of the 'quadruple play'. If you purchased $50 worth of P&G products you were entitled to a $15 Up Reward AND received codes to redeem for Taylor Swift merchandise. On top of that, there was a $10 rebate on $50 of selected P&G products. CoverGirl products were on sale for 'Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off'.  I only had (4) of the high value coupons and (2) $1 off any CoverGirl so I was able to get (2) tinted SPF moisturizers, (6) of my favorite foundation, and (2) blushes. After I receive my rebates I spent $20 out of pocket, got my $15 in Up Rewards, and will send for the $10 rebate. In addition I now have 10 codes for Taylor Swift merchandise to use at my discretion. After all is said and done, I will have gotten $75 worth of CoverGirl products for a $5 profit (and then some)." Dawn G., IN

"Here's my Cover Girl round-up...I used all 10 of the $8/2 cpns to get ALL this for $2.12 + tax!!
2 foundations
2 loose powders
1 mascara
4 eye shadow singles
1 eye shadow multi
7 cheekers
2 eye pencils
1 make-up masters
So, I got 20 Covergirl items for less than I would pay for 1!! I went to Walmart & Kroger at first.
Then, I had 4 coupons left, so I used them at CVS yesterday (10/31) and got a FREE $10 Applebees gift card!!"

Julie @ Kingdom Klipper

"I had some ebay bucks to use so I purchased my 15 Cover Girl coupons.  I used them over 2 different weeks at Rite Aid when Cover Girl was B1G150% off. I bought all items that were $8.00, used my coupons in separate transactions, and ended up with $30UPS when I was done. (I paid with UPS as well for most of  my out of pocket)  I then was able to use my Taylor Swift codes to get several Tshirts etc.. to use for Christmas gifts for my girls (Madisyn, 9 pictured, and Kamryn, 13) and to use as gifts for birthdays they get invited too. I also sent for the $10 refund; was able to send one to me, one for my grandma and one for my mom. And of course I have 30 different makeup items for my almost 14 year old." Jodi Clark
"I had a blast stocking up on CoverGirl make-up!  I had seven $8/2 coupons to use, so I went to CVS and Rite Aid for the B1G1 50% off deal.  At CVS I purchased 4 mascara and 2 lip gloss.  My total before coupons was $31.75+tax.  I used three $8/2 coupons and $7.50 ecb from last week, which brought my oop to $2.47.  I got  the $10 gift card for buying $30 of qualifying products.  That's a profit of $7.53!!  Off to Rite Aid...bought 2 outlast double shine lip gloss, 4 exact eyelights eye shadow and 2 mineral blend powders.  Total before tax and coupons was $55.45.  I used four $8/2 and $19 in up rewards bringing my oop to $8.33.  I got the $15 up, 8 Taylor Swift codes and it qualifies for the Olay Rebate (spend $50 get $10).  I made a profit of $16.67 here and ordered a Taylor Swift t-shirt, poster and 3 bracelets.  My three daughters will share in my excitement  when they unload their stockings this Christmas!  Thank you Refund Cents for all the amazing tips!!!  Keep them coming:)" Stacy V, IN 

"Yea for an EIGHT DOLLAR COUPON for CoverGirl! I have started to hit the bottom of my outlast lipcolor. Those kind are the best (and they know it-they ask $9.99 for them). With an awesome deal like this I could even afford to try their new Outlast Lipstain that costs normally $8.99 each. I would never be brave enough to shell out the money and then not like it for nine bucks. The fruit spritzers looked so fun, I hope they are like the B & B Works Tutti Dolci flavored lip glosses we got a deal in the past on. So yummy. I'm sure I'll put one in my annual Christmas bag of products for my cousin. Okay, so here are the price points: I went to Walgreens where they were having a buy one-get one half off sale. I bought my essentials (all things I needed-I wasn't trying to get an exact super-free price): 2 loose powders ($5.99 each), 2 concealer sticks ($5.49 each), 2 Outlast Lipcolor ($9.99 each), 2 Wetslicks fruit spritzers ($5.99 each), and 2 Outlast Lipstain ($8.99 each). Grand total: $72.90. Then thanks to the Walgreens sale they took off at the end $18.25 for the buy one get one half off, and five of those lovely eight dollar babies took off another $40!! That takes us down to $14.65. Nice! And to top it all off I get to send in for the $10 P & G rebate. I LOVE that they are donating $10 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for cancer research in addition to sending me a $10 check. What an amazingly loving company to do that for women. So, I would call that a quadruple play: make-up on sale, with coupons, rebate, and a donation. Now if you add in the stamp that would bring me to a sweet $5.09 (plus sales tax). Cheaper than even one concealer stick. Not too shabby!"
Susan Armstrong

"I would like to share about my "cover girl". I only received two $8/2 coupons but I bought 4 mascaras for under $2! Having a teenager areound somehow my make up always goes missing. My daugher Nicole is in her senior year. Here is her senior picture. She has grown up knowing refund cents. She remembers a test drive from Volkswagon to test drive the new VW beetles over 10 yrs ago. We didnt have to do the test drive but she got in the car and i took a picture. It was a green VW and guess what shes wanted all these years? A green VW bug.Talk about marketing tricks. I'm really proud of my little girl growing up and being a strong woman. Thanks refund cents for being a part of my family all these years." Lisa Conwell

"I’ll be using most of these great Cover Girl products at our family Thanksgiving this year.   My sister hosts us all every year and my daughter’s always joke it’s a lot like the first Thanksgiving, because we never know who will be there.  My sister invites anyone who doesn’t have a place to go and if they can’t get out, she has her husband always deliver a plate.  This year she’ll be having a lot of extra guests, so I’ve decided to have a basket of health and beauty items, including Cover Girl products, where everyone can each have at least one item.   I did this one other time at my sister’s meal and it was so appreciated and sure put a lot of smiles on faces.  Bless my sister’s heart for living the reason for the season, and thanks to my win of the extra Cover Girl coupons in Michele’s drawing, I’ll be able to compliment my sister’s kindness to others, as well as make a fantastic basket for my church’s annual auction." Victoria K.

"Life is so busy so I rely on the wonderful readers of Refund Cents to give heads up on the latest deals. I bought 6 newspapers to have the P&G inserts. There must be a more frugal way for me to get inserts but in this part of Ohio, I have yet to find it.

As the month came to a close, I decide to use up the $8/2 Covergirl coupons, one at Target and the other at Meijer. Those deals landed me 4 Cheekers for Free plus tax of $1.08. Free is good, but I do so love better than free!

I knew the coupons would be expiring. RMC readers alerted me to the Walgreen B1G1 50% sale, so I used up ALL my remaining coupons on Saturday October 29. While happy from those deals, I noticed the Rite Aid deal coming the very next day!!

At Walgreens I was oop $8.63 and according to the receipts saved $33.90. I bought 2 Cheekers, 2 Instant Checkbones, 1 Aquasmooth Makeup and 1 CG Aqua Smoothers Make up. Though happy with this I wanted to do the Rite Aid deal B$50 of certain products G$15 Up+ Rewards.

DD and DDIL came to the rescue with a total of 4 more $8/2 CG. Monday I was able to use those coupons plus 2 Olay Regenerist Cleansers $3/1 to come away with 1 Ultimate Finish Makeup, 1 Clean Pressed Powder, 2 Fresh Complexion Pocket Powders, 2 CG Concealers, 2 Regenerist Cleansers, and 2 Cheekers for a total oop $16.26. PLUS I got the $15. Ups+ Reward!!

My total oop for all the deals: $25.97 minus the $15. Ups= $10.97 Coupon savings was $78.00, store advertised price savings was $26.65 for a total savings of $104.65." Jan B., Ohio

"I didn't get a lot, but I was able to purchase 3 mascara's and 1 lipstick for ONLY $1.00.

Covergirl was in the clearance section and it was 50% off. Plus I used my $8/2 coupons.

THEN I received a $3.00 Extra Care Buck after I paid! Yeah! I can't spend much because I do not have a job right now, but that price was right up my alley. NOW I can buy some milk and not feel like my husband has to pay for everything. :o)" Jonnie Lee-Parnell